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  1. I've had that among my Facebook 'friends' too - quite surprised that my 2 best friends have come out with some pretty strong attacks on people who voted leave. What is quite telling is that there are people who I would normally see a few statuses a day from who haven't said anything all day, so I'm assuming they voted to leave and are keeping their heads down. A quick tally and they do outnumber those who are shooting down the leavers but you wouldn't think it to look at what is being said!
  2. I saw that as well, why did she not remind him that house prices can go down, voids can last for months and maintenance can wipe out any profit. If you don't want a gamble put it in a savings account. (And prey your bank doesn't go under)
  3. Homebase are very expensive (as are B & Q for that matter) - I work for a single store hardware shop in a small market town and we can beat them on price everytime, and yet the public perception is that the big box stores are cheap. Argos however have surprised me a couple of times recently. Hadn't used them for years and happened to check their website. They had what I wanted in stock at local store and cheaper than Amazon. Picked it up that evening as I drive by every day anyway and no need to hang about waiting for a delivery. Second item was same price as Amazon. Not sure if Argos are actively pricing at Amazon prices, but I can see Argos closing High St locations and concentrating solely on out of town pick up points with people ordering online.
  4. These people have only been saved due to the low interest rates - if I recall the Wilsons were on shaky ground 5 years or so ago. Now they are being kept afloat by savers and people who are priced out of the market. They don't appear grateful, they actualy seem happy to rub peoples faces in it. - "There is such a shortage of property, it couldn't be better." (Fergus Wilson, 2013). No doubt he will tell you he is a brilliant business man if you attend one of his legendary dinner parties but his business is effectively kept alive by the Government, their policies and the taxpayer.
  5. They are all at it - Gloucestershire University has announced that they will be building 450 rooms on one of their campuses in Cheltenham. Not a huge University but this will have a huge knock on for any student landlords in the town: http://www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk/University-Gloucestershire-student-village-plan/story-18979573-detail/story.html#axzz2VkReZPvB That Sherford looks interesting - looks impressive on the website - traditionally designed houses and streets with plenty of facilities. Of course there is the usual talk of 'Plenty of affordable housing', which then goes on to mention part buy part rent.
  6. Wow, there are some expensive Gym's out there! Our town is full of Gyms, we have 9 with a population of about 18,000. That said, we have a lot of them are on the business parks and we have a lot of people who come here to work, so I guess they are getting a lot of workers after work. I pay £15, a swimming pool is available for £1 per session. It has been very busy since Christmas, and remained so - I know that numbers tend to fall once people jack in their resolutions, but this hasn't been evident this year. Perhaps the cold weather has seen people heading to the Gym rather than sitting at home freezing their nads off.
  7. If they are die hard Labour supporters, I find you are better off not arguing with them. The same can be said for die hard Tory supporters. What does grate with me though are people of my generation (mid 20's) who have been properly screwed over by Blair and Brown and still vote Labour because their parents did. In the run up to the last election I can remember Brown giving a speech somewhere and all the people lined up behind him in red were all 25 or under, clapping his every word like he was some kind of saviour.
  8. Yes, I have seen similar and also have thought there must be an opportunity there. But I have seen some irate people in the Post Office (my favourite was last week when a woman was telling the clerk that it was the Post Office's fault that her dog outside was barking because she had to queue!!), and my main worry would be if a seller doesn't send something or it does get lost in the post and you have a not very understanding customer ranting away at you.
  9. Haven't been watching, (will try and catch on iPlayer), but briefly caught something about this on BBC Breakfast this morning about the series. They played a clip of people having a meeting in a garden opposing a development, but it appeared to be the garden of a very recently built Barratt Shoe box - No doubt they had bought adjacent to fields without researching thoroughly that it would be built on.
  10. We sell Potash in the gardening section of the DIY store i work in. About 4 years ago it was 2.99 a kilogram. The next year we were selling it for 5.99. Some of the old boys almost fell over when I told them. Thats the only reason these bankers are interested.
  11. So using wikis population figures, London's metro area of 13 million makes up 21.7% of the UK's total 63 million people, yet they only achieve 22% of GVA, so London is actually under performing. Nice one Boris.
  12. Fair play to him for trying but.... I see that he has a degree in Media Studies, so was no doubt told to 'Go to Uni, study anything and you will walk into a 25k a year job at the end of it'. Of course the reality is slightly different when there of thousands of people trying to get the handful of jobs in Media that actually require a university education. He'll get a job I'm sure, but I wonder how long he will go before he broadens his horizons a little.
  13. We went into M & S Food outlet this morning. We were there for opening and it was rammed. Literally you couldnt move. They actually had to stop people coming in and when we left there was at least 50 people outside waiting. 1 in 1 out. It was hell, never again. We only had a handful of things as well. Dont know what the rest of the shops were like, as I didnt head into town, but yesterday (I work in a shop) was no busier than any other Saturday, so im guessing people kept away yesterday as the weather was dreadful in anticipation of a dry shopping day today. (Maybe. I dont really know either way!)
  14. I took it that he worked somewhere such as Italy. I have some 100 trillion dollar bills in my bedside cupboard so im pretty well off
  15. No, I haven't, that hadn't even actually crossed my mind actually, but I do expect that explains a lot of the cost. Once you get up to a couple of kids, I expect Christmas can become very expensive. I remember wanting a train set when I was younger (about 18 years ago). Our usual budget was £50 each (3 of us), but the set was £70, so she had to spend £70 on the other 2 as well. I'd guess it is nearer £200 per child these days?
  16. Sorry if this is a bit off topic, or irrelevant, but I am intrigued. This morning on the radio they mentioned that the average brit will spend £592 this Christmas. Now taking presents, food, and everything into account, I do not think I spend more than £150 last year, and do not intend to this year. I don't buy presents for everyone, just close family and a couple of secret santas (which are limited to £10). We do tend to spend a bit more on food at Christmas, but only by 10% at most. I'm not sure what this £592 figure includes, but my £150 includes a couple of rounds on Christmas eve. I just don't get it, are people buying one another iPads for one another and sticking it on the credit card? So, how much did you spend last year and do you think you are likely to spend more or less this year?
  17. Apparently it is going to happen, and this year. From what I understand after a quick chat with a pensions advisor, people will Automatically be put in to a NEST pension and will pay up to 4% of their wages into the scheme. Out of interest how many of you pay into a pension scheme and do you think its worth it? All i hear is stories of people paying money in and it is now worth less (as above). NEST Pensions website - http://www.nestpensions.org.uk/schemeweb/NestWeb/public/NESTforSavers/contents/pensions-from-2012.html
  18. This sort of thing has been done before - i remember seeing it on the local news only up the road from Bristol in Stroud, and thought 'what on earth is the point'. I don't know the ins and outs of these schemes, but I imagine it is kind of gimmicky for about a week before everyone gets bored with it and just puts payments on there cards or uses sterling cash again. The whole thing just seems like a waste of time - in order to obtain Stroud Pounds, you go out of your way to an exchange, hand over Sterling to effectively buy your self gift vouchers which can only be used in Stroud. It's mental, I can't get my head around the point of it, but in that case perhaps I am missing the point?
  19. My small business has seen a massive drop of in sales over the last 2 weeks. I mainly sell electrical accessories and audio visual leads etc. People mainly buy my products when they buy new AV equipment or move house (longer leads etc) and don think people are doing either. Couple that with the massive Royal Mail price hikes (some packages up from £1.10 to £2.20) and the fact there seems to be a price war on similar websites and eBay mean the already thin margins are getting thinner and thinner. Luckily have a job but there are big players in my sector with lots of employees, and I'm sure they are feeling it. Once the olympics is out the way, think things will really start to kick off. 2013 - will it be unlucky for some or unlucky for many?
  20. I totally agree - perhaps with the removal of these benefits, people would plan better and put some money aside. As it stands, people can MEW, blow all their money on holidays and fancy cars and the taxpayer bails them out. So MY taxes are being used to keep an irresponsible man and his wife in a house that is too big for them, AND they are keeping house prices high and out of my reach. :angry: I can not comprehend (on my 15k wage) how someone earning 70k would NOT have some kind of savings to back them up should they end up out of a job. What on earth have they blown all that money on? With regards to outstanding mortgage debt, I had a bit of a shot, but could be wrong here, but a mortgage of £330,000 at an interest rate of 2.5% would give a mortgage of £1500 a month and interest only of about £700, so they MEWED more than they let on - assuming I have worked that out right of course.
  21. Is that what that is? That hot air from Brussels always gets me in the morning as well.
  22. People have tried to sue them, a good few in the US and only 1 (so far as I can tell) in the UK - this was September last year and I cannot find any outcome yet. I have seen a lot of fake reviews on Tripadvisor, some which appear to be competitors slating rivals and some from Hoteliers bigging themselves up. Story in Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2053221/Hotelier-sues-TripAdvisor-accusations-wrote-fake-positive-reviews-causes-revenue-plummet-75.html?ito=feeds-newsxml Story on 'Tripadvisor Watch': http://tripadvisorwatch.wordpress.com/tag/evesham/
  23. I was only thinking that this would be a good idea a couple of days ago. What I initially thought would be an independent website, but then got thinking that it would be good as an enhancement of Property Bee so when browsing RM it would come up with reviews of the house in question. I would almost be tempted to start such a site, but my main concern with it would be the risk of being sued by some seller who can't sell their house because of bad reviews.
  24. I hope she's informed the mortgage company that she is renting out the house!
  25. You tried acessing this site on a public computer? I'm not brave enough to risk being caught on here for fear of being dragged out of the Library and burnt in the street.
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