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  1. Existing Job: Try making it better.... -Find out who needs the extra work you've been given and why - it may not need doing any more, especially if people have left -Can it be done more easily another way? -Can you automate it? -If not and it's dull then it' s probably easy to do - can you put it on Elance or Odesk for $50? -If all else fails complain about the stress (if they value you) - it's a health & safety issue these days. New Job: -Most new businesses fail and those that don't need huge amounts of effort to get off the ground. -Are you sure about the business model and people involved in the new venture - there are still plenty of Pirate Equity backed chancers running around with wads of cash - and if they haven't got £££ how long can they last? -can you be involved another way e.g. part time working from home? -If it does well you should get a decent share of the rewards for the risk and effort that will be required. You would need a cast iron contract or a decent shareholding.
  2. Completely agree, no-one ate gluten(Wheat/Barley) more an a few thousand years ago. Avoid it and it cuts bloating too. Sadly beer has Gluten unless you want to spend £2 per bottle. Jack Daniels is fine though!
  3. Despite proving to previous GP beyond doubt I was a Coeliac (having Dermatitius Hyperteformis), my new GP refused to accept it to save his budget. I wanted diagnosis to make sure I wasn't fed or given gluten (it's even in some drugs) if in hospital. I don;t like pretend bread anyway. He would accept the diagnosis if, though a consultant, I restarted eating gluten for 3 months then had an intestinal biopsy. As I lost one pound per day in weight on a "normal" diet, being so dehydrated I could hardly see, I declined the offer. Amazingly, if you have chronic intestinal problems, the NHS will stick a camera in your dark place and do all sorts of other expensive investigations before suggesting changing your diet to remove allergens & gluten from your diet for a few days to see if it helps - even while waiting weeks for the hospital appointment.
  4. Many estate agents can't be bothered to measure the rooms or take a full set of pictures. Other won't even show you a property unless you've seen their mortgage advisor.
  5. She just needs to pay more into a pension in the relevant tax year- this can be though the company scheme, which is subject to NI if she pays it (AVC I think), or not if the company pays it. Her employer may agree to pay money directly into a SIPP she sets up herself (mine did, but I had to do the donkey work), which avoids Tax and NI. If not she can pay into a SIPP herself and reclaim the tax. Even if paid as a lump sum in the last month of the tax year when she has already paid 40% tax earlier in the year, she will end up not being a higher rate tax payer that year. While I have used both options myself in the last 2 years, please check with a professional and get the exact figures - there may be some benefits she is taxed on as well like a company car. Unpaid holiday/sick leave/maternity leave can all affect the salary for tax purposes. Unpaid holiday may be another option for her, perhaps if you were offered a temp job for a few weeks. And of course don't forget our Dear Leaders will continue to make up the rules as they go along.
  6. They financed my dodgy freeholder over 10 years ago, even though he let one of his companies go bust - shafting the builders who worked on his properties. Of course he had another company which owned the properties. While I do not find them as unpleasant as HSBC, they seem to operate in a Bank like manner to their customers - while marketing themselves as friendly
  7. Stick the 40% pay in a SIPP. You can self administer and buy Gold/Farmland/Holiday Home with some providers or Gold/Silver ETFs with most. If you can get your company to pay into it gross you also save NI as well as keeping the child benefit. Your employer will save a load of NI as well so they should be happy.
  8. 21 hours a day? - I want a wife like that.
  9. Did they lose their Arts Council funding?
  10. A £20 billion IT project paying Indian workers £10 per hour = 2,000,000,000 hours work. Over a Million man years!!! Most UK contractors can knock up one of these crumby systems in 6 months by themselves - and it would work too. OK, there will be other costs, but for example, you could buy a PC for every man, woman and child in the UK for that amount too. Wish I was purchasing manager on that - I'd get a billion quid back from Quidco for the staff party. So - Where does all the money go???
  11. I'm tempted to get a £200,000 mortgage either a 90% 3 year fix or a 75% 10 year fixed rate. I am fairly confident the house will be worth more in sterling terms in 10 years, more through hyperinflation than the success of the UK economy. If I get the 3 year deal and lose my job I get 2 more years mortgage paid by the government. As I won't be massively over extending myself, if I can't pay, neither will a few million others. It it all goes breasts skyward I will still have a few quid left in "Non-Cash" and a passport. I think having part of your portfolio in property at the moment isn't crazy, although I expect falls over the coming year, as I don't see pay rising until we are level with Asian economies. Am also tempted to buy a few hectares in Portugal for a few thousand euros. although I cant even grow mint.
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