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  1. Surprising, because you're usually such a statist.
  2. There are plenty more strung out along the south coast of Devon, just sitting there doing nothing for weeks on end.
  3. Gutted! My journey to work is a five minute walk. Now this office is being closed and I'm getting shifted to central london. +1 hour each way travel time, only get travel paid for one year (and then effectively 20% gross salary for train fare) have to wear suits in head office, casual clothes here my nice convenient job is ruined, and it's possibly the worst time to look at changing jobs!!!
  4. No, the economics Nobel prize is for obscuring the patently obvious.
  5. Why does it follow that private healthcare is unregulated? I'm sure there is plenty of statistical evidence to support either view. There may be exceptional cases. But generally the cost is in thousands not hundreds of thousands. OK, you find it repellant that people should ask for what they haven't earned rather than being entitled to help themselves, and that people through choice give it to them? Incidentally, there are always charitable appeals for people who need specialist medical treatments that are not provided by the NHS on posters in my work, my local pub, my local leisure centre. So this is already happening under the magic NHS system.
  6. With the money saved in lower taxes, you could purchase health insurance. Or you could save it and have a slush fund for emergencies like this. Or appeal to a charity.
  7. So Government issued paper will hold (even increase) its value while governments totally abandon fiscal responsibility? You just don't get that gold is money not a commodity.
  8. Deeply flawed maths actually. Pay to British based workers circulates in the economy with the government taking: at least 34% back immediately + a rake off on everything they spend + taxing the interest on any they save. Money paid out to staff in India is gone.
  9. As the taxes rise and rise, I'm more worried there'll be a cap on emmigration as all people with skills/money stampede for the exits.
  10. I went for this option. But "unfortunate" does not necessarily describe most of the people at the margins, for me. Stupid, or gullible, or reckless would be better.
  11. £125bn of official quantitative easing + pressuring part nationalised banks to dramatically increase their long term gilt holdings may influence "the market"?
  12. I bought a timeshare 28 years ago. Great investment. There's nothing intrinsically wrong with the model/concept, although it's undeniable there are a lot of scammers in the industry.
  13. As pointed out by the European Court of Justice in the Peter Paul and Others case, "Directive 94/19 seeks to introduce cover for depositors, wherever deposits are located in the Community, in the event of the unavailability of deposits made with a credit institution which is a member of a deposit guarantee-scheme".[63] The directive does not specify how the Member States have to provide the cover, although most operate some sort of fund to which credit institutions contribute, as in Iceland. In principle, if the fund cannot meet depositors' claims in the event of a default by a member of the scheme, it is for the remaining credit institutions to make up the difference. Such a move was impossible in the case of the Tryggingarsjóður as the remaining Icelandic credit institutions were far too small in relation to the claims of Icesave depositors, and a fortiori because Icelandic law states that "Member Companies shall not be liable for any commitments entered into by the Fund beyond their statutory contributions to the Fund."[61] The Icelandic government has claimed that the directive was never intended to cover the case of a systemic failure, and does not impose a sovereign guarantee on deposit insurance schemes. It has repeatedly asked that the matter be taken to the EFTA Court, and points to Recital 24 to the directive:[59]
  14. The madness goes much deeper Single women likely to get IVF on NHS
  15. Presupposes that: a) they can obtain the pledged gold in order to sell it, that the sale is made on the open spot market, and c) that they feel there is a greater benefit to them of driving the Gold spot price down briefly, than getting the most money they can for the gold (assuming they can get it). This story has been doing the rounds on and off for quite a while. There may be a desire to keep a lid on the spot price by CBs, but this may be achieved more effectively long term by simply threatening to flood the market, rather than actually doing so.
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