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  1. And dont forget, although boomers may not like some of the impacts of mass immigration, they do like the fact that it keeps wages and therefore inflation down, which again makes thier savings and pensions worth more in relative terms and preserves their buying power.. Boomers are manipualting this country for their own selfish gain and are leaving us in a total mess... And then they sit there calling my generation debt fueled junkies, just because we have to take on debt to get started in life, I have repaid my student loan over 6 years. Thanks for that, ill soon be paying 20% VAT for most
  2. These are my thoughts... The boomers have enjoyed.... Cheap housing (relatively) Secure jobs - main reason being off shoring was in its infancy Wage inflation HPI Defined benefit pensions Low price inflation due to off shoring and globalisation Free education Cheap energy Many also have considerable savings, which are now under threat from low interest rates, as heaven forbid we might get some significant inflation, and they dont want that as it might erode thier savings... Meanwhile my generation, the <30 year olds pay for our education, higher VAT, higher housing, higher ener
  3. Agree with you 100% that would be very fair, also people who have paid back their loans should be exempted and this tax should either have a time limit or amount limit, you shouldnt pay it forever..
  4. And what about students (like me) who paid back a 10k loan, do i now get double hit by a grad tax? When are we going to make the boomers pay for some of their freeies?
  5. Why dont you put up some kind of message that can be suported on the governments official site to campaign for a proper audit of our finances, if we get a certain number of signatures doesnt it have to be debated in parliament? Try and get some papers behind it and see what happens.... I believe they are e-petitions?
  6. http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2010/jun/27/public-sector-pensions-real-cost
  7. It would appear that the precise figure on pots / people is not that easily accessible...
  8. OK, So just to be clear this is not a "public sector bashing thread" but I want to know the facts, I personally do not believe that the average public sector pension is 5 - 6k.. I believe the "pot" maybe as per caluculations from unions and labour (as they are the ones that keep saying it).. But it does seem the case that you can have more than one pot or source... Therefore it doesnt appear to be (IMO) a valid argument, that public sector workers only get a pension of 5 - 6k (the alleged mean figure)....
  9. Ed Balls for one keeps telling us that poor old public sector workers average pension is 4 or 5k... Right, as far as i can tell this is pension "pots" in the public sector, as such people can have: 1. More than 1..... 2. One in public and a private one 3. Some other pension as well.... When is someone going to start taking them to task on this and start pointing out the this is not a good measure of the "average public sector pension" If Im wrong please tell me.....
  10. You just strip off then sell the shares :-)
  11. Someone should ask that as a question, why cant we get rid of dumbledork as the presenter........ Stephanie Flanders might stir it up a bit, or Nick Robinson if he bring up his Westminster "rumours"
  12. I didnt want to start on the parasites mate as I thought I may make myself ill thinking about the mountain of problems :-)
  13. Automation is not all bad, automating should in theorey lower costs and prices, so you can buy more...... So instead of just buying 1 handmade sofa once every 15 years, you can buy 3..... So overall the "labour" used may be the same, also take in all the support services surounding the transactions and the resources required to build the item and things arent so bad... For me the problem is this country... We used to be can do.. it woud be lets do this..... Now its "lets not" too risky, too expensive, not what we should be doing etc etc, we never really do anything, we dont innovate eno
  14. How can they not have brought up Browns lies at PMQ's yet?!!! Who cares about Belfast and British Airways!!! Bring up Gordon!!! Our lying toad of a PM!
  15. 100% agree, there are some vile individuals on this site, a lot of people take pleaseure here in others misfortune, and if you dare to question why your topic is placed in the troll thread by an admin! What a wonderful site.... Someone once said to me those who spend time picking holes in others and generally being vicious are usually the least intelligent and therefore reduce themselves to trying to bring others down. He may not be correct but It struck a chord with me....
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