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  1. Just at the same time as the leaders of all the other countries did the same? Some coincidence, don't you think? (No you don't.) p
  2. You're saying that world reduction in cancer deaths is down to Gordon Brown? Looks as if that's what you're claiming. p
  3. And the South East Asian tsunami? Gordon Brown's fault, I assume! And the war in the DR of Congo? Gordon Brown, again! And next door's cat being run over by a hit-and run merchant? So, that was Gordon Brown's fault too, I imagine! Sure. p
  4. So, that's the explanation! Now I understand! p
  5. Then that makes just you and me, CockRobin, on this board who believes that! Welcome aboard! My question wasn't whether GB was responsible for the UK's problems but why almost all the other countries in the world just happened to suffer the same problems at exactly the same time as us, even though he wasn't running their economies. What's your explanation for that, DR? Take your time. p
  6. I'd love to know what your sentence/paragraph means! I'm sure it's really interesting! p
  7. Thank you for being honest about it! Lots of people on here would like to think that too, but they're desperately trying to find some evidence to back up their charge. Unless they've got some other reason why they can't explain this incredible coincidence. p
  8. Someone like David Cameron or George Osborne, d'you mean? p
  9. This accusation that Gordon Brown caused all our problems doesn't hold water, does it? (I bet you're surprised to hear me say that. ) If it's all down to his management / mismanagement of the economy, how come that it just happens that, when the sh|t hits the fan in this country, it hits it in almost every other developed economy! Don't people find that strange? When Gordon Brown's British bust/recession/depression arrives, it also arrives in the US, Japan, Germany, China etc.etc. What a fantastic coincidence! Can someone explain that to me? p
  10. What's unbelievable about it? You couldn't have been taking notice when I told you a few weeks ago how to spot when an opposition party is likely to take over at a general election. Firstly, the party in opposition has to get to the high 40's in the polls by mid-term and hold onto those figures for months on end. Secondly, as election date gets nearer, that lead will drop back quite a bit - the 'better the devil you know' effect - but still leaves the opposition in a strong enough position to win a working majority. Thirdly, they must look like an alternative government. Fourthly, they
  11. Did Ken Clark mention the advantages of joining the Euro? When he becomes Shadow Chancellor, he's going to have to say something on the subject. What a load of clowns? For example: "Pound is tanking" - Tories say "Let's celebrate and make political capital from it". "Tragic murder of small child" - Tories say "Let's celebrate and make political capital from it". Sad and pathetic. p
  12. Now, what do those words remind me of? Oh, yes! David Cameron standing behind his incompetent master on Black Weds/Thurs/ Fri or whatever day it was. He won't live that down. Incompetent party; incompetent bag-carrier. He hasn't changed. (By the way, why is DC not showing support for his idiot Shadow Chancellor? I hope - really, really, hope - he doesn't sack him. The public needs to see George Osborne as the personification of the total unpreparedness of Cameron's Tories for any political responsibility.) p
  13. And thank you, SOTT, for contributing to mine! p
  14. If you mean do I suffer fools gladly, you're dead right I don't, BB. You should know. p
  15. At this rate, we'll soon be back down to pre-1997 levels! The shame of it! p
  16. Then you won't find many posts left on here, will you! Where the hell d'you think all these Looney Right anti-Labour posts are coming from? Individual, unbiased posters! p
  17. Thank you, CL. Much appreciated. Glad to see that the forum hasn't been totally taken over by the "NuLiebor is nose-picking Brown's evil party, Innit!" crowd. Perhaps one of these days the puerile moron who designated me 'Political Troll' will be man/woman enough to reverse it. I'm not holding my breath, though. p
  18. Really? Well, you could have fooled me! So, how the hell have they slaughtered the Tory Party at each of the last three General Elections? (And, look likely to scrape through next time against a load of idiots.) Where did the money come from? Who pounded the streets? p
  19. So, you want me to arrange for my goods to be picked up from the factory by lorry, taken to the rail depot and unloaded, then loaded onto a train that'll stop at the canal/rail distribution depot and unloaded, then loaded onto a canal boat that'll take it to another canal/rail distribution depot and unloaded, then loaded onto a train that'll take it to the rail depot and unloaded, then loaded onto a lorry and taken to my customer's premises and unloaded? Why can't I just put it on a lorry and go direct to my customer's premises? Why aren't you buying the rights to this great treasure inste
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