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  1. The wife, who doesn't get the concept of auto climate control in the car. It would appear that leaving it in auto, then turning it up if you're cold, or down if warm is too Difficult a Fecking CONCEPT! No Turn auto off, and putting passenger duel control on, turning up the footwell fan to 11 & having the driver side at -50 C and the passenger side hot enough to melt steel is apparently the way to go.
  2. People who take oversized carry on luggage onto planes. Airlines who allow this to happen
  3. Really interesting tool. If you baseline from Q2 2008, Canada clearly wins the losing race
  4. Using HOT water to make tea!Get back to MSE where you belong, you flagrant spendthrift.
  5. I'm assuming a bigger volume measured in Royal Albert Halls
  6. Takes ages to boil a kettle in the states - the electricity is rubbish
  7. People who stop to text in the middle of a busy walkway/ pavement. Makes me want to go the full Begbie on them
  8. People with earbuds in who think they've slipped out a stealth fart
  9. At the supermarket, after everything is swiped through, women who genuinely look surprised that they have to pay for all the ******ing STUFF THAT THEY HAD IN THE ******ING TROLLEY. It must be totally unexpected as its only at that point do THEY LOOK THROUGH MULTIPLE ******ING HANDBAGS FOR THEIR ******ING PURSE. Boils my p1ss, that does. Edit: did I do this already?
  10. Not sure about that. Toronto prices across all housing sectors are crazy as opposed to bat-sh1t crazy in Vancouver. Looks like the vultures are beginning to circle: U.S. short sellers betting on Canadian housing crash: ‘An accident waiting to happen’
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