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  1. How about the quote, "You're on a different planet!" I suppose that couple are still on planet "Housing Boom!"
  2. This is an interesting discussion indeed, just showing how corruption rules. I did as laurejon suggests, and did a quick yahoo search. This showed lots of such stories.. Notably, for the tory party... BBC NEWS | England | Kent | Sex crime councillor is expelled A Tory councillor is being urged to resign for failing to disclose convictions relating to sexual crimes. ... E-mail this to a friend. Printable version. Sex crime councillor is expelled. A Tory town councillor in Michael Howard's Kent constituency has been expelled from the party for failing ...news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/kent/389
  3. i watched the program as well, and i have two points to make.. 1) The program openly stated that the UK housing market was in trouble. (A reflection of the BBC program?) And that snippet of the BTL lady was fantastic in my mind. i think the program stated that not so long ago, (some 8 months) the BTL lady had 25 plus properties. And then it discussed how a few properties never got tenants, followed by her never reaching the re-payments on those properties. The end result.. 300k of debt, no properties and living in rented accomodation. Does anyone think she is going to get out of that? Or ev
  4. Cats are great, ...with pitta bread and chilli sauce.
  5. Thanks for your concern.. however in my own set of circumstances, i wouldn't be on this website in the first place if there wasn't any problem with the house market. But there is, a huge one, namley in that i cant afford in property in the town that i live and work in. So choosing life in terms of buying a property and settling down isn't really an option. So, this website, despite having its extreme views on both sides, is a useful point where information is collected. Believe me, i make up my own mind about stuff. This website is just giving me a chance to look before i leap.
  6. I normally find Justice quite sensible, but this thread that he has started is not.... People move from towns to towns, or countries to countries because they seek a higher standard of living, or at least the opportunity to have a higher standard. Your argument, (and I am no lefty liberal) is flawed because... Each year, around 150,000 UK nationals emigrate to seek a better life abroad. Surely these can be classed as economic migrants? Do you think that the foreign locals depise them??? People that come here simply to work are not taking from the system, they're adding to it, possibly keep
  7. I dont know if this thread has been posted, but..... http://community.channel4.com/eve/ubb.x?a=...41&m=9190091941 Just reading on the C4 Homes forum, and a FTB has asked about buying a property worth £163K. All the replies have advised him to aim for an offer 10% to 20% below the asking price. Would this have been the case 1 or 2 years ago? I dont think so. The market is definitely heading down, just by the fact that the herd mentality has swung the other way. Its only a matter of time now....
  8. Is credit always going to be cheap though? Bills have a way, (a bit like fate) to come and bite you on your ass when u aint looking. In the last crash, there were interest rates of 10-15% which really hurt alot of people financially. However, the amounts borrowed in this era outshine debts levels borrowed last time around. Ie compare mortgages that people have now compared with 10 years ago, and add to that credit card debts that people have got because of this cheap borrowing. The net result is that you dont need interest rates of 10-15%, in fact just the smallest increments will really st
  9. 1) Glamourous BTL's will always be able to protect their interests, as they have invested in property. Now we all know that this time around property investment is a sure winner - there's no possibility of making any losses at all. In fact, the more invested, the more there is to gain... its called gearing you know. 2) No one worries about debt, because the interests rates will remain low for the next 350 years or so. And even with the debt at the moment, there's always one more credit card or bank to approach when looking to spend a few more pounds on that property, car, or holiday. 3) Now
  10. KOTC... I think you should take the opportunity to take advantage of these cheap homes, and extend your BTL portfolio. That example given in Leeds should be ideal for you. After all, its apparently good and practical for us. Why dont you buy it? Get in there first son.
  11. Thats right, the choice is mine. And i choose not to buy. And the lack of FTB's will contribute to the HPC. As for London being expensive real estate. Well you're certainly not wrong there. But then, hey wasn't Tokyo real expensive as well some 10 years ago? I wonder what happened there. Hmmm, i wonder if London house prices will keep rising indefinitely? Lets just see what happens, shall we?
  12. There's no point in having the blinkers on. I feel that i need to learn all aspects of the market. I have my own gameplan, but to choose the best options, I feel its best to know everyone's point of view. So to do that, i need to listen to all sides of opinion, and yes, even the endless amount of crap from dogbox, (and his new sucessors!)
  13. KOTC.. Yes, i am sure there is plenty of property going in Baghdad, or Yemen right now, i could relocate there if you wanted. However, as selfish as it sounds, i like my life in my little corner of the world, and my job. (surprisingly enough!). Therefore, perhaps, unsurprisingly, i would like to have a house here too, (London), if thats okay with you, oh great one. And perhaps, great master, if it pleases you, i could just hang around here and just see what happens to the Housing Market here, and perhaps, while I am at it, just consult the Internet about the whys and hows. Is this okay wi
  14. Just checking with another forum, (Residential Landlord), and it seems that someone called Jess is claiming to work for the BBC. (via Talent TV) In short, he/she wants to make a programme on Landlord/ Tenant disputes. (*yawn*) Maybe some good members from this forum may wanna offer this person a different sort of material, like on the upcoming HPC? Here's the link..... http://residentiallandlord.ipbhost.com/ind...hp?showtopic=86
  15. No, no hatred, its cool. But what you will find is an "Us & Them" thing going on in this forum. Ppl like TTRTR, laurejon and dogbox are self proclaimed BTL's, and they love putting in their sixpence worth about their ideas of the house market. So that provokes a response most of the time from the other side, mainly wannabe FTB's, or STR's. Everyone has their VI's about the market, and so opposing views collide. Think of it as a debate. Hence a forum!
  16. KOTC... If you are really in the property business (albeit BTL) then you will know the true nature of the housing market as it stands at the moment, or at least have some good idea hopefully. Everyone has their opinions about the future of the housing market, so what's yours??? My feeling is that critising FTB's in the way you have means that you are not in touch with the market. Dont feel hard done by because BTL's are being slated on this forum. Of course they are, they have done the FTB's no favours whatsoever. But that doesn't give you permission to come to this forum to mock others.
  17. Are you having a larf? Your soap bar has got generally smaller over the years and you think that it's an inflation scam???? Yes, i see, those missing 50g's of soap really deserve an entry into the conspiracy archives.
  18. Realist Bear hit it on the head. If you buy now in a falling market, you will instantly hit negative equity, and you will be effectively stuck with your purchase until the next cycle of the housing market, which historically will be in 10-15 years.
  19. And just wtf was your point in the first place? Something like: 1. I have a BTL portfolio. 2. You lot dont have nowt, so go do some work. Real contribution that was, thanks. I can see some Nobel prizes heading your way. Btw, when negative gearing has eaten away your fortunes, i will be sure to tell you to tuck your shirt in and do some graft.
  20. Dont they have trolls and strange looking chaps from Mordor in NZ? You might be safer in Yemen.
  21. KOTC - i think if you spend some time at this forum you'll find that there are people here from all walks of life, and in all professions. And it seems to me that at least 99% of us on this forum are hard working in relation to our jobs. How dare you suggest that we tuck our shirts in, and do some graft. I am on over 30k a year, and contribute over £1,000 a month for taxes and NHS contributions, so that some lazy f**kers in this country can sit on their arses. So i feel that i have a right to own a house, but i cant, because the house market has gone out of control and peaked beyond my me
  22. i dont think we're quite at that position yet. Do u see anyone falling into the English Channel because of all the pushing and shoving that's going on for space!
  23. It's interesting that Wigglesworth predicts 0.0% for England in general, and yet a 5.0% fall for London. Is Wigglesworth stating that those fantanstic northern hobbit holes that are overpriced even for londoners are going to remain stable for 2005? Hmm, i wonder! Apologies in advance for anyone living North of Watford!
  24. Just been reading various histories of stock crashes from http://www.stock-market-crash.net/. This website looks at the attitudes of people in various market crashes, starting from the first market crash of the tulip bulbs in 1660 or so. It seems to me that dogbox is holding a tulip bulb and still trying to sell it!
  25. I dont think they're lazy either. After all, its a source of income. It would be good to send a few rain clouds their way, after all, that's what they have done to us for the past few years. Also a few subtle posts i feel will guage just how the BTL is doing at the mo...
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