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  1. No, what I am saying is that the areas served by the East London Line now have a tube service and no longer have to go to London Bridge, which makes a big difference. That's the point of this whole thread. I only posted because people started saying that the ELL would make no difference. It has made a huge difference.
  2. Well sure, with an extra 15 minute walk you could have got to the old ELL station. But a) 15 mins makes a big difference, especially if you're commuting both ways every day the trains were much less frequent c) the trains were much less nice and d) you couldn't go to as many places because it was a much shorter line d) the stations were much less good - we now have lift access at many of the stations, which makes a big difference to people with pushchairs or wheelchair users e) the trains that served London Bridge from Brockley were always overcrowded - they aren't any more. I could go on...
  3. Regarding ELL frequencies, 12 trains per hour run through the core route - one every five mins. Not as frequent as many of the core lines, but plenty for the numbers that it has to carry and enough to ensure that you never really have to wait for a train. In Brockley, we also have 6 trains to London in the morning peak and four at all other times. Regarding Wood Green v Brockley, if you live near Islington, you can get to Islington in 10 mins. I can get to beautiful Greenwich or trendy East Dulwich in the same amount of time. Now I have the ELL I can also get to Shoreditch, with its nightlife
  4. I'd say London produces wealth from poverty. You're poor in many parts of the country and you have nothing. In London, the poorest of us still has access to amazing free parks, museums, galleries, public spaces where free events are constantly taking place, spectacular walks and amazing history. All of that is within easy reach by bike or by a public transport system (buses still v cheap) that puts the rest of the country to shame. And of course, a jobs market that is comparatively buoyant compared with most of the rest of the UK. A car? In London, you barely need one - a car is a burden, not
  5. I appreciate that this forum is popular with people who think London is dreadful and so are all the people who live there. But no, it wasn't a code word, I can get off the train at Shoreditch and wander around Spitalfields market, check out the food markets and galleries of Brick Lane, go to amazing restaurants, kicking bars and enjoy historic streets. Columbia Road flower market and Hoxton Square an easy walk or hop back on the train. If I happened to work in or around Liverpool Street and the East of the Square Mile, it would be incredibly handy too. Check out this review of Shoreditch by
  6. I don't think the research is worth paying much attention to, but some of the comments on this topic about the East London Line and many of the areas it serves are completely wide of the mark. The East London Line is amazing - if you haven't tried it, you should. By far the best line in London now. Smooth, air conditioned, easily-accessible stations, great connections with the Jubilee, District and DLR, wide carriage so less crowding and great for bikes. For areas that were already served by the old line it's merely an improvement, for areas that it was extended to, it's transformative. I li
  7. And it's about New Cross anyway, not even Brockley.
  8. Sydenham's a bit of a poor relation to Forest Hill - it's OK, but there's nothing much there. If you can, why not look for somewhere in Forest Hill, or better still Brockley, which is much closer in to town and a nicer area - check out this site for details of the place http://brockleycentral.blogspot.com
  9. Nearby Eltham?! They're quite far apart (particularly the bit of Eltham near the palace) and are entirely different areas. It's true there are some lovely houses in Eltham, but lumping the two together is like lumping Belsize Park in with Kilburn. http://brockleycentral.blogspot.com
  10. Thanks for adding the right link. However, the stuff about cutting back the trains to London Bridge is an outdated fear which has now been put to rest, certainly for Brockley services. The train frequency will be the same. As for it not really being the tube, that is only true in the sense that it will be administered by TfL rather than LU. So what? It will still be a fully intergrated tube service, with the frequency of a tube. It doesn't go underground a lot, but then neither do large stretches of every tube line. And the trains will have aircon. Your point about New Cross is a false
  11. For those looking at South East London, there is some interesting discussion of the housing market and information about the area on this community website... Brockley Central
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