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  1. So it seems that it really is turning into a buyers market again then? How exciting. I really dont want to find myself in a position where I've paid the mortgage for 2/3 years and got nowhere with it. I suppose it's people like me who are helping to drag the prices down. I feel sorry for my friends who paid good prices within the last 6-8 months, they really could loose out.
  2. Let me introduce myself. Im 24 and and a first time buyer, with mortgage, deposit etc all lined up. I put my first ever offer for a property in yesterday and it was flatly rejected, in fact the agent said that I had insulted the vendor. Oh dear.hehe. It was for a 2 bed semi, with a garage and a garden. Asking price was £153,000, I offered £128,000, with a view of paying £135,000ish or less. The agent said that he has already rejected an offer of £144,000 and he wants at least £149,000. I told the agent that I think the vendor must be mad and if I was in his position I would have snapped that offer up. The house is empty, no tenants and costing hime money every month. He paid £70,000 for it 6 years ago new. Anyway, do you think my offer was insulting? I tried to explain to the agent about the inevitable crash and I am only trying to keep my liability as low as I can. She even tried to argue that prices are expected to RISE by up to 6.4%!!! Thanks to the contributors and mods on this forum, its really very informative and helpful!
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