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  1. I am not saying you are, but as the debut range are cheaper houses then the rent would be cheap too, which would attract these kinds of people, so they would have more money to spend on drugs! lol..
  2. I think its a good thing they cannot be let out, as like people have said, they would be full of druggies and chavs! So its fine with me!
  3. Your not allowed to BTL the debut range, and your not allowed to buy one if you already own your own property, so most people living in them, are good hard working people who dont want to live off benefits, and want to pay their own way in life.
  4. Who is paying 95k for these, thats the point I am making, most single people at a young age cannot afford a mortgage for 95k, as far as i know the debut range starts at around 49k, what else can you get for that sort of money? And i agree with what you are all saying, I think most of the debut houses are too small for a couple, but they are not aimed at couples, couples have two incomes, so therefore probably would'nt need the debut range, they are aimed at young single people who want to lead an independant life, and own their own property.
  5. Southsea, what the hell are you on about? dont tell me - you are another person that doesnt actually own their own property, but just like to take the mickey out of other people houses??
  6. And you say people on here are not taking the p**s,?? Bloo Loo, you sound like a very sad person indeed!!
  7. Yes there are still people buying them, infact there are more people who want them than the amount of houses being built. So in reality i could sell, and then rent with the profit in my pocket, could i not? I didnt come on this site to say I have made more money than anyone else, as i really dont care! I have no intention of selling, it just pees me off when i come across a forum and people are taking the p**s out of something they have only seen on youtube.com, some people are proud that they own their own home, even if it is only a debut.
  8. Of course your entitled to YOUR opinion, but since I have purchased my D3 the price has increased on other D3 being built by over £15k, of course there is always a right time to buy and sell, but in the last year I have made £15k profit whilst living in my so called 'shoebox'! Can you honestly say you have saved more than that because you decided to rent a property? Maybe you have, if so good for you. I am not saying you have made a wrong or right choice, but at the moment people ARE still paying high prices for houses, so people WILL continue to sell them for high prices, so maybe you might not think a property is worth x amount of £'s, but there is usually someone who does and IS willing to pay the price.
  9. I totally agree with you. But when this thread was started in 2005 people were posting saying that in two years the debut houses wont be worth 10k, well its now 2008, three years after those posts in 2005, and as I am sure you are all aware the debut houses are not worth 10k at this moment in time. So why will they be unsaleable in a years time from now?? Like I say I do agree that house prices are totally over priced, but what can you do? As I dont think they will go down in value, we have no choice but to jump on the ladder.
  10. I really wouldnt mind if mine was worth £150k in 10 years, as then I can sell it, then join all you guys and rent a place, but with the extra dosh I made on my Debut I will be the only one who has an Aston Martin on the drive of my rented house! lol..
  11. Of course I am happy, before I lived here I was renting a 230k two bed flat in a very posh area, I can honestly say I am more than happy, as this is mine and I am not lining someone elses pocket. I cannot comment on the D1 as I have never been inside one, my friend has bought one but it is not built yet, but in a few months he will have his own flat and he only paid approx £50k for it, his mortgage is around £240 per month, you couldnt rent anything for that now could you? be honest.
  12. Exactly my friend, your just renting, being sensible answer me this, Where is all your money going?...Answer - Into you landlords pocket - Now thats Sensible!!!
  13. They are not the biggest I know, but people are getting the chance to be independant because of the debut range, where I live I would have to spend at least another 30k just to get an average sized house in a dodgey area! I suppose all of you guys live in six bedroom mansions in Windsor do you??
  14. Well I have a Debut 3, which is two floors with one bedroom, It might not be the biggest house in the world, but for people like me who want to buy a house on their own at a young age, it is a good way to get on the ladder, and still have money to have a life too. The point I was trying to make is why laugh at people who cant afford to have a 100k mortgage on their own?
  15. All the debut homes won awards in 2007, just goes to show that virtually none of you knew what you were talking about! I assume most of the people who posted in this thread are too good for affordable housing, especially the debut range! Am I correct ............YES!!! or at least you think you are anyway!
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