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  1. Surely, you're working for a complete idiot! EVERYBODY, simply EVERYBODY, knows that Gordon Brown, personally, caused the Global downturn in EVERY country in the world! Isn't that what we've been told from a very reliable source! p
  2. Perhaps someone on here who has the relative knowledge could let us know the advantages and disadvantages of a 'strong' or a 'weak' currency. p
  3. Spot on, Geoff! Shameless, they were, those Tories! p
  4. Sorry, Bloodsucker! I missed the announcement that they'd been found guilty! LINK PLEASE. p
  5. SURPRISE! SURPRISE! I'm not allowed to vote on this crucial and scientifically accurate poll! What I can't decide is whether the result will be "The Tories are the greatest and most able people in the world?" Result: "YES, 99.99999999%" "NO, 00.00000001%" or will it be: Result: "YES, 99.99999998%" "NO, 00.00000002%" Oh! It's so difficult to decide! p
  6. What a lovely way with words you have, B! And to think you put them together just for me! Thank you, ever so. Must have picked up the skill from your friend and neighbour, ol' Wm. Cobbett. Still looking for ways to help the rural poor, are we? p
  7. If the Pound is such a problem, decade after decade, is joining the Euro the answer? (That, by the way, is a question, not a suggestion.) p
  8. Cack, If you yawn at the very occasional post that I make on here, then you must be permanently yawning at the practically non-stop and un-challenged spouting of anti - 'Liebor' and pro-Tory cr@p that you read on this board. There again, perhaps you don't. p
  9. Back to the Tory 3-Day Week, d'you mean? How terrible! It's a horrible thought that we could be descending to the level of those terrible Tory years, don't you think? p
  10. Not yet. But, at this rate, we'll be back to the 1980's / 1990's Tory level. Brown paper envelopes filled with cash for questions; Far East multimillionaires buying favours from British Government by contributing to political funds; London Tory mayors indulging in crooked Gerrymandering and being found guilty in court of doing so; Prime Minister's son suddenly becoming a multimillionaire despite that fact that everyone who has ever known him knows he's a cretin and totally incapable of making a living for himself! Come to think of it - no, we're a long way from descending to the level of
  11. I think that you're assuming that the borrowers have just one, combined, form of relationship with both the lenders and the state when, in fact, there are two, very different, ones. Repossession is the result of legal action taken by the lender when the borrower has been unable/unwilling to meet their contractual obligations. The lender cannot take on the responsibilities of the state to adequately house people - that's not their job. The money that's at risk is, largely, not the bank's own funds but that of the bank's savers and if bank's just write off bad debts ('freezing their debt' as
  12. Someone's confused and I've a good idea who it may be. p
  13. Virginia Water to Waterloo usually has plenty of room in 1st Class. I hardly ever have a problem getting a seat. p
  14. Further evidence of the "Pent Up Supply" that estate agents keep talking about. (They do, don't they?) p
  15. You first formed a party and now you're working out what policies to have? You're a very intelligent lot, I imagine. p
  16. Only by about £5 billion a year! What's a billion either way these days, aye? Every train ticket should have the words "SUBSIDIZED BY POORER PEOPLE THAN YOU TO THE TUNE OF £ XX YOU UNGRATEFUL SOD!" p
  17. I think you'll find that DavidG is Thunderbird 500. 'Both' have the same level of expertise in pension affairs, i.e. eff all! p
  18. Strange that. Why would the Telegraph take that line. d'you think? p
  19. Yes. What do you think that press conference was for? It gave no new information and questions of any interest were declined. It was very noticeable, though, that the solicitor was keeping very clear of the subject of 'twenty leaks or four leaks'. I'm sure he wasn't trying to hide anything, though. p
  20. Quite. We should feel sorry for poor young Galley. p
  21. Anyone else heard the rumour that, on Wednesday, Mr Speaker is going to place the House into Secret Session and read out the evidence placed before his and Sergeant's teams of constitutional lawyers and the unequivocal advice given by them? Apparently, he's not going to take any lip from anyone on this subject. Dynamite, I understand. The Tories have always liked Gorbels Mick! They're going to love him even more after this! The secret should be safe - after all none of the 650 or so MP's are going to blab, are they? p
  22. The truth is starting to leak out : Torygraph abandons Green Interesting reading, particularly between the lines. p
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