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  1. I have to admit to being a little biased because I was one of those people who did very well - thanks very much - out of having an endowment mortgage. As expected, it produced more profits than originally calculated. That's the way things worked in those days. As to the miss-sellers, their sins are obvious now, with hindsight. If only they'd finished their sales talk with something like: "... and, there again, if your policy does not do as well as previous ones have done you could be left with a shortfall - possibly an enormous one. Do you understand the implications? Does that nod mean
  2. Driving past the SA1 develpoment at the weekend, all I could see from the dual-carriageway was some steel framing, lots of scaffolding and surroundings similar to a bombsite. "My God!", I thought, "Goering's mob have come back to finish the job in Swansea after 60 years!" Why would anyone want to live in such a place? In any case, shouldn't this area be known as Lower Hafod? (For those of you unlucky enough not to know Swansea, Hafod is not in the 'most desirable part of the city' as our friends the EA's would say.) pat
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