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  1. Because all girls have to do is shag a bloke with money. It aint as easy for some blokes.
  2. 2nd hand furniture/recycling place in Brighton..
  3. Colleague about to buy a 2 bed terrace in Hanover, Brighton for £240k. Not a fair price IMO and he says the price 'is ridiculous, but fukit'. Him and OH been saving for 6 years, plus donations from relatives of around 8k. Incidentally my sister just sold her place in Hove for £220k, £5k under asking price. 1 bed flat with reasonable size garden. Bought for £46k around 1996.
  4. The knobs on our pos gas cooker are all blank - the numbers have worn off. Rather than order us a new set for about £15, the landlord has helpfully suggested that we 'write some new ones on in pen'. Though he's been a gem generally, no interference, holes drilled everywhere, decorated how we like, minor improvements, cats, plus rent not been put up since we moved in 6 years ago - and that after negotiating a reduction of £50pcm when we moved in..
  5. This is central Brighton, a commercial property but not often you get blatant discounting in the window! http://www.ellis-partners.co.uk/propertydetails-commercial.aspx?PropertyID=543
  6. My commute is a very scenic 7 mile or 11 mile off road mountain bike ride through the south downs national park between Lewes and Brighton. Some pretty stiff hills but what a way to start the day, prob why I've stayed at the job for 6 years.. Bad weather/bad motivation option - 30mins drive door to door or similar train journey.
  7. I went to the council tip the other day & got a spotless pop up playhouse and a kids frog umbrella for £1! ..included for that price were also 50 white ceramic tiles, a rose bush in a lovely pot some and brand new chicken wire coated n green PVC for the garden. We also got a cot for a tenner from martlets, a cancer charity furniture place (bought new mattress though for £80) plus a borrowed travel cot and moses basket Then again we spent £700+ for a new pram & car seat etc £150 on baby bjorn front sling carry thing & sprung chair. I think it's the way to go, some new stuff, some dirt cheap/borrowed & I can't recommend the NCT sales enough!
  8. I know, good one huh. that site is a real goldmine of similar insights, I'm beginning to spend more time there than here
  9. Whilst we're on the subject, heres an excellent historical piece for anyone still affected by the idea of 'hell' and it's associated myths and delusions: http://new.exchristian.net/2010/11/hell-revisited.html
  10. If religion worked we wouldn't either. In fact anti depressants are popular almost certainly in part because millions of people are raised with bullsh!t fearmongering religions and all the massive violence, wars, oppression of women, mutilation, stunting of human development and so on since the dawn of time that are the hallmarks of it. Religion: the greatest tragedy to befall the human race.
  11. Whoever made that up has a fair handle on mankind from its dawn to present day.
  12. I caught this on the way into work this morning. Peter Owen Jones lives up the road & i often see him in Brighton or Lewes, I love his programmes. The subject was treated fairly though on R4 I thought, they had a bit of a jest and all parties including the very broad minded vicar, gave it all the (lack of) seriousness it deserved.
  13. I came across this the other day, not finished listening yet. Some shocking stats & bearishness so far!
  14. possibly OT, but a nice bit of work: http://primaxstudio.com/stuff/scale_of_universe/index.php
  15. Most of the bungalows in Saltdean were originally built as little seaside getaways, they weren't meant to be lived in proper like! Still, with the downs behind, beach within walking distance and (hopefully) the beautiful Lido it's not a bad place to bring up kids, despite the lack of a soul or any kind of center unless you call a beefeater-style pub worth visiting.. I grew up over the hill in Rottingdean & have many happy memories of the whole area.
  16. I went on the SS Uganda in the early 80's with my primary school, it was later used in the falklands We flew to malta, cruised to crete, cruised to egypt, cruised to athens, flew home It was worth it though cos we did a project/diary on it £200 all in
  17. http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/8328616.Council_staff_take_almost_twice_as_much_sick_leave/ ...well now they can get as sick as they like
  18. http://www.cbsatlanta.com/news/26121210/detail.html 'The company promised to lower people's mortgages for $1,500 upfront. Police say thousands of homeowners paid Matrix money, but according to investigators, most of them ended up in bankruptcy and losing their homes. So many people trusted Matrix Capital front man Fred Lee because he made promises of lowering people's mortgages in the sanctity of their local church.'
  19. A real shame - they're an institution across the southeast, & one of the first places we used to shoplift from as kids
  20. I sold in 2001 but only realised what had been happening when I got back from travelling/alternative career, in 2004
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