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  1. The Land Registry will only show prices for properties sold from 2000 onwards.
  2. I remember this episode (it was sometime in 2002) - couldn't believe how they could blatantly encourage gazumping on national TV :angry: Complained about it to channel 4 but didn't get a response other than their standard (meaningless) reply.
  3. Does anyone know what the falls were in Kent and East Sussex in the last crash?
  4. There was nothing subliminal about it...it was a truly laughable attempt at maintaining the illusion that house prices can only ever go up.
  5. A 2 bed mid terrace near where I live (Burwash, East Sussex) was put on sale for £285K in March this year. 2 months later it was reduced to £254K, now (after change of agent) it's down again to £249K. Given its condition and location (front door 10 feet from a busy A-road), I think it's still incredibly overpriced. What's interesting is that it sold for £174K in April 2000, and again for £245K in June 2002 - it looks very likely that the current owner might end up selling at a loss (if it sells at all).
  6. Just couldn't believe tonight's drivel courtesy of the BBC. I've never complained before...I just had to this time.
  7. It's nice to see the mainstream media stating the bleedin' obvious, but it appears that Ms. Caine made sure she doubled her money first before calling for an end to property owners' collective greed.
  8. The extra stamp duty may be a deterrent but it's not massive. The real deterrent is the (still) hugely inflated prices that buyers are expected to pay.
  9. You could try: http://www.channel4.com/contact_us.html Don't expect too much though, usually you'll only get a standard computer-generated reply.
  10. Just noticed this on my last credit card statement in the section where they normally advertise special offers: "If you make only the minimum payment each month, it will take you longer and cost you more to clear your balance." Although this may be obvious to anyone with the slightest bit of common sense, so many people clearly don't have any and obviously need reminding! Maybe it should be required by law to print this on all credit card statements (like the warnings on packs of cigarettes).
  11. More tired advice from VI on shared ownership which may work for single people only. Do they really expect older FTBs with families to join a commune?
  12. Anything but wise. Sadly I know a couple who've done exactly that. They haven't gone for the tractor and cruise but they've given both their children huge deposits to buy what I consider to be massively overpriced dumps. They're convinced that property prices can only go up, and my efforts to make them think differently have been in vain.
  13. 3+ years since my rent is reasonable and I have decent savings.
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