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  1. No. Factor in the cold weather expected this week and the idiot 'strikers' will sod off home to sit in front of the fire where they can read how protectionism will harm them a lot more than a free market. The BNP's hold over them won't last below Minus 3C, I reckon. p
  2. It's kind of you to invite us all to join you in looking into the future, FB. Unfortunately, the rest of us haven't been blessed with the magical skills you obviously enjoy. You already know what will happen; the rest of us will have to wait and see. How lucky you are. Or are you just a genius? p
  3. Can you imagine the average sub-postmaster offering financial advice! I wouldn't ask any of them whether I should be a 1st or a 2nd Class stamp. p
  4. I worry about people who say 'That is fact.' because they've clearly made the fatal mistake of believing that there is only one view - theirs. (Of course, I could be wrong. ) Your grammar is obviously 'symptomatic of the education system' - if you don't mind me saying so! (Glass houses etc.) p
  5. Now, what would you expect me to say? How long will Brown last? Either for another 7 years - that is, the remainder of this administration plus another full one - or until he completely loses his failing sight. What odds am I offered? p
  6. Do we know what proportion of mortgages were 125% LTV? Do we know what proportion of 125% mortgages have gone bad? Weren't 125% mortgages only offered to those who would have been borrowing 'fully' on their mortgage in any case plus they already had other borrowings like PhD or Masters costs? The lender - by taking on the whole of the persons borrowing, 'secured' - creating a long term profitable relationship with people such as doctors, barristers, surgeons? Although 'Mortgages of 125%' sounds quite frightening to most of us, have they really had any effect on anything at all? p
  7. Suppliers know (or, at least, should know) what they're letting themselves in for when they agree to supply. It's a hard old world out there - they can choose not to deal with Tesco and instead sell the same volume to thousands of little shops in tiny amounts. That's not much fun, either. p
  8. We can all trawl the web to find bank adverts, Gruffy. But, where's the email "offering" you a "Government Business Loan". You should show us the email that includes the offer with its conditions, preferably on government headed paper. Does it exist? Or is it another figment of your imagination that you thought would impress your friends on here? p
  9. I wonder how many hundreds of thousands of Brits there are working in foreign countries and 'taking the jobs of locals'. Protectionism would change this Global Downturn into total and utter disaster. Lets hope this government will stand up against it and stop talking rubbish like 'British jobs for British workers'. I'm not convinced that they will, though. There's a hell of a lot of Little Englanders about who'll make a lot of noise. Just like those Great Grimsby lot. p
  10. Hasn't it crossed your mind why "the Government" or "the Government lenders" would send an email to the office junior of a tuppence-ha'penny provincial 'cut and paste' PR outfit? If it hasn't, it should have. p
  11. Another Doubting Thomas! I wonder if Gruffy has spam filters. I wonder if he knows what spam is. p
  12. Never mind your 'RUN DOWN' - send a copy of the email so the rest of us can judge its veracity. p
  13. It's good to be curious. But, it's no mystery, Cht, - I just can't stand bullshitters, particularly bullshitting failed estate agents. p
  14. So good to see so many posters on here knowing exactly the benefits of either a strong or weak currency. p
  15. No, Buzzardo! 'Relative' is what I meant to say! (It doesn't mean your uncle or cousin, though, just in case you're confused, Buzzardo!) p
  16. Strange you shouldn't have included the date of the article, is it not? Where's the copy of this alleged email, Gruffy Boyo? p
  17. You had to search a long time to find that stale article, Gruffy Boyo! p
  18. I'm really looking forward to viewing this email. Stop being coy, Gruffy Boyo, and show us what you received in your inbox. I want to see your offer of "...A Government Business Loan..." from "...the government's money lender...". You wouldn't want people to think that you'd exaggerated, just slightly, in you description, would you Gruffy Boyo? p
  19. Still no detail, Gruffy! How about sending us the email to look at - if it ever existed? p
  20. Could you be a little bit more specific? Did it come from government? Or was it from a commercial bank that happens, at the moment to be partly owned by government? What you've told us so far doesn't make sense. You wouldn't want to mislead anyone, now, would you? We're all very proud, though, that you told them to FECK OFF - you're such a hero, Gruffy Boy. p
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