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  1. I think you'll find that most people on here - other than, perhaps, people who joined yesterday - have always known this. It's not news. It's so obvious that a person would need to be a complete and utter nincompoop not to have realised it. So, what's your point? A clue, perhaps is your little dig at the government - "Don't be fooled by govt figures" - which has just a hint of a suggestion that the government is trying to tell us that the drop in prices is a lot less than the headlines suggest. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence would know, of course, that the 'govt' has no influence, wh
  2. Pretty picture, Anothershite, but if you look very, very carefully you'll find that they're not real people - just drawings. Real life is not the same as cartoons. p
  3. You're obviously under the mistaken impression that your MP is answerable to you. Live and learn! p
  4. "BrokenBritain.org" ! Now, I wonder who's behind this organisation? You'll fit in nicely on this forum, James. I can see you have a great future on here. p
  5. I've got a lot of sympathy for your views, Bearballs. But, if a bank wants the benefit of having their lending secured, I think it's only right that the borrower should then have the benefit of the secured rate of interest, right back to when the contract was entered into. The borrowing should be either considered one or the other -not 'secured' when it comes to collateral but 'unsecured' when it comes to price. The effect of recalculating the interest right back to the start, of course, would in most cases wipe out the debt because much of it would have been made up of interest. p
  6. But, it'll be a loss to the Labour Party. I hope he stays. Although, I don't think he'll last the week out, I'm afraid. Shame. p
  7. Quite simply, BB, by post the following idiotic comment : "A man turned up on our doorstep two days ago to check that the electoral register was correct and that all living here are included, the same thing happened last year when Brown was planning an election. Coincidence?" You imply by your 'Coincidence?' question that because 'a man' allegedly called on your doorstep that the Prime Minister must be planning to call a General Election! Now, if you can't see that you look a fool, I can't help you any further. p
  8. Stop being a little crosspatch, BB. You made a mistake and made a fool of yourself. Get over it. p
  9. Which part of your nine paragraph paste do you find hilarious? And, is 'he' loosening it or losing it? I don't think he can be loosing it. When you're taking the p|ss, it's always best not to look an idiot. p
  10. Coincidence? Of course not! Gordon Brown personally ordered 'man' to turn up on your doorstep to check the same thing as he ('man') had checked last year. Gordon Brown has asked a man in each and every part of the country to knock on doors to do the same thing. It's obviously a conspiracy. Cretin! p
  11. Congratulations on your exceptionally good English. You are to be congratulated. p
  12. Thank you for passing on this important information so promptly. The goings on in a car showroom in Swansea is something that is constantly at the front of all our minds. p
  13. Where have you been? It's been in all the media for ages. "OMG, OMG, OMG, ARMAGEDDON IS ON AGAIN" SQUEALS GRUFFY BOY IN DELIGHT, WETTING HIMSELF WITH JOY. p
  14. Did you mean to say "Big Day Of Losses On The Markets I Hope" ? Just wondered. (BTW, if you really can foresee what the market is going to do, then you should be able to make a fortune.) p
  15. ".....Suddenly dawned on you that McBroon may well be voted back into power in a few months' time!" A "few months' time" isn't quite a 'snap election', Bert, is it? p
  16. Then, if you were him, you'd call a snap election, wouldn't you? p
  17. Yes! By Xmas 2024! By then your Eton Schoolboys will be out of short trousers! Stupid novices! p
  18. Don't panic! It's just another Standard invention, ffs! Soon, they'll re-start the 'he's bottled it again' attack - it's worked before, so they'll try it again. This shows that they and their Tory paymasters are scared sh|tless at Browns success. They had to do something drastic and this it. p
  19. Told you the man was a genius! Did you listen? Did you buggery! Nobel Prize for Economics coming up next year, I reckon. Just before the General Election! p
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