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  1. He also said that the debt (i.e. the National Debt) is coming down. Which is, of course, a lie. The deficit may being coming down (a little) but the debt isn't. If a drooling idiot like me knows these things then why can't someone in the House of Lords?
  2. I'd get her to look into a DRO https://www.gov.uk/options-for-paying-off-your-debts/debt-relief-orders At a guess the ruinous interest rates make it impossible for her to clear the debt anyway, so she shouldn't feel guilty about it (IMHO). Again I'm guessing but I presume she won't have much in the way of assets? Being cynical about it, she might as well rack up approx £15,000 of debt and then pull the DRO trigger, but I guess she's too nice for that.
  3. Stumbled across this link - apologies for it being from the daily heil:- http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-2212155/Investors-warned-risky-rich-quick-property-schemes-U-S.html "She paid Assetz a £2,350 arrangement fee to secure the property. She says she was promised a refurbished property and a guarantee it would be tenanted in 90 days." "Stuart Law, Assetz’s chief executive, says he has tried to help customers affected by the problems, but says he will not hand back the deposit to Ms Busaidy." Why on earth would a 67 year old and a 75 year old want a BTL in a foreign country at their ages? Madness. Perhaps Law could rename his firm Liabilitiez... <coat, got>
  4. Well despite being a relative Titan in size, perhaps their franchise structure didn't allow them to claim ultimate Victory in the retail battle. I guess some Big Dog at the bank decided the pull the plug as there was Rokon in the account. Still they can talk - I'm sure the recent bank IT trouble was caused by a Vyrus. It is the suppliers I feel sorry for - they must be Fantic to get their stock back. Retail is so competative that there is always some else to eat your Münch. I'm a Sanglas half-full kind of guy but I guess the whole company will close. Perhaps they'll be bought up by an Indian - anyhow I can see the creditors having to Su(ck)zuki it up.
  5. Like at lot of the bike trade they have been Honda brink for a long time.
  6. Er - you're wrong as usual. The whole point is that governments couldn't afford to pay for multi-million man armies etc etc - it was all put on the tab. Ever heard of lend-lease? It cost the UK about 1/3 of her wealth to fight World War 2 and the country was exhausted and bankrupt afterwards. Try looking at what happened after the war when the world had to try and recover from the war. Ever heard of the Marshall Plan? Britain had to go through a grinding austerity. Food rationing didn't end until the mid 1950's. There are some parallels between then and now; you've had your stupid boom under Brown and now it is time to pay for it all. "Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist." Try again, perhaps with some facts.
  7. A tale of woe http://www.independent.co.uk/money/mortgages/consumer-rights-im-too-ill-to-work-and-cant-rent-out-my-buytolets-7813247.html To be fair to the landlord, they aren't actually asking for cash - the idiot journo who wrote the following amused me:- "Unfortunately...while you may be able to claim benefits for yourself and your family...you won't get any help for rent or mortgage payments on property other than the one you live in." What the hell is unfortunate about it? Why should the taxpayer pick up the tab for this speculator/parasite?
  8. this amused me http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-17182211 glad to see that common sense (which isn't so common) has prevailed in this case; although what the courts were doing with the first judgement beggars belief. anyhoo who cares about a few motorbikes when you've got the 'septics practicing strikes on iran next door... perhaps Shields and Lawrence can remortgage to pay the costs.
  9. i've been pondering this one myself recently and listened to an interesting interview with jim rickards on kingworldnews (about 9 minutes in) who talked about the same issue. http://kingworldnews.com/kingworldnews/Broadcast/Entries/2011/12/31_Jim_Rickards.html
  10. than thanks for the companycheck.co.uk link - very interesting. i don't post much on this website and especially this thread as i've realised i'll never own a house in this country. anyhoo i think i can help a bit with limited data aspect as there another website called levelbusiness.com which allows one to download sets of abbreviated accounts for free which have been submitted to companies house. and what interesting stuff one can find! i haven't got time to look at all the agents but ORB look particularly interesting - nice fall in turnover there from £3.3m to £2.7m - there are chunkly accumulated losses of £440K & the balance sheet is overdrawn. - the directors have chucked in £77K as a loan to the company. the 2011 a/cs are due in by 01.01.12 so hopefuly GT will submit them soon - they should be interesting reading... the money is punted across via a management charge to the holding co. and paid out in divis to bond and o'riordan - £117K each last year. nice work if you can get it. so things aren't as bad as they look as they could always decrease the management charge, upto a point i guess. perhaps someone ought to start a thread on the main forum - "financially analyse the estate agent you love to hate." good luck all.
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-13984044 merv. will put them right - saving money and using it for capital investment - the very notion! everyone knows that savings should be inflated to zero. it's the modern way dontcha know. perhaps when he retires from the BoE he can go and help out - perhaps they'll pay him in indexed linked meticals.
  12. i'm not really interested in what that morbidly obese hypocrite has to say however there is an excellent series on radio 4 about the russian revolution that is well worth a listen, presented by michael sixsmith. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b012hjc8/Russia_The_Wild_East_Series_2_Omnibus_Episode_1/ i never knew that lenin massacred the Kronstadt sailors in 1921 (they were instrumental in the original february 1917 revolution). so on balance i'd take capitalism every time, thanks. there is precious little on the main forum about house prices these days so why should this thread be moved? now if you were to mention gold however...
  13. it certainly does... ANYTA MASTIN Nationality: BRITISH Date of birth: 09/12/1961 Age: 49 years Appointments as of 20/04/2011 FIRST STEP FITNESS LIMITED (Dissolved) Type: Current Director Appointment date: 01/12/2004 Occupation: NONE Nationality: BRITISH Date of birth: 09/12/1961 Age: 49 years Appointments as of 20/04/2011 FIRST STEP SKINCARE LIMITED (Dissolved) Type: Current Secretary Appointment date: 05/07/2005 Occupation: COMPANY DIRECTOR Nationality: BRITISH Date of birth: 09/12/1961 Age: 49 years Appointments as of 20/04/2011 FIRST STEP SKINCARE LIMITED (Dissolved) Type: Current Director Appointment date: 05/07/2005 Occupation: COMPANY DIRECTOR Nationality: BRITISH Date of birth: 09/12/1961 Age: 49 years Appointments as of 20/04/2011 FIRST STEP HEALTH, FITNESS & BEAUTY LIMITED (06485806) Type: Current Director Appointment date: 28/01/2008 Occupation: DIRECTOR FIRST STEP HEALTH, FITNESS & BEAUTY LIMITED Registered Address 54 BRADFORD ROAD, STANNINGLEY PUDSEY LEEDS WEST YORKSHIRE LS28 6EF the last accounts are to 31.01.09 and are dormant and are signed by an anyta (sic) crossley. what is amusing is that she's 49 and not 45 as the article.
  14. about par for the course for this site these days. anyway good on you IMHO - you are looking to increase the supply of housing. which in my book is a darned good thing...
  15. is this some sort of joke? let me see - UK population = 70,000,000 ish so 70,000,000 / 150,000 = 466.66 plod available to battle the rampaging hordes... i thought RB was the master at making up stats. as he went along...
  16. link please was it this one? http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-03-31/bill-gross-says-u-s-debt-has-little-value-echoes-buffett-3-.html oh no - it can't be because he is saying the exact opposite. make your mind up - thought you are a deflationista and hence believe in overcapacity. i see you now appear to have some silver. funny that. let me see now - if there was a rise in the price of unicorn horns, RB will tell us he has some. two words:- walter mitty
  17. blimey - you're right. think errol is going to have to apologise on this one. swipe me - the cheapest 1oz coin are phillies at £30.41 inc VAT. i thought they were expensive a couple of years ago at £14 each. EDIT - i'm an idiot. oops - sorry errol
  18. is that the bank of ireland which has been touting its "products" through the post office? ah begorrah, it is! http://www2.postoffice.co.uk/finance/savings-investments/faqs-deposit-protection-schemes still i'm sure there is absolutely nothing to worry about...
  19. **snigger** - this site has long been a parody of itself. all the nosh on the mainboard and yet a post pointing out a not insignificant milestone is shunted off ASAP. $1430+ - that's a record isn't it? where is RB - still becoming "bearish on gold is he"? what a twunt
  20. yes - when i got that i thought "that's from sarnia/c i silver and is therefore bound to be poor value"... ...and it looks as if i was right. honestly i think they've lost the plot - since the "old <£18 avoid the VAT scam" has negated their market i think they are a bit pointless now. i haven't used them for ages. still - it was great while it lasted...
  21. fat chance westerners need their shiny electronic gizmos and cheap tat else life is not worth living, godammit also, wither the CPI (China Prices Index) if such an event would occur? can't have any pressure on inflation can we, not as the BoE are doing such a good job
  22. channel islands? i used to buy silver in bulk from here http://www.store.firstmajestic.com/ last lot i got was about $19/oz. how times have changed! yes you do pay VAT to the carrier but they when they started they were very slow in updating prices. personally i have enough silver now and only buy smaller coins for SHTF purposes - i've realised that even an ounce isn't particularly divisible. there is always goldmoney.com unless i'm missing something if you've not paid VAT in the first place, how could you reasonably expect to claim it back?
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