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  1. ... - brother-in-law now bankrupt his UVC Window company Limited after MASSIVE TAX BILL, recievers in, 10 people now unemployed.

    Massive tax bills can only ever be due to massive profits so that's not a convincing excuse for going bust. Wonder what the real reason is? You should ask your brother-in-law, sometime, but not now. The embarrassment at failing in business takes a very long time to get over. Some people never get to accept their total personal responsibility and they carry on blaming everyone else e.g. bank, customers, suppliers, credit crunch, tax man, weather, unfair foreign competition, etc. etc.

    (I accept that, sometimes, there can be massive tax bills for other reasons. For example, a proprietor hanging on to money that was never his, like PAYE or VAT and being asked to hand it over, pronto - quite rightly.)

    The truth is that, despite many business failures, the vast majority of companies will survive the recession/depression and will carry on. The weakest and least well managed will go to the wall. Nothing new in that. Just a few more of them, that's all.


  2. chance we can get hold of rules on housing allowances and instigate a civil action?

    'Yes', then 'no'.

    Yes, you can get hold of the rules; no, you can't waste people's time with an action for a wrong that hasn't been committed. Simple.

    (Have you enquired about Anger Management Treatment? You can probably have it on the NHS. Unless you'd rather 'go private'. The surroundings would be nicer if you go private although evidence suggest that all private medical treatment is inferior to that provided by the state.)


  3. Don't need to go near the Conservatives or the BNP, just pop into a New Labour cabinet meeting:

    You're a little selective with your quotes, Redalert. I thought that Gordon Brown had said that the government would be "drawing on the talents of all to create British jobs for British workers". Now, that sounds neither racist nor protectionist to me but wholly to do with the "drawing on the talents of all" to create work in this country. British workers would obviously benefit but only a fool would suggest that he was speaking of creating jobs in the UK that only Brits could apply for. It's not likely that Gordon Brown, of all people, wouldn't know that that sort of action would be illegal, don't you think?


  4. The protectionism ball appears to be rolling, can we expect racism to make a return as well?

    Yes, most probably. Both protectionism and xenophobia are constantly just below the surface and are encouraged by certain interests. Visit any Con Club any day of the week if you don't believe me. Or any BNP meeting. In any case, you'll probably meet the same people, anyway.


  5. Tony Blair is a peace envoy? How cynical is that?

    Was he self-appointed? Check up who appointed him and who he's working for. (You're not one of those Saddam apologists, are you, who supports dictators who gas their own people and invade neighbouring countries? You sound like it. You should hang your head in shame.)


    No, not 'FACTS', Xurbia but OPINIONS! Your opinions. Not quite the same thing. Screaming 'FACTS' at the end of all your claims doesn't convert your blinkered views into anything better.


  6. ... Pat there are a lot of us here who actually DID see the crash coming...

    No, E, our best calculation/guess was that a crash was coming. None of us knew it was coming. Offer your views on the exact progress of the economy over the coming months, if you like, but don't expect me to think that you know what the future holds. You don't and neither does anyone else.

    I don't expect you to agree with me but my view of the current position of the parties is that the Tories should be much further ahead - historically, a consistent lead of 20% by the opposition at this stage of the parliament is needed to remove the incumbent party at a GE. At the moment, the Tories have a lead of about 10/12% which, if history is anything to go by will will disappear as polling day nears. I'm not making a prediction - 'it could be different this time' - but I'm just reminding you of what has happened in the past and, on that basis, it doesn't bode well for Cameron.


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