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  1. http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article11774.html
  2. I think the answer your looking for lies in the countries trade surplus / deficit. If we have a surplus, more wealth enters the country allowing interest to be paid on debts. If we have a deficit more wealth leaves the country leaving little or none to pay interest. causing defaults on debts. This is the problem ... we have a huge trade deficit, yet the BoE continued to increase the money supply (mainly in the form of mortgages, I believe 80% of it is created this way) which ultimately leads to money being used for imported goods and services. The system is designed to be inflationary, thats no secret. Modest amounts of inflation is healthy in our current monetary system, it is a sign of a growing economy. All would be fine if we had a trade surplus, as the country would generally become wealthier, sterling would be more valued. But instead we have the opposite!
  3. A simple yet effective solution ..... get out of sterling, place your cash into strong foreign currencies such as Yen, or the Canadian dollar.
  4. Can anyone tell me which forum Goldfinger moved to??
  5. My dad was offered one of these a few months a ago. I think the offer was that at the end of a 6 year period, if the FTSE goes up one point then you get ur money back plus 50%. However, if the FTSE drops by one point than what it is today, you get your money back. Either way its a win win situation for the bank, and not much in it for you. Reasons being - 1. The BoE and the Fed will keep creating and pumping money into the banks and the wider economy to attempt to offset their credit problems. This will cause higher inflation (if not a period of hyperinflation), which will eat away most if not all of your gains. 2. Really, the last decade has been one big boom and bubble. We are going to face long periods of a contracting economy, likely bringing the FTSE down. So if the FTSE goes up, inflation will eat away your gains (still better than a current account mind you). If the FTSE goes down, you have just loaned money to the bank interest free over six years! Hope this helps .....
  6. You could buy in gold / silver if ur concerned about inflation / weak pound ....
  7. Damn, I never did find out what colour carpet went with magnolia walls! (joke for those who attended an inside track seminar).
  8. Fellow gold / silver investors Who has gone down the road of buying into gold and or silver trusts? what are their advantages and disadvantages? Been looking at the ISHARES SILVER TRUST (run by barclays i think), not too sure what too make of it all? Has anyone invested into one of these as an alternative method?
  9. Yes, all very interesting replies.... does anyone know how easy it would be to sell gold /silver in a falling market should it turn (although cant see it being anytime withing this decade). Would there be a point where bullion dealers would avoid buying gold bullion? Did this happen during the early eighties gold bubble? What I would like to know is what does your bullion dealer do with it once u sold back to them? Do they simply sell it on at higher price with commission? Apologies, I am somewhat of a gold newbie.
  10. JazzyG


    Yes yes very true. My sister works for an investment company that is a subsidary of HBOS. They are really investing heavily in food commodities. Apparently, it comes down to the growing demand from the ever more wealthly chinese who now require much more meat in their diets. It turns out a cow consumes 15x more grain than a human ever would. They say food shortages will be a major problem in the future, with wars predicted over it!
  11. This is funny, posted this up on singing pig yesterday, how many replies? ZERO!
  12. Yess Toanster, I wud say its about 7.30 too. I've read his property cycle book, and I think its sound reading, good advice and insight. I think the problem wiv Ajay is that he's a Marketeer at heart rather than a property investor. He seems to have gotten so carried away with his marketing ploys he's forgotten some of his own valuable advice!! Or maybe its just he makes much more money from his property hotspots business than he can from property in a short space of time. Anyway, good to hear all ur responses on this ............
  13. Ajay Ahuja, author of the Buy to Let Bible, the Property Cycle, and many others, who is incredibly bullish, is selling up half his portfolio, 57 in fact! http://www.ahuja.co.uk/property-news/ajays-blog/selling/ You can view the properties also at rightmove: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/action/publicsi...bmit_dosearch=1 Now I for one cant understand why he would do such I thing, sell of half your portfolio to finance real estate abroad? If the deals were really that good abroad, surely a man of his standing could raise the finace for the deals by other means? Well, this suggests only one thing to me ........ Mr Ahuja has woken up to the coming crash!
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