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  1. "The Met said some counter-terrorism officers were involved in the arrest because they were the most "appropriate" to carry out such an operation. " Once you understand that very carefully constructed sentence, everything else falls into place. It's all very sad. p
  2. You've all missed the obvious, haven't you? "The Met said some counter-terrorism officers were involved in the arrest because they were the most "appropriate" to carry out such an operation. " Now, what d'you think that means? It couldn't be made much clearer for you, could it: "... counter-terrorism officers ... were the most "appropriate" to carry out such an operation." p
  3. I think I understand you, Methinkshe: Tony Benn says something today that supports the Tory line - he's a Good Man. Frank Field almost always says things that support the Tory line - he's a Good Man. Shaun Woodward crosses the floor and supports Labour - he's a Bad Man. "I am not fixated on party politics"! Of course you're not, Methinkshe! No-one could possibly say otherwise, could they? p
  4. Yes, but they're talking about residential dropping 50%. Are there many people/companies out there who have a sufficiently large interest to warrant 'punts' that cause these sorts of figures? (I was getting quite excited with these numbers - I think I trust them more than the VI ones we're normally fed. Even if they're half right, they're pretty good for us lot.) p
  5. Good morning, AJ. Glad you missed me. Looks as if you're on the way to power. Congratulations! p
  6. No, not especially so. You seem to admire him, though. How far left are you? p
  7. So, are you saying that 'the government' ordered/encouraged Sir Ian Blair to carry out this political arrest? p
  8. So the Metropolitan Police, led by Buffoon Boris, is already acting politically. Do you blame Boris? If not, who at the Met do you hold responsible? (There isn't, as you know, any management line between government and the Metropolitan Police.) p
  9. Presumably, your comment is based on a personal view and not a scientific survey. If not, how big was your survey? p
  10. The polls suggest otherwise, Tinker. History shows that opposition parties having just single figure (and dropping) leads in polls 12/18 months out from a General Election fail to win. Don't blame me - I'm just the messenger. p
  11. You've just signed your own troll warrant. People with extreme views such as yours are gagged by being given the 'POLITICAL TROLL' badge and your facilities will be limited. The intention, of course, is to shut you up and hope that you'll go away leaving the forum totally a mouthpiece of Tory Central Office. p
  12. Is that before Green goes to gaol or after? p
  13. Had no idea! Osborne's family’s live in a multi-million pound mansion in Notting Hill and his parents are Sir Peter and Lady Felicity Osborne! Did you all know that? Why didn't you tell me? I'll definitely vote for him now. "Lady Felicity" ! You couldn't make it up, could you? p
  14. Osborne suspended! Drugs again! Osborne suspended. p
  15. Which aspect of the anti-terror legislation has been (mis)applied? I haven't been taking much notice. I wouldn't have thought that anti-terror legislation would be involved at all, would you? Unless there's a terrorist side to the whole issue and we haven't been told yet. p
  16. Who says it was ANTI TERROR police? Even if they were, so what? Perhaps there was no terror going on yesterday morning - it was Thursday, after all - always a bit quiet on the terror front. Just because the copper who stopped me for speeding had once been in a murder hunt doesn't mean that there should be a headline "SPEEDING MOTORISTS STOPPED BY MURDER SQUAD!", does it? Police officers don't have labels on them saying things like "Only to be used for vice investigations" or "Specially trained to find rabbit poachers - no other uses". Cool down - you're getting carried away in your shame
  17. Or, of course, the little sod is guilty of breaking the law (not a New Labour law, by the way) and of encouraging another person to break the law and of lining his pockets in the process. Has anyone heard Cameron supporting his criminal friend this morning, by the way? I haven't. p
  18. Oh! Lets think really hard about this! Why do the police usually arrest people? 1. Because they've got nothing else to do that day? 2. Because they think someone is not guilty of something? 3. Because they think someone is guilty of something and they want to collect the last bits of evidence before throwing the book at the 'orrible little crook? Which do you think is nearest the truth in this case, Biffo? p
  19. No. They have lots to spare. And, in any case, Cameron couldn't organise a p|ss-up in a brewery. p
  20. The man's guilty as hell, mark my words. Anyone who omits to mention on their website that they were born in Barry is a bounder. No doubt about it. What Tory wouldn't be proud of such a start in life? p
  21. Quite right, Biffo. People, up and down the country, are arrested and held for nine hours and have their homes and offices searched by police every day of the year. It's happened to each and every one of us, Biffo, has it not? There's nothing to it, at all. Run of the mill. MP's are arrested all the time for no reason, whatsoever, and that's what's happened in this case. We should read nothing into it. The suggestion that someone has paid someone else to steal things and then sold those things at a fat profit to someone else - like, for example, the newspapers - is neither here nor ther
  22. My point isn't that they've been to Eton; it's that they act like 40-year-old schoolboys. They're inexperienced, lightweight, frivolous, self-centred, in-bred, puerile little pr|cks, that's all. Now, it seems, they fail to support the police in their duties and accuse them of political acts! The man has paid someone to sell state secrets, ffs! Next, the Tories will say it's perfectly OK for Tory shadow ministers to tell the Russians all out military secrets, I suppose? Whatever next? How low has the Tory Party reached? On topic: At least there'll be another house for sale in Kent when
  23. Were you embarrassed by having your name and address published the other day? p
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