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  1. It’s turning into a bitter family game of Monopoly with a predatory player negotiating with a floundering one by offering his get-out-of-jail-free card in exchange for Pall Mall so that he can extend his hotel empire. That, like the Greek tragedy, will end in arguments and resentment for years.
  2. Strung up by the Curly Wurlies……another victim of the Credit Crunchie. I’ll get my XXL coat
  3. So the will of the people being ignored by the politicians & elite. ......It would appear that the Greeks don’t even have a word for Democracy.
  4. Does this actually work, or is it one hit per IP address? In any case, the story still seems obscurely buried in the Business section
  5. From the OP’s article: Am I ashamed of renting? No. Cruel, I know but a feeling of schadenfreudic smugness is a more apt description.
  6. Mortgage lending jumps: headline in FT in smaller print:
  7. Nothing up with bat – makes a good curry. Tastes a bit like otter.
  8. Have they found radioactive irony outside of the containment now? Oh the humanity
  9. I once had a look around a new build show house. All the usual tricks employed to make it look bigger & homely: - small furniture & beds, heating on full blast, cuddly toys in the nursery, sticks in vases, no internal doors installed (some rooms were so small you’d probably have to stand on the bed to open the door if it was there). The house boasted full compliance to the insulation regulations, so I was surprised to feel a breeze when standing at the closed double glazed windows. All was revealed by looking under the window sill to see a 2cm gap all the way through the outside. Obviously the snag repair team hadn’t got around to stuffing in some rolled up copies of The Sun yet.
  10. At last something this armchair general can comment on. Engineers often design structures to resist the force arising from the rate of change of ground movement arising from an earthquake relative to the force of acceleration under gravity, hence the reference to an acceleration (9.81m/s/s = 1g). In an earthquake, the ground wobbles and the apparent weight (force) on an object can change. Say you had a length wood spanning a gap and placed a 50kg weight in the middle. During the earthquake as the ground moves up and down* the 50kg weight can impose a force of, say, 75kg, and if it exceeds the load carrying capacity of the wood, you know what will happen. Same with design of structures, if you know it’s going to wobble, better get a thicker bit of wood. The seismic hazard analysis for a structure will consider the distance to known active geological faults and the probability of seismic event occurring on that fault based on previously recorded events. This will give you design criteria to base your engineering analysis on. For big important (dare I say, to-big-to-fail) structures such as nuclear reactors, large dams etc, it is common to apply a maximum credible earthquake as the ultimate design criteria – this assumes that the biggest feasible earthquake occurs in close proximity to the structure. If you design for this, it will be able to withstand just about anything. I presume that the reactor containment was built for such an event, and it appears it was if it withstood a M8.9 (albeit 150km away and that the energy is rapidly attenuated with distance). The problem appears to be that some of the peripheral functions were not adequately designed to cope with secondary effects (i.e. tsunami swamping of the emergency power to the CW system). I can assume that there is some rapid risk assessments going on around the world and the end result will be safer systems. Engineers have a fascination for failure:- if you know what doesn’t work, don’t build the same again. * (OK, pendants, not only up & down but side to side dependant on the wave form)
  11. Oh, I wouldn't like to comment, but consider his wise words from 2003 How is that working out for them now, Ray and do you still think that Ireland is a model for the future of UK house prices?
  12. So the basis for the BBC headline is that a minority of surveyors are optimistic about the coming months. Jeez, get a grip BBC. How can this justify a “Scotland's property market picks up” headline. I particularly liked this line: …”its monthly survey suggests an increase in the number of sellers and buyers in the market, but sales remain slow” Lets break this down for you BBC. • More people are trying to sell, but can’t because the prices are still too high • More people are trying to buy, but can’t get the money together because the prices are still too high. Is that clear enough BBC? Can you see the problem?
  13. Smart move. I hope you've got physical chocolate and not just a "promise to pay the bearer" paper note Peak chocolate perhaps?
  14. Thanks that looks about right now: Σ (monthly %) / 12 = ~100%
  15. Good work! I though the yearly sum of the monthly adjustments should be zero – can you confirm this with your data ? (to me it looks like around -1 by estimating the figures)
  16. …must…contain ..Growing ….RAGE…… NOOOO TOO LATE. IT’S THE FECKING HOUSE PRICES THAT ARE STILL TOO FECKING EXPENSIVE IDIOTS Torygraph The concept of prices coming down to meet the ability to pay seems far too alien for these “experts”
  17. Low volumes / statistically meaningless / overcooked seasonal adjustment / the BBC will have this on their front page/ yada yada
  18. Not yet apparently, as seconds after release we would have several pages of either: • Low volumes / statistically meaningless / overcooked seasonal adjustment / the BBC will have this on their front page or • Yum great bear food / crash cruise speed confirmed / a wake up call to the sheeple / in your face Brown, yada yada
  19. Is this where they manufacture Viagra (The Famous Pfizer Rizer)? This has got to be highly deflationary surely?
  20. Now that we are firmly YoY –ve, the BBC seem to have stopped including their Haliwide % change chart in their web “reporting”. How strange! Conspiracy or evidence of BBC cuts?
  21. oops, yes my mistake, but the falling off a mountain analogy still works! Real link
  22. …….apart from the obvious. Are you pointing out that Scotland experienced the bubble as much as the rest of the UK and this time, will crash”n’burn along with the rest? Or is the weekend editor smugly pointing out that he’s done so well out of his canny Penicuik investments? Would it not be appropriate to add a little additional commentary to this article, perhaps, dare I say, some background investigative journalism, pointing out the unsustainable disparity between wages and property prices, no? Edit add link
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