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  1. Really interesting tool. If you baseline from Q2 2008, Canada clearly wins the losing race
  2. Not sure about that. Toronto prices across all housing sectors are crazy as opposed to bat-sh1t crazy in Vancouver. Looks like the vultures are beginning to circle: U.S. short sellers betting on Canadian housing crash: ‘An accident waiting to happen’
  3. Even the Chinese Politicians have recognised the problem with unregulated housing money laundering investing in Vancouver: Chinese envoy says lack of oversight behind Vancouver’s house-price crisis The comments reflect the growing resentment. Only a matter of time before the politicians have to do something or lose the popular vote
  4. Garth Turner from the Greater Fool Blog also makes the same Canada-Australia comparison: Great blog, but he persistently refuses to acknowledge that Hot Asian Money is influencing the market. Any comment that suggests that HAM is a contributing factor results in the racist card being pulled. Perhaps he got his moderator training from the BBC.
  5. Vancouver is getting crazy now. This is what $950,000 gets you on the outskirts of town: To get anything decent that’s in an area where you would actually want to live, this is what happens: West Vancouver home sparks bidding war, sells for $1.1 million above asking. Nine offers were made for the 60-year-old rancher, which was listed at $2.98 million and sold for $4.1 million Similar to the threads about the Australian bubble being fueled by hot offshore money, the politicians are beginning to see votes in the growing resentment on Canadians being outpriced: Interesting that they don’t actually publish the data, so no one can verify this. Growing resentment that there’s no curb on money flowing into Vancouver from overseas and no questions asked on how the $50,000 per year transfer limit out of China is being circumvented to keep the HPI party going. Many parallels to what is happening in Australia.
  6. How can you do this (or links / images) from the mobile version?
  7. But there's a $10,000 money transfer limit out of China. They can't possibly be buying luxury real estate (unless there's something shady going on here)
  8. But with oil at $100 and going up, our nuclear power & defence capability, our huge national public sector workforce, what can go wrong?
  9. Strange! The "switch to mobile version" has reappeared at bottom left side of page. Sorted
  10. How do I change back from full to mobile on iPhone There used to be an icon at the bottom of the page- can't see it anymore.
  11. Canada surprise rate cut keeps housing party going ...and of course, the real estate chaps are once again nursing a semi over this – e.g. here’s Mr Fudge packing it in:
  12. Only Hong Kong has less affordable housing than Vancouver, study finds Interesting chart from CHPC.biz. Listings are plummeting and sales are down, so it seems that a few sales at the high end are perpetuating the HPI to the moon mantra
  13. Canada Housing Market Is 63% Overvalued: Deutsche Bank Boom
  14. 1). Selling overpriced property to Asians.2). Selling overpriced coffee to each other. 3). .... er!, that's it. What can go wrong, eh?
  15. I've been using currancyfair for a while without any problems. Significantly better rates than the banks and only a 4 quid transfer fee
  16. There's an increasing number of smallish Japanese particles being washed up on Canada's western coast: Vancouver
  17. no need to dig - there's a standard technique for lowering the permeability of a rock mass that comprises injecting a cementiceous grout at high pressure from a series of drill holes in a closly spaced pattern. This is used in the constructions of dams to prevent excessive leakage off the water beneath the dams foundation. I'd be surprised if the plant didn't have one in the first place, but it may not have been been extensive enough to stop the volume of contaminated water now present.
  18. Getting a bank account is a complete nightmare. One of the problems is that the banks presume that everyone is crook and that you are probably laundering money from somewhere. You'll need lots of copies of passport and work visa, but the trickiest thing is proof of address, such as a utility bill - not easy when you first arrive. Can take months to get this sorted. Try from uk with Barclays (ABSA in SA) to see if you can link an account. Otherwise see if your employers can set up a company account for you. You will also be in a high tax bracket untill things settle down, so remember to claim this back on your tax return to SARS (get an accountant to do this for you for about R500, don't try to deal with these morons yourself)
  19. Seattle pros: cheaper food, drink, housing & just about everything. Vancouver pros: it's not in the US. Whistler
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