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  1. I hate London, I only moved here cause my stupid husband got a job here. He's now lost his job, but I've found a career, so I'm stuck. £1k + though for zone 2 living, if he doesn't get work soon, I may well have to consider more of a commute... I second the comment made earlier about the pushbike though, it's made living here sooo much more tolerable. Sometimes, I can almost be happy for a whole day!
  2. Here to cheer! My husband & I have been in a property for a year, we did haggle in the first instance, and got a £10 a week reduction in rent; our contract was up for renewal, and we were told we were very lucky because the landlady was happy to keep the rent the same! We decided to haggle some more, and we've just secured another £9 off the weekly rental. Woo Hoo!!! Horray! We simply pointed out that we were great tennants, a few things that would need to be done before the property could go on the market again, and that it would cost a lot more if it was empty for even a few weeks. We win! Yipee! thanks, & sorry for gloating. it's not nice.
  3. It's fixed!!! woo hoo!!! On Monday I sent them a stroppy email.... I had a brand new shiney tap by the time I got home I think I still would have been waiting if it wasn't for you guys, so THANQ! here's wishing you all a lovely Christmas, and a stonking new year
  4. Hi, Thanks for the advice. I am sadly still without water. The man who flooded my kitchen last week managed to stop the leak before he left, which was a small consolation, as all of my kitchen cupboards and draws on that side of the room were full of water. He left me a voicemail to say that he was probably not going to be back till saturday, but that he would have a "little think about it", and see what he could do then. Nice. I phoned the letting agents the next day, and told them what their handy man had done, and they were bemused. They didn't think changing a tap was beyond him, and he hadn't let them know how much damage he had done (in an attempt to find the stop ****, he had ripped up the wooden floor, and pulled panels off the wall, when i got home, not a single thing was where it had been in either my kitchen, or my bathroom.) They called him & told him not to go back on Saturday, and called a proper plumber! One who actually did the plumbing for the agency's owner no less! (i don't believe their rubbish) They assured me that he was good, but that he wouldn't be able to get there till friday after 12pm... He never showed. Owing to a busy weekend, we are determined to sort it out today, come hell or cold water! I called the agents this morning, and told them that their plumber had not showed. I told them I wanted this to be fixed today, or I would be reporting them to environmental health (cartimandua51 - thank you)... they have said they will call the plumber and get back to me as soon as possible. I was hoping that I could call an emergency plumber and bill them for it- (thanks for the tip there Mr Rose!) If it's not fixed by the time I get home tonight, I'll get some quotes. I do intend to cook my christmas dinner in that kitchen, and I will have cold running water... as if this time of year isn't trouble enough!
  5. Hi, I'm hoping someone here has some good advice to offer, but I've been without cold water in my kitchen for a month now. The tap has broken, and just clunks round on a nut when I try to turn it on. I told my letting agents at the time, and they've done nothing. I chased them earlier this week, and they said they hadn't seen my previous email, or heard about my phone call which preceeded that email. Today they sent round their handy man, who was unable to find the stop ****. He tried to turn the blue tap under the sink to stop the water while he did the repair, but the heavy handed man has snapped it off! He called to say he'd mopped up as much as he could with his clothes, but that he couldn't stop the water dripping, and hasn't been able to fix the tap - there was nothing else he could do, and he was on his way out the door. I don't know how bad it is, I haven't gone back yet... He said he thinks the stop **** has been burried under concrete out the front, but that he's going to tell the agency to get a plumber! What can I do? How do I approach the letting agents? How likely is it that I will be cooking my christmas dinner in that kitchen? The agency haven't been great so far, it took them 8 months to fix a hole in the garage roof, which was a condition of us moving in in the first place, and they still haven't fixed the main door to the flats, which was broken by a burglar gaining entry also about 8 months ago... I like the flat, but I'm running out of patience.... n.b please ignore all my type-o's, I'm a little bit of a div. Thanks
  6. people are mental hey! mental and alarmingly predictable. which is nice for everyone who can see the mental & predictable being mental and predictable, but wow! but here's the thing - see how i see them being mental & predictable, and expect them to be mental and predictable, why am i still surprised when the mental & predictable ones move en mass? maybe it's the sheer volume of mental and predictable people... hey ho! it's all good news for anyone who wants a reasonably priced house, and can hold their nerve!
  7. Thanks for the advice! Just what I needed to help me decide. All the best
  8. i'd appreciate some feedback... call it market research. I have a house which my tenant of 5 years has now sadly left. it has a large double bedroom, & a ridiculously large double bedroom; is it better to split the ridiculous room and rent as a 3 bed (one double & 2 single about 8x11ft), or leave as is? it only has one bathroom, and a stupidly large garden, and I only have about £2k to spend...
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