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  1. Agreed on all your points. The OP's grass-is-greener assertion does not necessarily apply to Vancouver. It's desperately overpriced and unsustainable - just like London etc. The compensation here is quality of life , eg, I can go skiing after work just 5 mins drive from home ( cumulative 9m of snow so far this winter). In summer, there are some of the wildest hikes & mountain bike trails just 30 mins from downtown. There's a reason why Vancouver is in the top 3 most desirable cities in the world
  2. Severely unaffordable yes, but, higher saleries in some professions compensate for this. House prices dropping at about 1% per month at the moment
  3. Mortgage free with a 25 min commute in Vancouver. Wow. Are you selling drugs down on East Hastings to fund that!? Your right about the quality of life in Van, but that comes at a premium.
  4. Vancouver is on the edge. Lots of properties on the market that are not shifting Link
  5. Just had some money transferred in – no apparent problem. Seems to be working for me.
  6. I also had no problems accessing the account. However, after my Northern Rock enlightenment event (all savings were in the one account) I’ve spread the risk and have 6 different current accounts amongst non-related banks.
  7. Been abroad for quite some time, but made the decision NOT to go back to the UK about 6 months ago. Renting=flexibility=ability to follow the money
  8. GBP diving, but bank shares up (trebles all round) :angry:
  9. Spidey senses are tingling and therefore not worth the risk. I’ve been pulling money out of my Santander accounts for the past couple of weeks. That'll show 'em
  10. Are we at the tipping point – see Canadian House Price Charts? Vancouver’s drop of 9.1% (a “loss” of $97,300 !!!!!) in May is as spectacular as the rise in the preceding months, although this sharp increase has been put down to lucky flippers finding the last few fools. Lets see if the speculators now start rushing for the exits.
  11. Hold on tight now... Vancouver had a 9.1% drop in detached houses last month. 9.1%!!!! That’s just over the equivalent of GBP 60,000 IN 1 MONTH. It would appear that the Vancouver miracle is weakening.
  12. +1. Moved overseas due to UK house prices and found that the grass is greener. Doubt I’ll be back. Our distant ancestors dispersed due to unfavourable factors at their point of origin. I’m just continuing that proud tradition. Evolve or watch day time TV.
  13. I quickly gave up on them for business trips to Dublin. At peak hours, the price difference with the "real" airlines was negligible, but at least BA or Air Fungus arrived within 30 minutes of schedule. With Ryanair, you could easily be hours late, often waiting for repairs on bits that had fallen off, but more due to the cumulative delays waiting for drunk passengers to board (mostly with surnames beginning with an O’).
  14. Chinese quality construction: Quick up. Quicker down.
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