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  1. Green Goddesses!!!!! Mrs Thatcher ordered them out of moth balls in the 80's and they were 30 years old then. Doubt they could hose down even a front door anymore.

    It's a war on debt, so perhaps there will be a call-up of volunteers where we all try out each others essential jobs, when the strikes are on. I'm sure we would all be surprised by some that we can do easily and others that you can't.

    There will be no one happy with the cuts except very rich people who will find their money goes much further as we all scramble for business of any sort. There are no safe jobs virtually. Mrs Thatcher used to have a nickname being TINA - standing for 'There is no alternative'.

    Green Goddesses, what do I need them for ?

    We have a fleet of shiney new Dennises all of the country, let the firemn go on strike, but the fire trucks are ours, the taxpayers, not theirs.

    And whoever brought about this crazy 'unwritten' rule that we can not use our eqipment because these luvvies are upset by reality needs testing, and if it is written it needs revoking straight away.

    Bring it on, and if there is a fire, I will go and get the Dennis myself, 'it's ours not yours love !'

  2. I am recruiting volunteers to:

    Man the Buses

    Keep the streets clean

    Unload and distribute fuel and food

    Become special constables and any job you think is important.

    Let`s return to that old community spirit and show John Redwood what really makes our Nation. ;)

    Can I stick blue lights on the front of my Focus and razz down the outside lane of the motorway ?


  3. Ha ha, sorry for replying to my own post, but I noticed that the agents board outside was Chesterton & Humberts,

    So I went on their website to check it out, and they want £445k for it.

    Panic over, normality returns. Crazy price,



    For those interested I did find this while doing some research



    Not sure I would want to live there now !!!!

  4. Well I've just been to have a snout arround and let's say the place 'has potential'.

    I think it must have been a pub at one point, and the skinny annexe to the south west used to be the skittle alley, it has a steel roof.

    The outside does not look like it's been decorated for at least 20 years, and from what I could tell some bits are in a poor state of repair.

    The garden resembles a jungle moor than a garden, which is mainly cosmetic I suppose.

    The neighbouring property to the south east looks more like a scrap yard than anything else, dead caravans, motorbikes, cars, campervans, as well as loads of other junk for about 200yds, not a very good selling point if I wanted to open a couple of holiday lets in the annexes.

    The main rail line from Taunton to Paddington runs quite close to the back, although this wouldn't bother us, and we actually quite like the 'railway children' romantisism.

    As I said it has potential, but not at £300k, maybe £225k tops and then £25k renovation work , I'll keep my eye on it.

  5. Hmm - have you checked flood risk on the environment agency website?

    Thanks for that, it is actually outside the Stanmoor Bank, and a flood risk area as far as the EA is concerned.

    Worth 300K not IMHO

    Hi Jim,

    We know the area quite well, we spent a lot of time looking about when we were planning to by Honeysuckle Cottage TA7 0SA (I don't know if you know it), a year or so ago, but got outbid.

    We live in Burnham on Sea at the moment, and I work in Weston S Mare.

    Jim, you seem to have a lot of local knowledge, how much in your HO would you say the property was worth ?


  6. Hmm - have you checked flood risk on the environment agency website?

    I haven't checked it, but the environment agency have done extensive work there and, supposedly, that is the Stanmore Bank in front of the house and the river is designed to flood to the North West East, as far as I am aware.

    But I will check thanks.

    Edit West to East

  7. Hi Frank

    I don't think it's the place at the center of the post code marker, if you go about a mile SE down the road, you will come to an L shaped building with a 'green' roof, opposite a pond between the two rivers, and a round swimming pool in the garden, I think that's it. I'm going to go on a recee today, if I could convert the second annexe it could be a nice holiday cottage business for the misses.

    I appreciate your comments.

  8. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-30996578.html

    Unless this is a typo and it should say £500k or there are plans to drive a motorway through the back garden, this is very promising and certainly reduces the price for the rest of the tat in the surrounding area to a almost reasonable level.

    On for £300k.

    Full description:

    A Period Detached House comprises 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 4 reception rooms. The property is presented in very good condition and benefits from Gas Central Heating, uPVC Double Glazed Windows.

    This substantial property offers versatile accommodation to suit numerous living requirements. There is extensive accommodation in the main house with a single storey wing which could be adapted to create a second annexe. There is also a one bedroomed self contained annexe which offers independent access whilst remaining linked with the main accommodation. The property also benefits from stunning, countryside views and is situated in grounds extending to approximately 3/4 acre.

  9. Agree entirely - every time we've called them we've been advised to see our GP or go to A&E. Utterly pointless and a total, literal and dangerous waste of time when we had a meningitis scare with our youngest. Glad to see them gone.

    Andy Burnham was quite rabid about it on Sky earlier - completely missed the point: they serve no purpose and waste millions.

    Ditto, and once you've been pratting around on the phone for half an hour and they eventually advise you to take your youngest to a&e, they can not even 'download' what they have gone through with you to the hospital, so you have to go through most og the palava again.

    Waste of time.

  10. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1295644/Lib-Dem-MP-Tessa-Munt-probe-council-tax-discounts.html#ixzz0u4KCGfaA

    An MP is facing police action over allegations that she falsely claimed a council tax discount while sharing her house with a BBC DJ.

    Liberal Democrat Tessa Munt is locked in a furious row with her local authority after officials accused her of pretending to be a ‘single occupant’ although broadcaster Andy Kershaw and a GP were living there.

    An investigation discovered that Mr Kershaw was registered to vote at her house in Somerset at a time when he admitted he was ‘on the run’ from authorities on the Isle of Man over a broken restraining order.

  11. Agreed.

    You would have to have a very hard heart not to feel sympathy for the Irish couple no matter how foolish you may feel they were to have taken on a 100% mortgage. Their desire simply to buy a home of their own seemed genuine enough . Sadly they were typical of many of the young and naive cannon fodder destined to be slaughtered in the final throws of the housing bubble.

    Why feel sorry for these pathetic sheep, it was these dumb fcuks, along with the banks who kept funding them, that drove the prices up to such rediculous levels.

    £175k fot 'that' 35 miles outside Belfast, have you been there, nobody who has any comprehension of anything would go any where near it.

    And evidently from the show, nobody did, apart from the two 'teachers'.

    Public sector don't they make you laugh when they treat their own money as they treat ours. :lol::lol::lol::lol:

  12. I was later to the pub, but they where still there............."rushed" so not much time, but Bloody Hell!

    Been told to plan the cuts.......not 25-40%...........40-60% !!!!!!

    The contract people have sussed that in Dec they are getting sacked........after being told that they would be kept on.

    The Contract people are now doing bugger all, late, or just not coming in.

    Some "VERY" big news about just what Gordo & co have been hidding to go public very soon?


    Oh more didums, (private sector) management have been doing this to us for years, they say they want 10% cut in fixed costs, but when you look at it, rates are fixed rent is fixed, depreciation is fixed, so the lines on the accounts that you can actually effect, have to be cut by 20-30% to achieve the over all 10% target.

    Welcome to the big boys world, ladies.

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