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  1. Because it disadvantages customers in the short term and our employers/investors/employees in the medium term. Prime example - British motor-bike industry. "What motor-bike industry?" you say. Exactly my point! p
  2. In any crisis, it doesn't take long for protectionism to raise its ugly head. p
  3. If it hasn't been convenient/viable/possible to do this over the last 88 years, what's suddenly changed to make it so? The fact that something was proposed a very long time ago doesn't make something right. And where are you going to get the horses from? p
  4. What the hell would he know, aye, RB? He's only a soddin' Nobel prize-winning economist FFS! p
  5. Do you really think that just because you've sent a bad-tempered email to the head of this department she's going to drop everything just to sort out your minuscule little problem? You moan about the fact that it could take 6 weeks to pay out and that they haven't decided, yet, how they're going to do it! Perhaps you should thank your lucky stars that the rest of us, via the government, are prepared to take on this liability - there's neither a legal nor moral obligation for us to do so. So, get off your high horse and show us some gratitude. Presumably this Ms Minghella is pretty highly p
  6. Why don't people leave George Osborne alone - he's doing really well! He's a great asset to the party. p
  7. It's a thing you get from B&Q to screw to the inside of your front door if you're going to have a party. p
  8. No, just 160 seats more than the nearest other party - The Tories! Could really have gone the other way, so close! Just a fag paper between them! p
  9. I've no problem with speaking Welsh nor the speaking of Welsh but I object to claims that 'Wales has it's own language' in the overall erroneous claim that it is, somehow, a nation. To say the least, it's an exaggeration. As to the language that sheep speak these days, I'm afraid I'll have to bow to your greater knowledge on that point. Baaaaaaaaaah! p
  10. No, no and no. Wales has never been a nation, is not one now and is unlikely ever to be one in the future. Wales has two main languages - one used and understood by 100% of the population and a second understood and used fluently by about 10%. It has no parliament. It has an assembly with powers just above that of a Parish Council - and that's more than they should have. The sooner we all return to the historic nation of England & Wales, the better for everyone. p
  11. That's what comes from bringing those idiot Welsh Nationalists into the, so called, 'government. p
  12. I don't understand either of your comments. Care to elaborate? p
  13. The whole point, surely, is that the lenders are within the law! As a saver (and, by the way, there are 5 savers for every 1 borrower) I want the bank that I have my hard-earned money with to act swiftly and decisively to recover their/my money from recalcitrant borrowers. Nothing is usually achieved by delay - in fact, in a dropping market, matters just get worse by holding back. If I find that the bank I have my savings with is slow in collecting it's bad debts, I'll move my money elsewhere - I'd be daft not to. 'Non performing' loans are no good to man or beast. p
  14. Funny? Fecking hilarious, if you ask me! p
  15. You sound pretty desperate, Anothershite! You want us to believe that 'a lot of people' who were not 'part of any political party' got together to conspire to arrange this result by 'advocating' (?) voting Labour! Really! Try again, Anothershite. I don't think anyone believes your [email protected] theory. p
  16. That old myth! We in London and the SE have always drained money from the provinces. Let me give you some details of London based jobs which are funded by the whole country: Central government. Royal family with all its hangers-on. Head offices of banks, insurance companies etc.etc. - all paying over-the -odds salaries which could be much lower if they weren't crowded into the SE corner anthill. Army bases! They keep army bases here in Central London! What for? The 'media' - even with today's IT and modern communications they insist on keeping all the highest paid jobs in London! Why
  17. Then I'll send the billions round pronto! Can't let you go without your personal tube station! How much more subsidies do Londoners want ffs? p
  18. Which local authorities? Some evidence would be helpful - if such exists. Probably just Dailymailshire? p
  19. Then, put up the fares, Buffoon! Kill two birds with one stone! Increase income and reduce the likelihood of the tube "buckling under the pressure". Or, is that a little complicated for you, Buffoon Boris? p
  20. You reckon! They'd have paid wages/salaries? What with? No working bank account so no cash or transfers! They'd have accepted credit card payments? Oh, no! The machines won't work! They'd keep getting their raw materials/stock? Oops! No to that too because people don't supply goods when they know they're not going to get paid. They'd keep supplying their customers? No, they wouldn't because they'd have no way of getting paid! 'Continued as normal', aye? No materials in, no staff prepared to work for nothing, no way of getting paid by their customers and no alternatives offered as
  21. I always thought you were an 'Investment Banker', Anothershite. I wonder why that was? p
  22. I think you'll find that Guido will come a cropper in the coming week! p
  23. Then I think you'll find it under "Very Long And Numerous Posts About Soldiers Forum". This one is called "House Price Crash Forum". How much clearer do you want it? p
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