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  1. I fear that many loyal Labour supporters will fail to go to the voting stations in the next elections, as despite the fact that they can no longer stand their normal Labour party any more, they can not still ever quite bring themselves to vote Tory. I predict a low voter turnout, in silent protest that every party is shit, rather than in support of a party they beleive in. edit: swear word worked
  2. Labour's Mum and Conservatives are Dad. When you can't get your way with one, you'll run to the other. Human nature.
  3. yeah, these guys know all about racism. check this out and this.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00uaB51ivXU
  4. See, you do agree that people can be paid less than they are worth due to sexism then just for the record, I don't work for the Government, my client is funded by them.
  5. fair play. I commend you for your imparitiality. I however do not drive a lorry. I spend £millions of other people's money. Pay me more than than man who wastes it. Oh, that would be taxpayer's money, btw. i.e yours.
  6. sit on the fence to long and the pale will go up your arsee. my problem is with the general sexist undertone I find on this website. "Mrs OH is nagging me to buy, but I am cleverer than her, etc.... " Stop talking down to me, and your wives. How would you feel if your wife got paid less than any of the men at her job because she was a woman? or your daughter? What if you got paid less than a woman who was less qualified tha you? or even another man?
  7. justify to me why you think they are less productive, and therefore worth less. I don't understand how it can possibly take a woman longer to drive somewhere than a man.
  8. or if you are a woman, you work for 20% less. I am more qualified and have more responsibility in my job than all the other men and yet I am paid the least and expected to do the most complicated work. I am currently studying the "Life in the UK" test as a Commonwealth citizen (through Ancestry for you anti-Immigration nutters) and even there i kid you not, this is a direct quote from the study guide for the Citizenship test by your government and this is what you are telling newcomers to your country to expect: "Women in Britain make up 51% of the population and 45% of the workforce. Girls
  9. I check the nutritional labels regularly on my food and noticed that they have been getting less and less calores in them. Oh goodie I thought to myself, thinking they had improved the recipe. No such luck. They are slowly but surely making the contents smaller and smaller, but not reducing the price. Rip-off Britain stikes again.
  10. so you want me to share the other half of my bed so I can get the same rights as a couple? Or do I need to get a 2-bed so we can have a room each..... hang on a minute. Isn't that more expensive? Isn't it a bit unfair? shouldn't I get a discount...... or a tax credit to make it balance out in Utopia? do I get the same shagging rights? or is that unfair too? edited for last line
  11. and yet again us single people are penalised because our income to live in a one bed flat is half that of a couple, but the rent and utilities and council tax, etc will all be the same as all tax credits abolished under new system. other bugbear: I should get a 50% discount on my council tax bill not a 25% one. how the****** is 75% fair. I should have to pay the same 50% they do each. are we going to apply London weighting to this scenario too? see how you can't have one rule for evryone as it becomes unfair. Sooner or later you will have to adjust and tweak to even it up and befoer you kno
  12. not eligible I'm afraid. And I don't need to be on it TBH, I really think there are other people out there that need more help than me. I can afford the extra cost/mth living on my own will cost. It just means that I will have a lot less to put towards saving for a house deposit. I would rather someone who is in real trouble get the help, after all, that's what council homes are supposed to be for aren't they? but the good news is I have put a week's holding deposit on a 1 bed flat today. Decided not to get a studio due to it being only £80/mth less than a whole flat, which is ridiculous. Th
  13. some very interesting replies there, thank you people. I'm afraid leaving London isn't an option due to work and training committments. My job is quite secure for the next 3 years at least and they are also sponsoring me to do a Masters degree right now which I won't finish until 2011, at which point I am secured to them for 2 more years else I have to pay back the University fees. Also, with a MSc and Chartership (which I am also working on), my salary should improve at some point as my profession is on the skills shortage list. However long it remains there of course with unemployment fig
  14. and thanks for the replies everyone. It's nice to be listened to. I'm cheered up now
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