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  1. True, although since the article mentions take home pay, I would assume income tax and NI payments have already been accounted for. VAT would be implicitly included in the price of of stuff bought with the net pay. As far as food goes, the woman says that they used to shop at Waitrose, but are now going to Aldi. However, I will try a revised budget allowing for some more extravagant spending! Mortgage: 1000 Child care: 500 Utility bills: 100 Council Tax: 112 I'll make a guess at some other costs Food: 600 Petrol: 200 Sky: 60 BT: 50 Water: 30 Tv licence: 12 Clothes: 150 Car Insurance: 40 House Insurance: 40 Going out: 300 Other: 100 Total: 3294 --------------- Still leaves 400 a month, every month. And that's in addition to the 300 "going out" money a month and 100 other spending already included in the budget. Every month. Sounds like quite a luxurious lifestyle to me! Could afford quite a few holidays on that. I guess the point I am making is, these people claim they are struggling when in fact they are living a lifestyle of relative comfort, a typical middle class lifestyle, whilst other people try and quietly scrimp and save a deposit together to avoid the temporary nature of rental contracts, and then have to read this **** from these whingers! :angry:
  2. Something about this doesn't add up: Mortgage: 1000 Child care: 500 Utility bills: 100 Council Tax: 112 I'll make a guess at some other costs Food: 400 Petrol: 120 Sky: 60 BT: 50 Water: 30 Tv licence: 12 Clothes: 40 Car Insurance: 40 House Insurance: 40 Going out: 200 Other: 50 Total: 2754 --------------- So where is the other £950 a month going ????
  3. Oh well, inflation it is then! (Once we get past July-August and the freak oil price spike drops out of the figures).
  4. Yeah, especially seeing as how he would need to be elected by the people first! Labour are making a mockery of democracy, employing un-elected cronies in high positions in Government. :angry:
  5. I find this whole deflation argument a complete joke! Ok, so we had record inflation in oil prices last summer, where they more than doubled. Massive inflation in gas and electricty prices too (25-30 %). Now they have fallen back, then this summer it will register as massive deflation? Give me a break! Compared to two years ago, the inflation rate will still be positive by a long way. Lies, damn lies and statistics!
  6. Blimey, that's more than just good! What percentage of the population outside London achieve anywhere near these kind of salaries, even for one person ?
  7. Yes, I get the impression Mr Livingstone doesn't appreciate just how outside of normality those sums of money are! It's a different world for some people
  8. All this talk of QE and not much of house prices. Thread needs a bump!
  9. Was anyone watching Sky News at around 7am when the Nationwide figures were announced? Eammon looked genuinely shocked! You could almost see him mentally trying to work out how much more he'd lost on his house. He's been quite subdued since then.
  10. Hmm, just had a look at his website, it doesn't seem as though his company is Ltd or plc Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that make him personally liable for all the company's debts? Including paying employees redundancy!
  11. Bump Are the figures not out in the next few minutes? I'm going for -2.0% MoM.
  12. I work for a company that dominates the world market in products for the Broadcast TV industry.
  13. This is all just pissing in the wind and won't make a blind bit of difference. Notice no-one is mentioning how much money the Gov is making available. A spokesman was quoted as saying "hundreds of millions of pounds". Say a new-build costs 200k, 30% of that is 60k. So if £600m is available for the scheme, say, then that only equates to 10,000 homes across the entire country. Hardly going to make much difference. Big f**king deal
  14. Well, this should put an end to one annoying habit of current labour MPs - always comparing today's situation to the early '90s (16 years ago ffs!) The Conservative's easy comeback will be "...but your own Chancellor thinks it will be worse! "
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