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  1. Did my bit in full Alistair Campbell mode (in order to influence sentiment) – said I was from Maidstone & desperately trying to sell ahead of the stampede and dropping my asking price by about 1% per week.
  2. Before you go any further, are you sure that the property is mortgageable in its current state? Even at the height of the Liar Loan frenzy, lenders were very hesitant about throwing money at you for properties with structural problems, or with “unusual” construction materials / features
  3. Same data, but less pessimistic spin by Auntie McPravda (as usual) So clearly the snow was a mere blip in the BBC Scotland McTristrams foolproof plan to retire early on his BTL income
  4. Same old trick is it? Revise down previous figures so that the forthcoming QoQ results will be relatively slightly less “unexpectedly” bad. Shameless charlatans
  5. I'd say we'll probably see 2% in a few of the months, but RICS think that there will be a strong V shaped recovery towards the end of the year. OK, then, lets see how that works out. What's the trigger going to be, further reduction in interest rates, increasing employment, LIAR LOANS, restricting supply by burning some houses down? ed:link
  6. And so it continues...... and this from the BBC, headlining the Scottish Section !!!!
  7. Once again, no mention of the real problem – that prices are too damn high in the first place.
  8. Nevertheless, a bit of an epiphany for the hootsman. They have missed their usual chance to say that prices are still soaring (over a convenient and highly selected time period) and that Scotland is bucking the trend when compared to those colonial [email protected] down south.
  9. What do you reckon, put in an offer in 4 months time (just as the kids have finished fighting over the will and get scared into selling due to council tax bills coming in?) HPC Vulture Squadron – start you’re engines
  10. Here's another slant on the news from Mortgage Solutions ....and my particular favourite:
  11. I presume that the most visible indication is that all the Pound shops on the high street will have to be re-branded “Pound & 2p shops”. Fill your boots with sign-writer shares, they’re going to rocket.
  12. Better still, put 1 inch of snow on the road – apparently nothing can get through that.
  13. No double dip here... Quality products from skilled British artisans, no doubt
  14. Now corrected, and there's a shallow grave out the back of broadcasting house
  15. BBC unusually bearish on this (-0.4%!!!) Someone on the night desk will be getting their @rse kicked when the Editor comes in to see that he was unduly scared and that his portfolio hasn’t dropped by that extra 0.1%
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