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  1. Would you really? What, just for me? Oh - go on then! p
  2. Some common sense at last. (Clue for the conspiracy theorists : Today was Sir Ian Blair's last day at work. The idiot Shadow Minister wasn't a pal of Buffoon Boris's by any chance? This gets funnier and funnier! ) p
  3. Sht, Fancy Dave Boy Cameron mixing with criminals like this. It's disgusting. I trust he'll resign because of this. (Cameron, that is.) Not really - the Eton Boys have got 'Losers' written all over them - lets hope they stay. p
  4. Only for the Tories and their fellow travellers, the BNP and UKIP. For everyone else, migration is normal, as it has been for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. p
  5. How about waiting till we see what he's charged with? It shouldn't take long. p
  6. They may do but, more importantly, we via our elected representatives believe that banks cannot be allowed to crash like a line of dominoes - the result would be just catastrophic. (I believe I'm right in thinking that it's the view of most governments in the world.) Don't forget, the banks haven't been 'given' anything at all. They've been lent money on commercial rates against assets that have had a good haircut and the government is buying new preference shares paying a fixed dividend of something like 12%. The banks could not stand up on their own so the government has 'invested' in th
  7. Probably not, because they're not answerable to 'the public' (whatever that means) but to their shareholders. p
  8. Simple answer: The Tories' record for extreme economic incompetence is so obvious that there cannot be a greater need for the rest of the country but to ensure, by almost any means, that they do not get their hands on the levers of power for as long as possible. If you think that the economic outlook is serious now, you should open your eyes and check what economic chaos under the Thatcher/Major governments was like. Have a look at the figures for inflation, unemployment, factory closures, days lost through strikes, interest rates, repossessions, homelessness (for whole families) and on, an
  9. Mortgages are getting cheaper, not more expensive. So is fuel and food and it's expected that we'll be in 'negative' inflation territory very soon. Why don't we cancel taxes altogether for these irreplaceable brain drain candidates? If there are so many of them and they're so important to us, perhaps we should pay them to stay? Unless, of course, they like living and working here and aren't over-bothered by the proposed minuscule increase in their income tax. Perhaps the majority of them are not selfish, self-centred, individuals? p
  10. What utter drivel! Individuals (not families) who earn over £150k are not wealthy? Of course they are wealthy. To suggest that those on more than £150k are just scraping by is a laugh - come to think of it, perhaps that was your idea. I wouldn't worry about 'the shockingly high inflation' if I were you - just look back at the inflation figures over recent decades under different governments and then look forward to next year's negative inflation. Do you seriously expect me to worry about some poor blighter earning above £150k being 'hopping mad'? Sure. p
  11. There will be an impact, though, on Joe Public when he/she asks "Which party at the election wants to take just a tiny bit more from very rich people and which party wants them to keep their riches?" The Tories can say we oppose the 45% rate for the £150k people and appear the same old party of the rich and look stupid, or The Tories can say we agree with the 45% rate for the £150k people and confirm their flipflopiness and look stupid. The whole thing is a simple Cameron's Tory trap - nothing at all to do with economics. Another absolutely brilliant move, don't you think? p
  12. So, you'd prefer interest rate decisions to be made by the Chancellor? p
  13. What a good thing she's only an adornment and totally powerless. I wonder who wrote out that question for her? She doesn't have the constitutional authority to offer an opinion other than through her ministers. Charlie Boy will learn pretty quickly when/if his turn comes. p
  14. No idea. Ask the BoE committee, the independent organisation set up by Labour supported (eventually) by the Tories specifically to keep politics out of this area. (Personally, it would have suited me a lot better if they'd been much higher, but then I'm biased like most people on here as we want other people to have trouble buying houses but not us.) p
  15. Of course not - "It really started in Coventry." Gordon Brown's fault. "It's just a British problem - no other country involved." Gordon Brown's fault. "Proud of the recklessness and irresponsibility of the lenders." Gordon Brown's fault. (Thought I'd save the right wing nutters' time by posting the 'truth' about this solely British, Gordon Brown encouraged, credit crunch.) p
  16. Still haven't managed to buy a cheap holiday home in Pembrokeshire, Gruffy Boy? Short of the readies so trying another tactic? Like spreading rumours that the Welsh are burning holiday homes again so the market will drop to your meagre levels? When you do manage to buy your second home, (If you ever manage to scrape the money together) I hope the Preseli Boys, after a few pints at Tafarn Shinc, will come down and torch your expensive hovel to the ground. It's what your tactics could lead to, and serve you right. Nothing personal, d'you understand. Have a nice day. p
  17. Too late, Socialhacker. Gordon Brown's already said he shouldn't have said that boom and bust had ended. So that's the end of that. p
  18. From what I've read here, it doesn't look alphabetical. As to Labour marginals, I've no idea. You'll have to ask someone with closer ties to the gov't to tell you that. Nice idea, though! p
  19. Arrived in my linked account a couple of days ago. Took the suggested four/five business days to arrive. All very efficient. p
  20. Sorry to disappoint you, MRMX9, but it doesn't. Those figures would just about put Labour back into power with a tiny majority with the Lib Dems almost wiped out at, something like, 10-15 seats. If the day ever comes that Labour badly need Lib Dem help, then they only have to promise PR and they'll come running - especially if they've just suffered a bad election result under FPTP. The Tories will never offer them that one key bait. p
  21. Are you suggesting that if another party had been in power over recent years then the UK economy would have been in perfect health,even though all the other developed ones were not? And who, may I ask, would have been the brilliant politician who would have managed that? Using which policies? It looks as if your main argument is that Gordon Brown's management of the economy was as bad as all the other useless finance ministers in the world. Another view is that it was just as good as everyone else's. Their economies are down the pan and so is ours. Take your pick. p
  22. Forgot to mention - these figures would result in only a tiny Labour overall majority. That should make you feel better. p
  23. That's OK, then. And Gordon Brown ruined the economy of the UK and all the rest of the world as well. p
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