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  1. This is slightly off topic. But from what I remember in school since lessons the UK will actually get colder if we get climate change. The increased temperatures are likely to cause the ice caps to melt into the sea which will cool the gulf stream which is actually the only thing that keeps the UK as warm as it is (see our temp vs our position on a world map to see how much warmer we are than other countries of a similar lattitude) I assume this is why now everyone calls it climate change rather than "global warming"
  2. To be honest universities do need to ensure that their courses are current. However I've always been of an opinion that the point of the university course is to give you a well rounded grounding in your chosen subject and the skills to further your learning without their supervision. Employers that expect graduates to come with all the skills for that particular job are misinformed. On the subject of Oxbridge I didn't attend there and have no idea what the education is like but I'd hate for such an amazing tradition and piece of history to be destroyed by some legislation. I also expect that their courses are pretty good, I mean their success must bring success, who wouldn't want to have "lecturer at oxbridge" on their CV?! If I had to advise the youth of today about university I'd ask them to consider it carefully based on getting some training somewhere else. However, even if the course that you do isn't the most relevant in the world then you're still going to have an awesome time! And getting out of the house and living on your own at 18 while still having the safety net that comes from being able to go home every few months for holidays is definately a huge plus!
  3. There's a security issue to think of as well though, if you have all your money in your current account and someone gets your details or card then they can take more of it than if you have it in a savings account to which you do not carry the details on your person at all times.
  4. I can't remember if it's in the next version of Rock Band or Guitar Hero but one of these games will allow users to upload their bands songs and make a rhythm for the instruments to go along with it. I've been thinking that they should do this for a while and I think it will be amazing for new bands, I can so imagine downloading a few of the songs onto Guitar Hero, finding I rellly like them and then going to the band website to download a copy (even for a small fee if I really liked it). The future probably lies without the need for record companies, however they probably don't like that idea!
  5. Ugh, the worrying thing for me is not that I think it's possible that prices might rise, but actually that if they do then I'll probably never be able to afford a house at all! If there is no crash then am I destined to be priced out for ever? And if so what do I do, live in a house share for the rest of my life?
  6. Congrats to him for being a complete moron by correctly staying off work but then deciding to head into a full waiting room of adults and children at a doctors surgery. What does he actually think they are going to do for him anyway? Clear it all up using their magical "doctors touch"? I know loads of people that have had it, basically what happens is you get a bit sick, then you get better. However for people with medical complications it can be serious, hence why going to a doctors surgery full of other people that probably do have medical complications is a really stupid idea. I know you're not the guy though so my rant is probably a little extreme, sorry
  7. Shame, I was thinking I'd probably vote lib next election if they stood alone. if they merge with lab I'll probably vote for someone else.
  8. A friends company just did more redundancies on top of a first set and then pay cuts. Not good times at all
  9. I actually took the time to send them a thank you email after I was so impressed by the service of their staff when I took my £6.00 (six pound) pay as you go phone in with a problem.
  10. I have to say I'd have loved one when I was younger (about 15+) as I was always having to use my parent's credit cards to order computer bits and pieces over the phone and then having them declined because I forgot to say that the card wasn't in my name. Would have been nice to have one all of my own that I could have topped up (I was paying my parents back anyway so would have been the same thing really). Also it does make sense to give younger people the chance to make the savings of shopping online but using their own money.
  11. They don't give you tamiflu for "flu like" symptoms at the moment and only perscribe in the case where you are running a high fever. Or so I was told by a teacher friend who had flu symptoms after it was confirmed in her school. Everyone there is fine now btw Oh, and i think the gov actually has enough tamiflu for 80% of the population so it probably wont run out. Plus Roche are probably churning it out as fast as possible as they are making loads of cash from it what will all the govs wanting to keep their stock piles up!
  12. That's amazing. I almost want to put some 20p pieces up im sure i'd make a few quid!
  13. Just wanted to add my 2p. I work for a software company of about 25 people and almost everyone here is great! That includes the techys, sales people and even the admin and hr. I did say almost but there's definately enough good people here to make it an overall good experience. Probably why I've been here so long! We're not all bad you know!
  14. Mostly, because it's a fictional TV show and it improves the storylines to allow the characters to meet more regularly.
  15. A friend of a friend does that, making absolutely silly amounts of money and currently gone off to live in a penthouse apartment in thailand!
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