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  1. By the way, can we be told how many extra hits this site got after the programme?
  2. I was clenching my butt cheeks all the way through waiting for the inevitable 'However', but it didn't come! A real breath of fresh air and hopefully the beginning of sanity restored.
  3. Just remembered seeing an unbelievably overpriced sh**hole in Brighton last summer, 90k for a boxroom studio. Told the EA I'd offer 40k, he said he 'wouldn't even pay that, it's bloody ridiculous. I'm renting & won't buy until it goes down again. Hurrah! Anyone else found an EA with a heart/soul/some honesty?
  4. I'm keeping quiet, it's none of my business. I sold in 2001 thinking I'd made a killing cos my place went up 4x in 7 years. One or two people said they thought prices were still on the up but I didn't care at the time. Others thought I was laughing, which I was until I realised the boom accelerated after I sold . it would have taken a lot of persusion to change my mind at the time, not even my parents dissuaded me as i was off on a long dreamt about world trip & lifestyle change for a few years out of the rat race. Was it worth it? Yes at the time, but now I just want another place
  5. Colleague at work is looking at entering the BTL market soon, I managed to remain composed when she told me 'all my debts would be paid off in 2 years', and decided not to say anything about the present state of the market, anyone else think this was the right thing to do?
  6. I know just how you feel - we were stuck in Kent which is full of chavs or stuck up hunting types and we sold at a questionable time. So we got out & now we're happy! Change rules.
  7. In response to 'Why do we use EA's' heres a site I found, bugger, someones done it. Room for more though
  8. We're all just waiting for prices to drop even more than they have already simply to avoid paying for overpriced property. Just cos we choose to highlight articles of specific interest relating to that subject doesn't mean we're obsessive, just careful in making the biggest financial commitment of our lives. I don't know about anyone else, but I can't afford to pay more for a property now if theres a chance I could save myself some dosh in a few months time. Congratulations on buying a place, I wish you luck with it. We're just regular people wanting to own a place at some point and swapping info. As for 'having nothing better to do' is that also why we play footie, go to the pictures, go on holiday etc? no, its just another interest running alongside many others, except this one has a huge bear -ing on the rest of our financial lives. Some people have been hurt in many ways by the boom of late, and sharing experiences etc is helpful.
  9. Good idea about the downloadables- I've only resisted slapping home-made hpc stickers around key places in town cos I don't want to get the sites admin's into trouble (and because of not having a hi-res enough logo too..)
  10. Thanks OM. Hmm, the words 'singing' and 'praises' don't come to mind. It looks like I'll get back roughly what I put in at least. Do I have a case for compensation?
  11. My sister and I both got sold a policy from Allied Dunbar around 1994 by my other sisters husband (they're now divorced). I'm still paying £51 a month into it though don't have a mortgage any more, (don't know whether she's still got hers or not). It's not going to reach its target (14k-ish not 25k) I was totally unaware at the time of the dangers of them. Is it worth carrying on paying in as a saving scheme? Could I qualify for compensation?
  12. Scary! imagine the flying hot shards of metal as their jewellery explodes in the heat (if they haven't pawned it off of course).
  13. Mai oui! Tell you what, how about effigies of the lot of 'em for next years bonfire celebrations!
  14. I thought EAs were more the Pimms type. Being stoned might make them a bit more peace & love and less greedy (fat chance) also it might make them forget prices are over inflated and accidentally slap prices up in the window 30% lower - where they're supposed to be.
  15. Good for you, Lewes is a nice enough place to wait in anyway. interesting to hear what you could borrow, we'd be about the same, sounds like a hell of a lot of money to borrow though. Fox's are notorious for overpricing so no surprise there, great tactic though. Not selling? lets up the price by 10k! It may work in the art world (snob value) but not when it comes to houses..
  16. Hello blondebier. So are you going to go for the £150k or wait? personally I'm loving renting in Lewes & hope to buy here at some point. I couldn't afford to to buy the place I rent so I'm waiting for further price falls. Love that Harveys.
  17. Plenty of places we've kept an eye on not shifting & plenty more with drops of 10-15k on properties sub 200k
  18. As far as negotiation goes, we suggested a price of £650 instead of the advertised £700 & he went for it - on condition we stayed at least a year! They're a lovely old couple the landlord/s, also letting us do what we want decoration & garden-wise. Renting can be a great & liberating experience if you shop about for the right place. The difference in the amount of room for this money is staggering. we've got 2 beds, patio, off road parking 1 other spare room (utility/studio) in a v nice historical street & town. Next town along (brighton) - same money could get you tiny flat if you're unlucky.. Good luck to you two..& us all in the waiting game
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