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  1. Don't you ever get tired of spouting the same old sh1t on every thread. For Gods sake get a life
  2. That’s very generous of you! I suppose you’ve never made any spelling mistakes? And why should having a first class degree make you any less susceptible to making a spelling mistake? Maybe he is p1ssed off at having being sold a lie by the government, namely that we should all aim as high as possible academically then reap the rewards through higher salaries and a better quality of life afterwards. You could rant? What has it got to do with you if he wants to apply for a council house? So council houses are only for the disabled and those earning less than £12k then? Exactly whe
  3. This is pure comedy, Can't wait to see the final reckoning financially, This should put a few amateur BTL's off
  4. Footballers expect an above inflation rise, just look at Rio Ferdinand! I think that the people who continue to buy season tickets to subsidise these arrogant w*nkers exorbitant pay demads are as bad as the misguided suckers who buy property at todays prices
  5. Off topic I know, but following on from the "leeches" thread from last week, I had to mention this. £23,000 FOR NEW BIG SCREEN ROLE Hull has a giant 26m sq TV screen in the city centre. As if wasting £675k of public funds on the screen wasn't enough, the council now propose to pay some lucky tyke 23K per annum to schedule what to show on it!! I estimate that the average wage in Hull must be about 14k, so this shows how much of a waste this really is. I guess some councillors nephew must be leaving school soon and need a job. The council tax payers are expected to foot the bill.
  6. My views are based on a number of people I've worked with over the years, most of whom show off about how they live in a posh house, have fantastic entertainment facilities, and pay for their kids to go horse riding on a weekend, but hardly ever spend time with them themselves because they are always at work. What I find is that my son (5 yrs old) who has loads of toys to play with, is at his happiest when he is doing something with me. He always wants to help dad with DIY, fixing the car, reading books, going for bike rides etc. I find this a whole lot more rewarding than being at work a
  7. A stereotypical and feeble counter argument Obviously you don't have kids Yankee, if you think that bringing them up is not an I stand by my initial post that in my opinion unless a couple are driven by financial necessity to both work, then they should sacrifice the plasma TV, BMW x5 etc and have one of them at home to give the children a sound upbringing. If they aren't prepared to give up these, then they obviously don't want children for the right reasons.
  8. I find it quite amusing how many people on this forum try to compartmentalise what has caused the housing boom. The answer is of course that many factors are responsible, most of them linked to greed. I have always thought it strange to have both parents of children out working whilst some stranger brings up the kids. Now of course many families are forced into it. The twin income factor started in the 60's-70's when some greedy couples got the idea that they wanted more of the materialist garbage that fills our homes (or of course a bigger house) and decided that the Mother (who in those
  9. Urban Sensation Following on from my topic yesterday about multi-level living, I have found this site where all the houses are built over 3 floors, and have four bedrooms. This method seems to have used less surface area per house therefore saving on the cost, and yet still allowed each house to have 4 bedrooms. If all city developments were built along the same lines, perhaps we could all enjoy a bit more space without having to pay through the nose for it?
  10. This was my line of thought. It seems that in this country if you mention the word "apartment" people immediately think of 1 or at most 2 bedroom residences. The concept of space to live and the amenities such as gyms, swimming pools etc that a good apartment block could provide seems lost in the UK. Developers find it easier to tack on a few build it by numbers Barratt estates onto rural villages than use their imagination and develop some real lifestyle apartments.
  11. This factor doesnt explain why all the developers seem to be building one and two bed shoeboxes rather than real apartments. Also with the government being committed to inner city regeneration it should allow more multi-level planning permission in these areas to prevent the need for eating into the green belt. This would counteract the effect of the scarcity of land with high-rise planning permission.
  12. Firstly, apologies if this has been covered before. I don't get to read the forum that often. Over the past months one of the favourite bull arguments has been that the limited amount of land available in the UK was why house prices would not crash. I do not want to get bogged down in this argument again but one of the things I thought was that if land is scarce and prices for land high, one of the obvious answers would be to build higher and to live on more levels/floors. I don't mean the 70's high rise type of thing, rather the kind of apartments my friends have in Brazil. There a famil
  13. I think you are right about the - YOY psychology, and am looking forward to this in August. The decision about purchasing is out of my hands at the moment, and I wouldn't buy even if I could afford it. The FTB's that are purchasing now must be brain dead.
  14. This is dead right. I am unfortunate enough to live in Hull and I remember my mate buying a 2 bed new build in 2002 for £48k. The rises that everyone else experienced before then only came to Hull after 02, so I am quietly confident that the current downward spiral the south is experiencing will hit home in this area around mid-late 06. At the moment all we have is ridiculous prices and sellers wondering why they can't sell at their "realistic" valuations. Watch this space!
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