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  1. Abbey appear to be a paid up member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, therefore if they go t*ts up, the FSA cough up 100% of the first £35k for each named depositor in the bank. 100% guaranteed(ish)
  2. Either: VI spin, Lambs to the slaughter (Darwinian selection in action) …in any case, a FTB expressing an interest is not a sale (even presuming they can get a mortgage)
  3. What’s that phrase about frying pan & fire?... ..oh, and laurejon, its £35k, not £30k http://www.fscs.org.uk/consumer/latest_news/
  4. They say they are: http://www.abbey.com/csgs/Satellite?cid=11...c=GSInformacion
  5. There appears to be a bit of a Mexican standoff in the highlands at the moment. There are a few executive 3- 4 beds that have reduced (due to strapped local builder/developers), but nothing is moving. Just look at the amount of greenery in the EA’s photographs to get an indication of how long properties have been stagnating. I know of one 6 bed detached property in a village near me that was originally on for £230k (it needed a hell of a lot work as it was used as a “guest house” for a significant proportion of the population of Gdansk) and finally went in December for £150k!!! (or so I believe). I’m convinced that the Highland stats are being skewed by some £1m+ estate sales, but nevertheless this area has been one of Scotland’s biggest bubbles and it will go pop. Patience, SA, patience.
  6. ..that's a unique selling point - it'll add 50k to the value (will the BBC commission a new series on makeovers on garden sheds?)
  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/highla...nds/7255088.stm Lets see how this growth can be sustained after the money from “white settlers” from down south dries up
  8. For all of you out for a pound of flesh from Brown, can I suggest the Play-Doh Operation set. After creating various internal organs, you can spend many a happy hour ripping them out of the patient who bares an uncanny resemblance to our “dear leader”
  9. http://www.tickerforum.org/cgi-ticker/akcs-www?post=29535 Anyone care to comment on what would happen to Natwest if RBS gets into trouble?
  10. Does anyone know if this blatant ramping of HPI (by the majority of the press) is in breach of press code of conduct guidelines (reference the Piers “Moron” City Slickers affair a few years ago). If there are any good examples of deliberate attempts at manipulation (in the face of credible facts) should we not be drawing this to the attention of the Press Complaints Commission – this may make the VI hacks stop publishing these Iraqi Information Minister style reports.
  11. I’ve noticed that quite a few of the American HP graphs are presented as median values whereas the UK’s are averaged. Up here in the highlands, I’m sure the averages are being distorted by the low volumes and a few “prestige” £1m+ estate sales. Has anyone managed to find median sale values region by region (and while we’re at it median salaries so that we can see how big this bubble is)
  12. Wow, too many picnic baskets today, Ranger Smith, I’m stuffed. According to this, Scotland has had one of the biggest drops over the last 6 months, but the recent RICS report indicated that this region was a shining beacon of HPI in a sea of doom. How can this be? Is someone cooking the books? Surely shome mishtake?
  13. Just a repost from a recent thread, my understanding is that if the account is under joint names, then the £35k compensation is for each named account holder Any rumours that contradict this? http://www.fscs.org.uk/consumer/faqs/deposit_claims_faqs/
  14. Should be £35k each for joint accounts: http://www.fscs.org.uk/consumer/faqs/deposit_claims_faqs/ Deposit claims FAQs 1. I have my money in a joint account in a High Street bank. How would FSCS pay compensation if the bank failed? The compensation limit of £35,000* applies to each depositor for the total of their deposits with an organisation, regardless of how many accounts they hold or whether they are a single or joint account holder. In the case of a joint account, FSCS will assume that the money in that account is split equally between account holders, unless evidence shows otherwise. This means that each account holder in a joint account would be eligible for compensation up to the maximum limit. *The FSA amended our rules to increase the limit to £35,000 on 1 October 2007. For claims against deposit-taking firms declared in default before 1 October 2007, the maximum level of compensation is £31,700 (100% of £2,000 and 90% of the next £33,000).
  15. Oh come on now, that can’t be right. Only a short time ago many “experts” were predicting that Scotland would not only escape the worldwide HPC, but that there would be a 4% increase in 2008. Surely they can’t all be wrong!!
  16. Was there something about the FSA increasing the bank compensation limits? Any rumours what this would be?
  17. There’s also a pent up demand for Ferraris – but they (like artificially expensive houses) are too expensive. A demand for an asset does not necessarily mean that there is the ability to acquire it.
  18. If there is this often quoted “lack of supply” of housing (in comparison to the US), why are the number of properties listed for sale at my local EA increasing every week – many of them showing gardens in the full bloom of summer? Answer: it’s the £££££ Ruth, not the lack of supply
  19. I’m making an offer for 90p, but this is conditional as I’m downsizing from a loofah currently valued at £1.40. Any interest?
  20. Us Neanderthals getting some luck at last. Now lets get crashing!
  21. I’ve been lurking at the back of the cave for a while now. Time to come out into the light. FTB in 1995, traded up in 2000 and sold in April 2007. Went into the rented accom and temporarily deposited equity in high interest account whilst I looked for the next cave. Becoming increasingly concerned that I’d fallen off the ladder and that even with my HPI gains and earnings form 5 years of ex-pat slogging, I could not get a decent cave for the wife & kids. The mainstream media and "more commercially enlightened" colleagues and friends with expanding BTL portfolios enhanced my growing concern that I had blighted my future wealth by stepping off the ladder. But then the epiphany. All my worldly savings were in the Northern Rock. I watched the queues grow, but initially kept calm as I understood that there where guarantees for depositors, but nevertheless started some research. Research completed, I hurriedly closed the account and distributed it amongst 6 others. Naturally my research expanded and this inevitably lead me to HPC. So by the looks of things, and by happy accident rather than design, I’ve (so-far) benefited from the HPI rollercoaster, but I was very close to being one of the increasingly worried looking recently up-sized & stretched punters that now appear to be in the latter stages of the denial phase. Future: I’ve had enough of the expense & the weather so I’m off overseas again (for ~3 years). In the meantime I’m looking into diversifying my savings. I’ll come back and pick through the wreckage at some point, but by the looks of things that’s not going to be very soon. PS Can anyone recommend a good accountant who specialises in ex-pat work?
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