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  1. I remember looking at prices in 2004 astonished at how high they'd got Still, it'd be a start. Here's another, comments please! (particularly in answer to JB Hampshire/ 'Jack Russel') http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1345900/House-prices-drop-10-year-average-sale-costs-fell-2010.html
  2. 'The family have now sold their house and are moving into rented accommodation.' The horror, the horror
  3. Well theres an old nugget, the thread I mean, not the owner
  4. Shocking. I bought a studio flat in central Brighton in 1994 for £25k off a friend who had it valued a few years earlier at £80k. I sold it in 2001 (I know) for £100k after converting it to a 1 bed.
  5. Facetime is superb, I can see my 6 month old son at home when I call the wife on the desktop mac from work, genius. & yep camera & video great too.
  6. I get an iphone 4 as a little perk through my work, all bills paid. I loved it for a while, some of the apps are great, but now the noveltys worn off, I use it simply as a 'telephone' a 'watch' and an 'alarm clock'. so thank f*k I've not forked out £500 or am on some kind of ridiculously expensive contract
  7. After the millenium which saw about 200 of us in period costume dancing to quality techno with smoke, lasers, strobes e's & cocaine at a country manor house, NYE has seemed to pale in my interest somewhat. Anyhoo, holed up in my sett with 6 month old snoozing baby badger and mrs badger drinking mulled wine, before opening a lovely bottle of champers for the enforced jollity bit. Happy new year to all you guys & good luck with the future.
  8. This, of course, they report as 'disastrous' for next year Comments to their site please! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1342804/House-prices-fall-sharply-regions-England-Wales.html apologies if already posted
  9. http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/8760886.Hove_cross_dressing_store_to_close/ A bit of a drag for the owner etc etc
  10. Precisely my thoughts, females who think like that aren't worth the skin they stand up in, let alone a lifetimes wage slavery!
  11. I hope you have a ton more water in addition to your drinking water to cook that shizzle in!
  12. Despite the predictably negative take on it from the Illustrator, someone here has written a nice piece on the renting/buying thing: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2010/nov/27/what-really-thinking-renter Edit: It appears in the Weekend magazine section of todays paper
  13. I'm the same age as you, bought 1994, sold 2001. Debt free with 40k ish cash available. Working as a creative in advertising, pay is poor but I love the work & culture, renting a large 2 bed flat in a posh area of the south east 5 month old son.
  14. The Marshall plan cost $13billion yet the Louisiana purchase cost $15million.. or am I missing something here, pie chart seems a little off
  15. Indeed, I got irritated by the lack of stringing a sentence together ability pretty quickly.
  16. It's minging. Wonder if they'd pay me to live there.
  17. My company have had 2 rounds in the last couple of years - company meeting followed by - 'return to your desks & carry on as normal while you wait for a phone call'. Trouble is, people carried on working meaning phones were ringing all the time so whenever you answered it, you didnt know if it was you for the chop, or a colleague calling in the course of business, plus one or two wind up calls too
  18. Thanks for the calculation, I was having trouble with the 50% bit
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