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  1. Captain Cavey

    SJW meltdown

    And Switzerland
  2. Captain Cavey

    SJW meltdown

    Lurpak, you say? Well la-de-dah Mr extravagant. Thought you were the axle grease or swafega type.
  3. Captain Cavey

    SJW meltdown

    Canada has high concentrations of south Asians and Chinese in the lower mainland of BC, but generally hideously white everywhere else. Very few Africans. So few in fact that it registers as unusual when you see a black person. Watching TV adverts gives the impression that every family unit is mixed race, and I mean Every Fecking advert. Even highly unlikely combinations of Chinese bird and black bloke. Can you imagine that meeting! "Baba, Ma, this is my new boyfriend- DeShawn" Every Bro's group shot has a full house of Asian, black and white happily snorfelling down their McHorseburger, with the white guy often in the Millhouse role. He's also generally a ginger. Best (worst) virtue signal ad though is the male single parent of mixed race kids who demonstrates the ease of use of a feather duster thing. The kicker: he's only got one arm!
  4. Captain Cavey

    SJW meltdown

    He shouldn't slipped her a tenner to keep quiet - that's the sort of thing these ***** understand.
  5. Captain Cavey

    SJW meltdown

  6. How the hell do you catch your squirtles?
  7. The wife, who doesn't get the concept of auto climate control in the car. It would appear that leaving it in auto, then turning it up if you're cold, or down if warm is too Difficult a Fecking CONCEPT! No Turn auto off, and putting passenger duel control on, turning up the footwell fan to 11 & having the driver side at -50 C and the passenger side hot enough to melt steel is apparently the way to go.
  8. People who take oversized carry on luggage onto planes. Airlines who allow this to happen
  9. Captain Cavey

    Is The Site Down Just For Me?

    Having same problem - any fixes TMT?
  10. Captain Cavey

    Post Your Favourite Charts Here

    Really interesting tool. If you baseline from Q2 2008, Canada clearly wins the losing race
  11. Using HOT water to make tea!Get back to MSE where you belong, you flagrant spendthrift.
  12. I'm assuming a bigger volume measured in Royal Albert Halls
  13. People who use incorrect units of measurement.
  14. Takes ages to boil a kettle in the states - the electricity is rubbish
  15. People who stop to text in the middle of a busy walkway/ pavement. Makes me want to go the full Begbie on them

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