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  1. Thanks PP, efficient as ever. Ever buy any gold shares, or is that a different topic...
  2. Need some help oh wise investors... Catching a real bug on this shares thing and was wondering if you could give me some info on how to buy and sell shares... do i need a broker? or can I do it myself on the web etc any beginners info i might need would be a big help!!! Thanks
  3. Dont mean to sound stupid but, how/where do you buy bars or pieces there of? and then say you want to sell, how do you do this? does it take a long time? I'm still a gold virgin, but gold puperty has really taken hold of me this last month or so...
  4. BB for one such as I who is not so familliar with these terms, wouls it be too much to ask for a list type format of the terms and what they mean? Think newcomers would welcome this info...
  5. Thought Cairns sold up shop to BTW last year and happy to smile to himself as all others brick it?
  6. Been thinking that my STR fund needs a better place to live for the next year or so as well so I for one would welcome any investments ideas from those a little more astute than I.... Like what are people investing in and why?
  7. sorry to break the conversation but VT and yftb I recall you having a discussion about stocks and shareswhere VT was adivsing some good research materail- can you point me to that topic? cant remember where it is and I would like to learn more as I know so little.... Help is appreciated
  8. Dawnay Day Carpathian 48.5p This share thing is so much harder to make money that the old property market thats for sure
  9. Tesco 373.4p go long but dont know difference in long and short!
  10. where do you find companies and share prices to pick from?
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