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  1. There was a story in the Daily Mirror today regarding the attached house; this is something which I have been involved, through 2020 Architects, in the design of. I have been a member of this site since 2007 approximately and hope that the following design helps to provide good quality low cost housing in Northern Ireland. The house is 1450sq ft 4 bed, is block built, achieves a SAP rating of 93 out of 100, comes with triple glazed windows and doors to passive house standards and a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system. It can be built at this price anywhere in Northern Ireland by the award winning builder Dixon Contracts, any further information can be obtained from 2020 Architects.
  2. sorry Ravedave I think you contacted me at 2020 Architects but I havent had time to respond. As usual BelfastVI is giving good advice with regards planning, the one thing that I think is worth adding is that planning indicate the following: "If outline permission is outside the 3 years timescale for submission of reserved matters, but still within 5 years of the date of original decision, Planning Service will accept applications for full planning permission during this 2 year period. In the processing applications for full permission submitted in this way, more consideration will be given to the planning history of the site. Indeed Planning Service acted similarly when draft PPS 14 was introduced." This is a little bit of planning legislation that is not well know by most working in the profession. In this case a full application would need to be lodged as the reserved matters period has ended and with all full applications there is potential for a refusal. I do not know the circumstances of your approval and the above is only an indication of policy not a recommendation, I would strongly suggest that you do not take planning advice from a web forum but get the opinion of a professional working in this field regards 2020 Architects
  3. I totally agree with the micro hydro idea. I am currently working on a number of projects, mainly the glens of antrim, which utilise micro hydro. The 2 ROCs for 50kw schemes is likely going to change to 4 ROCs next year and be increased to allow higher powered turbines. However, I feel I should correct your 'progress' comment. Northern Ireland has good sustainable energy companys with the likes of B9 energy & RES leading the field in tidal and wind energy and NHT engineering, see below link, a northern irish hydro company which are producing good micro turbines. http://www.newmillshydro.com/
  4. farmers will get a site if they have a DARD buisness ID and their farm has been active for 6 years. Under this policy they get a site every 10 years (so fastest is 2 in 11 years) and these sites can be sold on the open market with no restrictions. They do not have to be for the farmers son. I hope this helps
  5. Still lurking enjoying the useful information on both the economy and the potential direction of house prices. As everyone has suggested the easiest way to create an environmentally friendly house is to reduce the heat and electrical loads. These requirements must be designed into the property from the outset. When the house is going through building control a SAP test will be required which indicates the expected C02 usage of the house, this is only as accurate as the information included and the assessor inputting the information, but as a good rule of thumb to achieve a heat free house you will need to hit an overall u-value for the external envelope of at least as low as 0.1W/m²K (this includes both the glass and the frames of windows) if your architect can not supply you with this information, think about a new architect. My advice is go to the Association of environmentally conscious builders and read the forums, you will find the answer to most technical issues within this website. http://www.aecb.net/ I would also suggest that you; choose a local architect from the above website (although the find a member section appears to be down at the moment) as these people are committed to this area of design rather than jumping on the eco bandwagon and secondly choose a builder who has a passion for this type of construction. I hope that this helps and if you want more info just ask
  6. yes, I have the same problem
  7. don't know about the redcastle area but am doing an extension in sligo and on competitive tender it is costing more than 130,000 euros. (very good quality but considerably more expensive than the build costs you are suggesting) cant see how you can build a 2200sq ft house for 100,000 euros! maybe you are a builder? even still I think your figures are well of the mark and you should double your build costs min. a good rule of thumb is that a sq m should be build for approx £1200; however, it appears that this figure is going up rather than coming down.
  8. A Portstewart estate agent is telling people that there will be 30% drops and it will reduce back to Q1 2006, he even showed me a graph of house price rises over the last number of years and projected a line downwards, into the future, mimicking the upward curve. It was like talking to someone on this web site. Never thought I would hear the day, he said that he is actually getting offers that are 40% below peak on buy to lets.
  9. I believe that rumour has now been confirmed (it was in the irish news I think) still dont want to name names as I work in the industry. Another wee rumour doing the rounds is that allegedly a developer/contractor, who specialises in homes and is allegedly based in derry, I think they may be the biggest and are reasonably well known has similar troubles and people are suggesting that they may be the next big casuality. All allegedly obviously. If I am to continue this I must look into libel laws
  10. not a developer as such, but heard yesterday that allegedly the banks have stepped in on a very, allegedly, well known and successful north east estate agent. Was told this by a well connected developer but don't have the full facts so am not going to name names. This is maybe common knowledge but havent read it yet on the forum.
  11. do you have any links? sounds interesting
  12. god only knows about climate change and as I dont believe in god I dont see that we have much chance of guessing. However we do have the intelligence to make decisions about what type of house to purchase, a standard box that requires expensive resources like oil or gas to heat and electricity to light even during the day or a house that costs little more to build, although more thought in design, and doesnt require heating. In this sense environmental design is a no brainer.
  13. 25510 you have to wonder about this figure as I have seen more and more properties in my area with more than one estate agent's sign outside. This would not have happened last year as it is a sure sign of desperation so we have to assume that the increase is not just down to the number of properties for sale but the increasing number that are using two plus estate agents. sorry if I am pointing out the obvious but I have a bad cold and am feeling a bit slow today.
  14. one of the other architects in our office was allegedly speaking to the writer of the new PPS 14 and was allegedly told that they had been asked to rush it through so some of the original recommendations would not be implemented just yet. Allegedly they were asked to ensure the inclusion of Policy's that would allow farmers to sell their land as sites. If this is true, it seems a little strange that planning policy should allegedly be reviewed with commercial gain allegedly in mind. It will also mean that there will potentially be an influx of sites on the market towards the end of this year, allegedly. (think that should be ok with my solicitor)
  15. 24360 thats more like it, 200 in two working days.
  16. really hard to say as not sure if it is a new build - looks very like that is the intention. I would think that this would be built for between £200,000.00 and £230,000.00 making the assumption that it looks like about 275m2. thats for the whole thing not just one flat
  17. this is a wee bit late but see link below for the finding on PPS14 http://www.planningni.gov.uk/AreaPlans_Pol...view_150208.htm If all these recommendations are applied it will be see a much more dramatic loosening of rural planning policy than many people, including myself, believed. In particular the idea of small rural settlements, infill sites within strip developments, affordable housing, non domestic buildings being suitable for housing and the replacement dwellings policys will open up the possibility of many more sites. I am against most development in the countryside; however, as someone who wants to build a house in the countryside (I realise that this is traditional Irish logic) this would be very good news.
  18. I agree, there is no down turn in the design practice which I work for. We tend to do no developments only one of houses and there appears to be little change in sentiment with the clients. I personally hope that this changes as I dont like the idea of a generation not being able to afford a house. My VI is that I am currently renting after selling (looking for a site) have the money to buy but am waiting until things become more clear or a great site appears. statinstoinker would i know any of your houses? always interested in talking to someone else on this backward island that is in the environmental house field
  19. it does not necessary cost more to build an eco friendly building. did one on a mature wooded site in england, the building was constructed and clad in timber from the site timber. Milled on site and dried using a local solar kiln. 225mm insulation in walls, using sheeps wool (not the B&Q stuff but a waste product, very cheap) beautiful modern design. I am afraid that i am a eco architect not just about reducing running cost but also the energy required in the materials the construction transport etc. Strawbale buildings are one of my great interests, cheap, low embodied energy, basically a waste product and great insulation.
  20. statinstoinker, I am assuming that you are a builder, whatever you do you are bang on. Reducing the heat load through insulation is the first and most important thing to do in a house. Bolt on technologies are a waste of time if you havent got the basics right. Anyone looking to get their heat loads down considerably have to look at the type of spec you are talking about, think your roof insulation is a little light though, the wall would have a better u-vaule with Crown DriTherm Cavity Slab 32 insulation (never tried the pumped stuff - how do you find it cost and ease of use? you dont mention the floor. drymaster is a good system also comes with heat recovery, have you looked at the passivent system (does not require any electricty and as good if installed correctly) after these the next steps become a little harder, air tightness is very important, can only be achieved by good detailing, as is solar gain. Beyond that it all starts to become a bit mathematically. The forum on AECB website is the place for this topic.
  21. I am going to that myself, if you are looking eco ideas try http://www.buildingforafuture.co.uk/ or http://www.aecb.net/ real information and detail rather than company sales patter. Environmentally councious architecture is my field, only really myself and http://www.bevanarchitects.com/ doing this type of work in northern ireland. If you want some basic advise feel free to ask (probably of little interest to anyone else on this forum)
  22. traditional bog standard construction timber has risen in price (not by the same levels as steel or labour) however I am a little surprised by the sky high prices. Standard rough sawn timber seems to be being replaced in this country by CLS timber (all sides planed) which i am reliably told is cheaper and as such used by most of the main timber frame manufacturers. recently got a price on a standard house attic truss - £50 each supply and delivered. this includes the calculations. price for a 2 bed timber frame house 150 x 50 stud (or equivalent cls size) sheathed with an insulating sheathing board and tyvek style house wrap, including structural calculations supply and fit (8 months ago) was around £30,000. this is definitely more expensive than it was but still cheap. many small builders in this country are still under cutting timber frame companys, buying the timber and erecting stick built style for less than these figures quoted. hope that this helps and i wouldnt rely too heavily on my prices, in my world things are still measured by the thumb
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