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  1. Presuming your search syntax, how many pages of google image did you have to go through before you got to that one !!?
  2. I’m experiencing similar issues with a Canadian work visa – nearly 5 months now since the process started and with similar requirements (Full medical, proof that I’m sufficiently unique and that I’m not taking a Canadians job, police clearance certificate/letter of good conduct for every country lived in since age of 18!, confirmation of continuous employment with no gaps in the records, proof of financial status, income tax returns……). They don’t make it easy and I can presume that many do not make it.
  3. That’s confirmed it for me. A no brainier really. I’ve been overseas for some time now, driven out by HPI, but with the intention of coming back to the UK when prices became reasonable. Whilst I still believe that prices will come down, the scale of the boom coupled with the indebtedness of those who played the game are so out of kilter with what should be the norm, the correction, as it slowly evolves, will result in utter stagnation and erosion of the quality of life. This “initiative” will draw the pain out for even longer. I can afford to buy with cash after many years of hard graft. But what’s the point if the surrounding community & services are in long term decline? I’m now committed to my kids growing up with a foreign accent and enjoying a lifestyle and opportunities arising from my abilities and my choices. I will take no part in, nor suffer from the morally corrupt short term policies now been exercised by the politicians who, it is clear, are dancing to the tune of the financial overlords. Whilst nowhere is immune, some places are better.
  4. Interesting Blogs & some good quotes: He also appears to be a Canadian Eric (link):
  5. Most of the flatter and non-water bits have been built on – a bit like HK, really
  6. The bubble got even bigger in Jan this year – the detached family house average is just below $1mil pushing Vancouver up to 2nd most unaffordable city in the world (after HK). Median House Price/Income is now a staggering 10.6 ! The source of this data is perplexed at how this can be sustainable:
  7. From the Herald Ok - Headline has "House" and "increase" in the title - that should boost confidence. Can't get onto the RICS site to see what the actual increase was. ...also – the RICS interpretation of sellers confidence by the increase in homes coming onto the market could have another interpretation that does not include “confidence” . Desperation perhaps? Furthermore, why is “confident” spelt “con-fident” :- perhaps a clue to what this article is all about?
  8. Warren Buffett: gold has no value He has spoken - more at link
  9. 6.6% but not happy so accepted another job: 24% up. So times are not tough, but I left the UK due to high house prices and have been a technical mercenary following the money around the globe. (i.e. adapt & survive). Works for me.
  10. Yep - New year resolution joggers bounce (...literally in may cases)
  11. Now that the US nimbies have scuppered southern pipeline to Texas, I heard there is a plan B – a new pipeline straight to the coast through northern BC, so I guess you’re correct about the Chinese.
  12. Scottish homes 'at most affordable' since 2002 We must be at the bottom: price falls and “an exceptionally low Bank of England Bank Rate over the foreseeable future” – time to fill yir Ghillie Brogues. Has to be true: it's from the BBC !
  13. Surely the smarter ones left the UK completely?
  14. They should’ve revised the 2nd Q down to -5%, then we would have been soaring in the 3rd. Turd polishing
  15. Aye, but BBC Scotland can’t bring themselves to admit this – according to them the housing market is not dead, just “hibernating” ….awe, how cute
  16. For some inexplicable reason, this little puff piece merits a high ranking on the BBC Scotland web site. Rejoice – despite all the gloom eleswhere in the world, Edinburgh has green shoots! Does the staggering profit come from downsizing the workforce, paying those who remain bugger all and getting the Giant Squid to do the books?
  17. So where are we going with this, how will this filter down to the proletariat – more risk averse lending criteria and interest hikes? Pitch it low, way low. Think Homer Simpson.
  18. Once again with the bad puns trivialising an important moment in history – this is just a pizza nonsense
  19. I’m intrigued; can anyone post an image of Ms Beenys astonishing cornicing?
  20. FFS !!!.They're getting a bit Express-ish at the BBC. This is the headline articleon the web page this morning: Tossers - whats the point of this? In other news: Titanic Captain reports all deckchairs aligned and neatly arranged.
  21. Liked this bit So we’ve seen the Arab Spring – what next? The middle class turning their 3 series BMW’s into “technicals” & setting out for revenge against the financial dictators?
  22. ..or Neds, being the local name of the lesser spotted Scottish chav. Generate your very own ned name at this site. Mervyn King = Itchy Baws. How true.
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