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  1. just pretend you're in Iceland (the country) where £15 would be cheap, saves on air fares
  2. why would they be pushing this survey now ? nasa haven't been back to the moon because the technology was lost, I believe them
  3. this can't be real, you're smearing a very hard working and honourable industry
  4. wonder if the owner looks out the back window and suddenly gets an urge for some dairylea cheese
  5. ouch, mark to market instead of mark to fantasy, should scare the banks if that continues
  6. it's all part of getting the public prepared for the day when they blame the russians for hacking the banking system and nicking everybody's money
  7. when I go abroad I see different flavour kit kats (to meet local tastes) and wish they had them in the UK, so I see the problem as not enough kit kat flavours. the real indicator of lack of growth is cash reserves, special dividends, buying own shares and buying up competitors.
  8. rbc issued a bullish note about drax on the 11th http://www.hl.co.uk/shares/shares-search-results/d/drax-group-plc-ordinary-11-1629p
  9. ot - for a longer term play might be worth considering who gains if edf have delays building hinckley c
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