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  1. I see that the Tory Central Office meeting is over and the posting troops are back on here, saying nothing about the subject. Interesting! Is the big announcement going to be today, then? p
  2. Absolutely true about the Tories. They've swamped this forum for years. This morning, though, they're totally silent because a big decision has to be made before they start their work. p
  3. Come on, Tory Central Office, your team of posters is a bit slow this morning. 'Morning prayers' taking a bit longer than normal, aye? Can't decide whether to continue the 'attack is the best form of defence' tactic or to throw him to the wolves? p
  4. Have you noticed how more and more confident government ministers are getting about the whole thing? They're offering the usual comments of regret but standing firm and getting firmer. Meanwhile, the Tory bluster has diminished and those in the know are ready to abandon him. p
  5. Nice to see that Nick Robinson reads this board. 'Groomed'. I wonder why the police used that word, 'groomed'? In addition to the word 'induce'. Things are looking more and more serious. Are we in for an early statement to the media at the drive entrance, flanked by members of the close family a la Little Britain, do you think? Sad. p
  6. Just imagine: You're a junior civil servant. You're an active member of one of the main political parties. In the past you've stood, unsuccessfully, for a minor elected office under that party banner. You'd like to work full time for that political party and apply for a job. You are interviewed by a senior member of that political party but you don't get the job, yet. You now return to your civil service job and keep your head down. You start leaking a stream of confidential items to the very same person who interviewed you for the party post and turned you down. Nothing wrong with tha
  7. It's hard to imagine that there wouldn't be a vote. There are lots of people with a great emotional tie to the pound. Hanging on to it would have to be shown to be pretty dire before many people would agree to dump it. p
  8. No, the story is that the Tory Party has arranged for it's offices to be swept for bugs but, as far as I can see, none has been found. So where the hell's the 'Bugging Scandal" ? p
  9. You lot have gone very quiet. What's the matter? Realised what a load of bo||ox you were accusing the government and Scotland Yard of? p
  10. If he was a hero of Iraq and Afghanistan, he should have gone around with a big sign on his head saying so. The police would then have let him do whatever he liked - after all, we can forgive our great squaddies everything, can't we? They can bite policemen, injure people, murder their grannies - basically, we're perfectly happy to let them do whatever they like. They're ex-servicemen, after all, and that means the law doesn't apply to them like it applies to the rest of us, does it. (Now if the problem here is that the police acted outside their powers, the fact that the victim was an ex-
  11. It couldn't be less accurate. Some cretins on here with miniscule amount of power which they would probably never achieve in the real world, think that anyone who does not keep on bleating phrases like "Zanu Liebor" "Herr Broon" etc. etc must me a Political Troll. If they want to carry on suggesting that a Cabinet Minister - A CABINET MINISTER !!! ffs - would be spending his time writing on this obscure forum, then let them. I must admit, though, that they have achieved what they set out to do which was to turn this forum into a branch office of Tory Central Office - or the Daily Fascist -
  12. Well, this article should put paid to the load of bo||ox spouted about the constitutional position of the Met's actions: The Constitution
  13. I've just read this story in the paper and I'm shocked. This mad idea that houses are sold below 'market value' has even seeped into the Land Registry! Surely, they know that when a mortgagee in possession sells a property they have to ensure that they get the best price that can be achieved at the time. IT IS THE MARKET PRICE. Otherwise, mortgagors would be suing the banks wholesale for not achieving the highest offer. I can't believe it. p
  14. Exactly my point, KCI. So why is the Torygraph, of all the rags, burying the story ? SURPRISE, SURPRISE! THE STORY HAS JUST MOVED FROM NUMBER THIRTEEN AND LAST TO ....... GUESS WHERE ...... No 1 !! Well, well! Who'd have thought that little ol' patprimer would have such influence on the mighty Torygraph? I'm impressed. Thanks. p
  15. Easier said than done, I think you'll find. p
  16. The Torygraph has demoted this story to thirteenth, and last, in it's list of the most important UK news items! Telegraph UK News More important are items like the Queen's cost-cutting exercise, Cherie Blair not in Strictly, Chef and Tart etc! Are these stories really more important than this "outrageous attack on democracy", "the end of Parliament as we know it", "Stalinesque police tactics"? So, what's going on here, Torygraph? Some reason why you're burying the story? Let the rest of us know - it's your duty to tell the world because this affair is 'in the public interest', is it no
  17. Interesting views and obviously angry ones. But you're missing one vital piece of information. p
  18. I will, I will! Honest. Just wait and see. ( Don't tell the others, though, they'll think I've gone soft.) p
  19. That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me on here, Paulokes. Thank you. p
  20. So, why haven't you asked yourself what were the special circumstances that made them confident enough to take 'this approach' in respect of Green. Open your eyes. p
  21. Isn't anyone on here going to respond to the Torygraph challenge? All you have to do is answer - " ...why did he not disclose them by publishing them in Parliament, instead of quietly passing them to friendly journalists?" You Tory creeps have gone very quiet. What's your problem? p
  22. The Torygraph is laying the ground for the time it has to wipe it's hands of Cameron and Green. Wise move, Torygraph! "Mr Cameron and Mr Green may yet have questions of their own to answer too. If the disclosure of the documents Mr Green is alleged to have obtained was so clearly in the public interest, why did he not disclose them by publishing them in Parliament, instead of quietly passing them to friendly journalists?" I wonder why? Do you lot wonder why? It's gradually seeping out. It'll all make sense when you see the full story. Meanwhile, the Tories complain too much. They know
  23. I quite understand your disappointment, anger and helplessness in such a situation. In your position I, too, would lash out at all and sundry hoping to steer attention away from the elephant in the room. That is, that one of your MP's is arrested and held for nine hours under such serious circumstances that even the Commons authorities wanted to assist the police by allowing the unprecedented authority to search his office. You must be shattered to be let down so badly. You have my sympathy. p
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