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  1. In my opinion you are well off if you have £1K per month spare for discretionary spending but my means are lower than yours so perhaps I wouldn't have that opinion if I had significantly more. I do find it interesting when people compare their finances to others. My personal belief is that many people fall into what is essentially a trap by making comparisons to others of greater means. Eg Someone who earns £300K but their neighbour earns £550K, they feel somehow inferior. Unfortunately society conditions us to always want more money, this is good for commerce, government taxes etc. If £100K isn't a decent salary for a family living in London but you can manage a nice home, two cars, childcare, holidays, days/nights out and still have around £1K per month left then that to me, seems pretty decent to me. If you start comparing to many others in London with far greater means then clearly it will seem as if you are somehow scrimping.
  2. and some guys shorted it - right at the top - kudos http://www.slp2j.com/index.php?findgenus&p=49 Yes, that's a very similar view to a blogger I follow, Moses Kim -www.expectedreturnsblog.com "At $1400, the mainstream media will herald the end of the gold bull market while I make objective arguments about why a correction of this magnitude is no big deal. I guarantee you a vast majority of people will be scared to buy. Bottoms are formed when the smart money accumulates in stealth mode. At the same time the smart money is adding, the average person gets bored because there’s no volatility. Of course this is exactly when a rocket launch move comes. "
  3. Any folks know what the situation is in Glasgow, is much selling? Are people paying 10%/20% over the offers?
  4. Great idea for a thread; 3 bed 1000 sq foot flat in Helensburgh, Scotland - £1800 per/sqm, we got it for a great price though, average about £2000 - £2200 for the nice ones View from living room - priceless
  5. QUOTE (warpig @ Nov 18 2010, 07:17 PM) * "I like Catflap's posts, there's usually lots of detail to them." "It's a damn shame he doesn't post here any more, now why is that?" PB
  6. RB is the Jonathan Davis of Gold. Marc Faber, George Soros, Jim Rogers, John Paulson, David Einhorn Now, do you want to listen to them, who made billions, or Realist Bear?
  7. Isn't it amazing how far and wide the "West End" has spread?
  8. Something seems very wrong here, I'm no expert but would guess that even for London surely £135K is an above average salary? Sometimes I think there will be a day when people look back on these forums with awe at the values placed on property. How many square feet is your flat?
  9. Hi littlelamb, tip for GSPC, each property has a reference number, and they go in chronological order. So if one put on the market today is x, the next one put on the market will be x+1. I used to track the reference numbers and the months/years they relate to but no longer. Obviously the lower the number the longer it's been on the market. I would avoid Corum, I think they overprice compared to similar properties with other vendors, they specifically target high net worth buyers. Clyde were very good, very helpful etc. I felt that Pacitti Jones were poor at marketing properties, with poor schedules / poor service so if you find something you like with them and it's been on for a while they will perhaps be more likely to negotiate, to get it off their books. If you're not already aware you can check previous house prices in Scotland at www.nethouseprices.com/ I already bought but if I were still in the market I would wait as there are examples of mania type pricing in pockets of the westend. When I was looking there was a G12 2 bed for £165 that someone bought and wallpapered and now it's back on for £185/£190. There's also another one near the river Kelvin that is similar, someone bought it, put a new bathroom in (£5K) and it's back on for £20K more. These people are not developers, they are flippers (only minor work has been done). I think some fingers are going to get burned. Also, some of the flats near the Uni are targeted by burglars. Avoid Byres Road unless you like lots of drunkards waking you up in the early hours. All the best.
  10. We just bought as well after having sold my previous place in September '07. My girlfriend and I have found a house that we could see ourselves living in for the rest of our lives and we took a 10 year fix so are insulated against interest rate increases for that period. We can also withstand up to 15% interest rates when we come off the deal so it makes sense for us. There were previously many long term fixed mortgages available, not so now. There are very very few 10 year fixes around at the moment and if interest rates spike upwards then it could prove to be a good choice. Historically 5.29% is an excellent rate also. It's all very well holding out if you think you will buy cheaper in the future but if you want to settle down and start a family it's not so practical. The first place I bought was 50% somewhere to live / 50% investment and the price went up 86% during the time I owned it. This place my girlfriend and I have bought is for a home, a home that we can pass on to our future children. The mortgage on our new home is less than what it would cost in rent also, that is a big factor for us. My belief is that we will have some form of the Japan scenario playing out with prices grinding lower year to year and in that scenario you could spend a large portion of your life waiting. I think there is a chap called Jonathan Davis on this site who sold years ago and is still waiting to buy as far as I'm aware, I really have to question whether all of those years paying other peoples mortgages is such a great idea.
  11. I attempted to buy a 2 bed tenement flat in Kelvinside a few weeks ago, it was on at offers over £162 with a valuation of £165, we bid £166,200 and it went for £175K! It even had a tiny internal kitchen, Glasgow prices will remain detached from reality I feel as there are too many people wanting to buy and not enough wanting to sell...
  12. Until human beings stop deluding themselves that the current monetary system can continue ad infintum the gold price will continue to go up.
  13. They are locking people into loans knowing interest rates and hence their profit margins will ratchet up in the future. It's no accident that long term fixed rates are no longer available.
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