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  1. I'm not really savy enough or on the ball so to speak so rely on these people re for info.They charge quite a high premium around 4 % on entry then a small yearly charge but well worth it to those who like me are not on the ball , they have managed to show over 7% growth after charges this year it was more last year, She informed me most of the funds commercial property investment have been moved into pharmaceuticals and green type investments.
  2. Had a meeting with a prominent financial advisor asked her if they were busy, her answer was massively yes as are all fund managers getting out of commercial property and balancing funds that had significant holdings ,she feared armageddon was imminent.
  3. its in the small print last year is 2029
  4. My son now works from home (re covid) his company has virtually taken over his 2nd room with no payment to him for the costs re utility bills rent food which his company were responsible for at the office, his car allowance is to be withdrawn in April as well as his lunch allowance. One big winner coming in the future and it wont be the employee it will be the companies that no longer have to fork out on high office rents and the associated costs etc
  5. Think millions agree on that, and many of those are like me and not really into politics
  6. lots of boots are full, but thousands will still accept more free dosh Merry Xmas
  7. Houses in Madrid has seen demand fall 40% due to the latest lockdown, interesting article in the telegraph with sellers taking 15% price cuts.
  8. Most have already gone up over last 2/3 days doubt any friends etc have been tipped off prior as this doesn't usually happen 😆
  9. Spain where i was on the Costa Blanca area you can easily pick up a 2/1 furnished app for 60 k they were 80k pre Covid
  10. Don't worry our chief medical officer Vallance will rescue us with a vaccine when the time is right, probably just before his share option in Glaxo comes to fruition in April (no conflict of interest whatsoever) just a hunch
  11. The gov might not be extending the scheme however lots of new gov jobs are being created due to Covid. Many Street Marshal posts in every UK town city and also jobs re testing and tracing, the contract for which has been awarded to Hays Travel whose staff were prob going to made redundant. So the figures may not be as bad as people are forecasting in the short/medium time
  12. It has to collapse no other way out Banks will take a massive hit (or should i say we will), was walking through Leeds this week hundreds of massive buildings lots of them new with virtually nobody in them empty desks all over, The bars /restaurants shops beneath them virtually standing empty. I always wondered to myself when times were normal what all these office workers actually did, coming to the conclusion really nothing.These buildings / land would have cost a fortune of borrowed money cant see it ever paying off for many years if ever , I expect massive foreclosures etc in the near
  13. Think its not people wishing economic disaster far from it, people are just fed up with the massive rate increases watching it get wasted whilst the local Gov people enrich themselves with salary's far outdoing even our PM. I would imagine all ratepayers would wish local gov just stuck to street maintenance housing schooling etc and their folly into commercial life ends for good and left to the experts.
  14. One guy and his wife in our community was shopped to the UK authority's for this, they left when questioned about it probably owing rent to the apartment owner no doubt. He was responsible for putting up a notice in our local bar holding a sort of clinic every month informing people of what they could claim off the UK whist living in Spain and how to go about it , think he assumed he would be popular doing this my bet is its still going on by other people like him.
  15. He got 16 months of which he will prob do around 4/5 then be let out, also he was a Councillor so that would go massively against him in any sentence.The people I am on about are not doing it as a business they just normal people who rent out their council home and live very well on the Costa's on the proceeds.You can rent a standard two bed anywhere on the Blanca long term for around £325 a month with swimming pool communal garden my last council tax was around £230 for the year. I have no idea if its still going on Peter as I returned a few years ago but my bet is that it is but maybe redu
  16. Don't think a lot of London people who are doing this see it like that, I'm not sure they really respect any laws tbh also does anyone get 7 years for anything nowadays.If they get caught they would get a decent brief probably paid by us and get off with it under some hardship plea.
  17. Lots of people who have a council houses in London rent them out and fully fund their lifestyle in Spain and are are quids in, Im not there anymore but my bet its still going on and has been for ages
  18. Not really sure what you are getting at ( Im not really into politics ) and may have missed something that's happened re the theft embezzlement comment. On the 'putting peoples lives at risk' if it had been me and I firmly had believed the action was in my child's best interests I would have done the same and taken the full socially distancing precautionary measures which seemingly he did. As I have already said if hes done it more than once apart from picking his child back up he should be finished immediately .
  19. Look I dont don't like Cummings or Kinnock I judge thing on how i see them and not for political reasons, he was only looking after his child's best interests which any Father would have done. If its proved there were multiple social visits then fair enough he should go instantly, but my opinion is because he was so instrumental in upsetting the left over Brexit and the massive election victory for the Conservatives that the left media are throwing everything at this to destroy him . He has obviously upset you with your derogatory comments toward me move on accept the results of democracy yo
  20. Why didn't Kinnock (an elected MP) resign for taking a birthday cake to his Dads house and sitting in the garden with his parents around the the same time as Cummings , cant remember the wall to wall coverage and foot stamping from the BBC and our other left wing media.
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