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  1. I know one ex colleague first time buyer whose gf just got a 70k leg up to buy a place from the bank of ma & pa - so the couple just took on a mortgage making them liable for around 100k each. Another girl I know was celebrating in recent weeks on facebook that she 'finally owns her place' (has a mortgage) and can now take things out of their cardboard boxes that have been left packed since the 90's The only 'like' she got was from her mum
  2. 6 music keep repeating the price fall news, radio is on in our office - I cheered a couple of times, naturally. Although they wheeled on some bloke from a building society saying nothing to see, move along, natural correction etc etc
  3. Unlike the Golden Age of Thread Duplication http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=149293
  4. My landlord lives next door - I have a little hole in the fence to let both our cats through so they can sh!t in his rather large garden. Luckily as he used to be a vet he's an animal lover. And as he's also my employee, he needs to let me do more or less what the feck I want
  5. Saw this on The Daily Mash - I'm sure it could be adapted into an amusing ad for a Slave 'but at least I'm on the pwoperty ladwer' Box..
  6. Can't find a link relating to this story as yet.. could be interesting.
  7. My dad is now 78 and until recently was often asked to come out of retirement for another project in his field, as a technical author in the offshore oil industry, which he was happy to do.
  8. I bought a flat in Brighton for 25k in 1994 - the mate I bought it off said it was valued at 80k at its peak..
  9. Here's one great idea - floating island built from plastic bottles
  10. I thought like that for 10 years when with my gf, then proposed & got married 2 years later after 12 years together. I found it brought a lot of closure and bizarre feeling of peace into our relationship - something I wasn't expecting at all, I'd recommend it to anyone personally. After all, we don't give up driving for fear of having a car crash.
  11. Shocking. I'm still genuinely surprised when I hear of people becoming homeowers at the moment.
  12. Another take: http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/millions-of-britons-now-living-on-less-money-than-they-would-ideally-prefer-201007072883/
  13. Do you mean aside from taking a long soak in a bath full of schadenfreude?
  14. Just the tens of thousands of OAPs who die of cold each winter through being unable to heat their homes then.
  15. Thanks all for your comments & yes first child not first male offspring. I asked him if he minded renting & he gave me a dirty look, but he'll get over it.
  16. I've been lurking on here for years and you guys are (almost) like family to me **sniff** **sniff** so I'd like to announce the arrival of my first baby boy. And I'd like to add that we're still happily renting. So there. That's all!
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