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  1. True, and it is this that causes an amplification of the seismic energy at resonant frequencies for poorly designed structures, coupled with the risk of liquifaction of the silty lake soil (basically it turns to mush under seismic loading and the buildings literally sink into the ground). I believe that this layer is relatively thin (<50m?). Below that it will be rock excavation so that the hole will look like a deep quarry. Support can be designed to take the earthquake loading. The big problem will be groundwater inflow. Any deep mines require extensive & continuous pumping to keep them dry. This will be no different (unless they go for very expensive grouting and sealing). People at the bottom better learn to swim if the pumps fail. Nice concept idea from some pony-tailed, pipe smoking architect. The practical engineering realities of achieving this will probably make it financially unfeasible.
  2. Usually from American news anchordrones: “….the president announced Tuesday….” It’s “on Tuesday, ON Tuesday, ON BL00DY TUESDAY”!!!
  3. Don’t worry. Electricity will be too cheap to meter soon UK joins laser nuclear fusion project
  4. The old IMF boss also lead by example – his own stimulus package was to splash out on a new maid. Plus ca change plus c'est la meme chose,
  5. I totally agree. The one thing I’ve noticed is that they have very rigorous design codes to follow, and they will follow them to the letter. They dogmatically adhere to what is written in the technical book as they used to with the little red one. In the west, there is a more flexible approach to solving problems, taking design codes as a reference and engineering a cost effective solution. The Chinese often grossly over design, but I believe this gives overall balance due to their [email protected] construction quality. Very Yin and Yang !
  6. Oxford / Cambridge – doesn’t matter. Just a secured ancestral-right matriculation into a non-subject to allow them to dress up in Victorian garb at various specialist “clubs” to from a self congratulatory monks-chain to say how clever they are. Across in the east, pragmatic and unsympathetic leaders regard this end of empire nonsense with distain, copy the good parts and slowly & surely churn out vast armies of graduates with real skills to build infrastructure and power projects to enable further development.
  7. Want to know why the Chinese are on the ascend and the UK is sinking below the waves? Compare and contrast the leadership education and experience: Hu Jintao Education: Qinghua University, hydraulic engineering. Wu Bangguo Education: Electrical engineering, Tsinghua University. Wen Jiabao Education: Beijing Institute of Geology Jia Qinglin Education: Hebei University of Technology. Engineering/heavy industry Li Changchun Education: Electrical Engineering degree from Harbin University. David Cameron Education: Philosophy, Politics and Economics George Osborne Education: Degree in Modern History Nick Clegg Education “studied” social anthropology William Hauge Education: Philosophy, Politics and Economics Basically the UK has an introspective elite who study themselves whilst the Chinese a led by people who know how to actually build & create things. Ironically, it appears that Liam Fox UK is the only one who has done anything useful, and he is put in charge on the Ministry of Shooting Brown People.
  8. You’ve gone and top trumped every one, mate - you can’t get worse than trashford
  9. Edited from another perspective “In all matters of opinion, our adversaries are insane.” Oscar Wilde
  10. What they need to do is build some sort of wall to protect themselves from neighbouring threats, ….or invade. (3rd time lucky?)
  11. True, just my northern biased assumptions
  12. Yeah, just you wait ‘till the deli runs out of organic free trade guacamole, then you’ll see a riot
  13. Perhaps it's not the Yanks who are going to start it? Germany? Got recoup for all for all those work shy neighbours they’ve just bought. Nearly worked the last 2 times.
  14. Running out of distractions now, riots done, Syria / Libya / Somalia are too boring & far away, and there’s only one second rate ginger royal left unmarried. Another Masonic / Lizard / Bilderberg induced earthquake & tsunami is required. I’m sure Erranta has some evidence.
  15. Also lots in the former colonies in Southern Africa, many found in other far flung places in the UK, the so called “Tin Tabernacles” I had a look at a tin house in Scotland in my delusional must-keep-on-the-ladder days, but it turned out it was unmortgagable due to its “unconventional construction” Ironic really when you can get a mortgage on a balsa wood & glue newbuild that’ll fall down after a few years.
  16. In part, Columbian nose sherbet & hookers The rest was wasted.
  17. Could be - I’m sure I saw both Osborne and Merv blacked up and in hoodies pushing a burning bin on CCTV
  18. The guillotine on the middle terrace is a nice touch
  19. Don’t worry - its all a little (2 Trillion) misunderstanding. It’ll all be sorted by Monday, just after the S&P board members surprise hillwalking incident. CNBC What a buch of eejits, all of them ….although, I wouldn’t lend them anything, so maybe the downgrade is justified.
  20. Slightly better than Libya! How old is this list? If you have money to isolate you from the harsh realities of life that the general populous endure, then the quality of life in South Africa is great. … but the clock is ticking - another essential is a passport that will allow you to escape when this place also goes the full-mugabe
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