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  1. I own my own house, mortgage free. I would like to see prices fall 50-60% from peak. Down the pub, a couple of days after the 7/7 bombings I made the comment that rising house prices and ever increasing personal debt were a bigger threat to the general wellbeing and happiness of the nation than terrorist attacks. No one understood where I was coming from. Sadly, they may cost more in loss of life aswell.
  2. Well said. We are in this mess beacuse of the Private sector "living in the real world" The private sectors idea of the "real world" is what ever produces the biggest profit at the time. regardless of the long term consequences.
  3. "At least 'they' are honest about it." Honest about what exactly? So, inffering that teachers, nurses and other care workers have "no morals" is ok in your world is it?
  4. Or beacuse they are self employed scammers working in the private sector, who pay next to nothing in income tax and £2.30 a week NI. As most builders, cab drivers, window cleaners, gardeners etc are. They Then spend their copious amount of free time moaning about public sector workers on web boards and in pubs ,Where they get their next job and collect payment for the last one. When they eventually decide to "retire" its straight onto pension credit, housing benefit and whatever else they can get their scrounging hands on. Morals, Dont make me laugh, you muppet.
  5. Hi Bart, My employer moved my AVC contributions to FP in april 2007, i was no longer making contributions at the time and have made none since, here are the figures as of today. fund value tranfered in april 2007 £10,640 fund value today (just checked online) £11,648 Growth: 9.5% over two years I check its value regulaly and the value has never gone down from the previous month. What fund are you in? mine is in the cash fund, it was put there by default as it is their lowest risk fund, I was advised to move it to a higher risk one such as commercial property, but for obvious reasons decided to play safe(ha ha),maybe you could look at moving your funds within FP if you intend to keep the pension. I think 9.5% over the last two years aint bad. I plan to take all mine as a tax free lump sum, not a lot i know, but with tax relief on the initial contributions it aint to bad. The world of pension funds seems a complete lottery to me, my mate at work moved his pot from cash to a mix of funds( mainly property and equities) with Fp and its bombed. ive been lucky (so far) Good luck.
  6. They seem to have made a right hash of it.
  7. With all due respect to you parents, the comparison between nurses and head teachers, and a couple "running their own small business" is itself shocking. What line is their business? Seems to be a fair bit of public sector bashing on here at the moment, just what Gordon wants.
  8. I bet your really popular with the other members of staff. Go back and read your posts,see how you come across. Must try harder. 0/10
  9. I am begining to suspect you may not be a teacher at all, if you are, i'm glad you did not teach my children.
  10. Ah, a fellow windhead, Yes i hope there is one next year, same place too. Did you go to the other Hawkfests?
  11. Just bought tickets for Hawkwind in Manchester, £18. I'll be seeing them at wolves as well, think it's only £16 there. Went to Hawkfest this year, £60 for three days including camping, two stages running all day and into the night, amazing value, great vibe, better than any arena gig. Saw Gong at QEH London in the summer, another amazing night, steve hillage back on guitar!! If you still cant afford these prices, get yourself down to your local punx picnic, about a fiver all day, take your own strong cider or special brew and drink it outside :PI think this sort of entertainment may become more popular over the next year or two.
  12. I am a member of two trade unions and up until a few years ago a labour voter, and a paid up member of the labour party. I agree with every word the OP has writen. Brown has done more harm to the working man and woman of this country than the Thatcher government ever did, although she laid the founations for his actions. The mess he has made will blight the people of this country for at least the next two generations. Being 50, i have worked in engineering through two bitter recsessions, but i feel that this one will be longer and deeper. Our dependence on the service and financial sectors means we will not be able to claw our way out of the hole Brown has put us in. I don't give a damn how much my house is or isn't worth, the bit of money i've been able to put away in my pension fund seems to be going south, my savings are being eroded, and for people my age job security is everything. It seems i'm well and truly f****d
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