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  1. Surely as long as house prices are deflating the STR fund is good, no matter what else is happening eg fuel price? House prices arent going to hyperinflate anytime soon!
  2. Is the NS&I guarantee basically the same as this?
  3. Churchills closed their branch where i live this week- in town on central line 15 mins from liverpool street- apparently they also closed another 4 locally. Another sole local estate agent beside them has also closed having been in operation for nearly 100 years.
  4. I noticed yesterday, all local Churchill properties were reset on propertybee- all appeared to have suddenly come on the market that day.
  5. Sounds good! Remember that the 70% legally has to go into patient care and not the doctors salary- also remember there have been 3 years of 0% pay rise while all the staff members they have+pay for(incl practice manager/nurses/receptionists) have gone up at least 2.5% each year. Well paid like comparable partnerships in other professions such as solicitors/lawyers etc but not as lucrative as it sounds.
  6. Yep this area is dropping fast- have been monitoring it via property bee, particularly Wanstead. Had thought Wanstead would be less hit but barely anything is selling, and seeing 5-10% drops every day on various 3-5 bedroom houses. This is on excellent streets 10 mins walk to central line and a nice high street.
  7. The vast majoruty of GP's get paid between 60-120k depending on wether they are selfemployed partners in the business(yes GP's do run their own business as well as do medical work) or employed,salaried GP's.
  8. thanks for the advice Captain Coma! apologies as ive messed this thread up a bit for the original poster.
  9. exact figures work out we'd have 20% equity intially-(on top of that offer accepted 5% below asking price one month ago)- unusual position in that we are lucky enough to know we will be able to afford the payments long term(very secure job in medicine) and no intetntions of moving till retire in 20 years. Perfect house, perfect location, 1 year to find it. Does make the decision more difficult, despite all the facts and logical arguments on this great forum.
  10. We had our house on the market in oct 07- 250 for 3 bedroom, north essex. Originally had a lot of interest from those wishing to move to this area etc- original offer was 247k but she pulled out at Xmas as no interest in her own house, so couldnt sell. Put back on the market 2 weeks ago and had 5 viewings ALL from first time buyers only- we had dropped price to 240 and recevid offer for 237 and we have accepted it. Early days of course but certainly first time buyers are out in force. They also told me most people were pulling houses off the market as offers too low. Now the big question for us....do we go ahead with the 600k purchase(500k mortgage) in the very popular commuting location 30 mins on the tube from eg Oxford circus. House is great condition, big Victorian terrace 3 mins walk from the tube station. Changing our minds(and reading this forum) every single day! We are desparate to move to this area for many reasons and it took us a year to find this house which is perfect for us long term.
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