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  1. Weston Favell Centre can't be part converted to housing as unlike, say, Fosse Park it is entirely indoor and effectively one building. It has a lack of quality, both in its stores and its customers. Very few big spenders frequent here now. Back in the 80's/90's it was a lot busier, however now the footfall seems to be shod in trainers or the latest chav craze. We used to visit WF from the other side of town, but now prefer to travel further afield to MK to spend our time and money. Northampton town centre is no better than WF, as I am sure many of its residents would agree.
  2. Happiness is not to just do with material possessions, a healthy mind is everything. The more you have the more you have to worry about. I'm like this, when I was younger I never thought about whether I was happy or not, I was too busy just getting on with life.. I felt good about myself because in my mind I felt worthy and enjoyed my job and my life. However work stress put paid to all that. Despite seemingly 'having it all '-home owner, happy marriage, kids, secure job, good physical health, I became consumed by anxiety and depression and am still gripped, 11 years later. I'm fighting it though. A good night's sleep is great for my mood. I appreciate that those who strive to find a property to own must be so frustrated, I would never have been able to buy my house at today's ridiculous prices/valuations. It's not my fault I'm a baby boomer, but I can empathise with the younger generation being angry at us. At least I've been in a position to help my daughters onto the property ladder, and helped pay off their debts.
  3. I have no debt, no mortgage (paid off). I have a credit card which I have had for over 15 years and pay off in full by DD every month. I wanted a Virgin mobile phone, and applied in the Virgin Megastore, about 4 years ago. They did a credit check and refused me. :angry: I was quite offended! However my wife was with me so she applied for me and was accepted. So I got my mobile phone. Trouble is, it's in her name and whenever I contact Virgin mobile with a query they won't speak to me....they will only speak to her! I've asked them to transfer it into my name as I am the only user, but they say they can't. Bloody frustrating when she's not around to tell them that yes, she will let me talk to them on her behalf on my phone.
  4. Yes, I agree Count, I certainly get the impression that a number of NN houses are aimed at those fleeing London and the SE. The county has been marketing itself to such people (eg The ludicrous 'Londonshire' campaign) and due to its location and much lower house prices it certainly is an option for those looking to relocate. Northants doesn't suit everyone of course, but I know of two ex colleagues, who are looking to sell up (one west of London, one North Kent). They take the view that life's pretty much the same whatever urban area you live in, and a move to NN would be affordable and allows them to remain within striking distance of where they left. One is going to look closely at South Northants (Towcester, attractive they say due to its proximity to MK whilst retaining a rural character-they are a retired couple), the other likes Duston with is mix of old and new properties.Okay the town centre is not pleasant, but most town centres are rubbish nowdays. I get the feeling that the new Upton development was almost entirely aimed at out-of towners. The prices were out of the range of locals, though ironically there's now a number of them there due to unsold dwellings being taken over by social housing.
  5. I must admit I do find the Billing Road house very impressive. Agreed it's a bit overpriced for the area, but it'll be bought by someone very soon I reckon. Maybe someone moving up here from the south-east, where a house like that would be a lot more expensive.40 photos a bit excessive?
  6. How can this be a true comparison if rental is based against an 'interest only' mortgage payment? The buyer still has to repay the loan eventually! I repaid mine through an endowment policy, I doubt whether many will do so in the future.
  7. You cannot draw a private or company pension at 45. The earliest age you may do so is 55. Up to a couple of years ago you could take it at 50. Maybe 60 soon???
  8. I agree. I retired at 55, after redundancy, and took my company pension, albeit somewhat discounted. At the time I thought that getting a job at 55 would be near impossible, so the pension would be my main/only income. I've been drawing it for over 5 years, £15.7k pa, so not too bad. AFAIK if you are in receipt of a pension and the pension scheme goes bust, you will continue to get 90%; if not yet drawing this reduces to 75% (can anyone confirm these figures please). A bird in the hand etc..... OK so the pension would have been higher if I'd waited another 5 years, but then I would have 5 years less to draw it! In terms of amount received during the rest of my life I reckon it would work out about the same. Health wise I am fitter, physically and psychologically due to packing in the rat race at 55. I worry for my 2 daughters who will probably have to work til their mid 70's before they could even consider retirement. I managed to find a little part time job that brings in about 5k. Pays for holidays etc., and gets me out of the house. I could have become a burglar-that would get me INTO the house.
  9. They say the camera doesn't lie, but whenever I've seen Northampton on a property programme, as this morning on To Buy or Not to Buy, the town centre looks vibrant, clean, and rather attractive. The directors have a way of setting up camera angles to focus on attractive buildings and shoot rapidly, which gives an impression of a bustling town. However, last week on local BBC news they ran a feature about Village People look -a -likes, and filmed in Abington Street. The place looked embarassingly dead, and as for the people they filmed doing 'YMCA', well........
  10. I imagine jobs in further education will be ok. Many unemployed will enrol on college courses to learn new skills etc. Police. Establishment of forces will have to rise to control possible unrest.
  11. LOVEFILM has taken a large slice of the DVD rental market. It's cheap, easy and no late fees. I've been with them for 3 years and am overall quite satisfied with the service. Only had two incorrect discs sent to me, and a couple have been faulty. The Bluray hire charge is no dearer than DVD either.
  12. Is this one of those newish houses next to The Wharf Inn? If so it's a lovely spot in the summer, and I imagine, all year round. Happy New Year everyone!
  13. To be fair IKEA was turned down by South Northants, however they were strongly supported in the decision by NBC.
  14. Anyone looking to move to Northampton should check out whether you're viewing in Northampton Borough or not. Wootton and Grange Park come under South Northants, and much of the Western Region comes under Daventry District. Northampton Borough Council have recently announced that it will not allow any retail development outside of the town centre before 2026!!! What a bunch of ******* NBC is. I've lived here for 23 years and every new idea to improve the town seems to get turned down or moves at a snail's pace. :angry: :angry: :angry:
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