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  1. Just wait till they discover some horse pi$$ in it a couple of years down the line.
  2. What we need is Gordon to return, he can get Lloyds to buy it, problem solved.
  3. The Stamp Duty Special deal will run from today until 7 July and includes a 60 per cent LTV two-year fix at 2.54 per cent and an 85 per cent LTV two-year fix at 3.84 per cent. Even with no admin fees, if they borrow the money at 0.5% and lend it out at these rates, they are still making an absolutely stonking profit for doing effectively f' all.
  4. http://www.burnham-on-sea.com/news/2013/hinkley-collapse-fears-23-04-13.php EDF playing chicken with the government, as far as I'm convcerned, I don't think there's any doubt that this will go ahead. I live about 5 miles away, Hinkley B is on it's last legs, running at about 70% capacity, even then it has been given an extension. The safe thing to do is build c and shut b asap.
  5. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-04-16/spain-s-robin-hood-squatters-deter-investment-mortgages.html A 285-unit apartment complex in Parla, less than half an hour’s drive from Madrid, should be an ideal target for investors seeking cheap property in Spain. Unfortunately, two thirds of the building generates zero revenue because it’s overrun by squatters.
  6. Ditto, I'm on a spend it like Beckham mission at the moment.
  7. I live about 5 miles from the site. I am much more worried about the currently operating Hinkley B, it is currently running at 70% due to 'cracking', and has just had its life extended by 7 years to 2023. Hurry up and get C built and then we can turn off the creaking B.
  8. Funny, Not. Still can't get on, I'm moving mt cash to my current account, £10k at a time, to fund a house purchase. only £20k to go. Fed up with these negative interest rates, so I'm spanking it on a lovely pile of bricks.
  9. I've not seen this one posted here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2261144/The-families-trapped-homes-theyve-outgrown-Plight-second-steppers-afford-property.html?ito=feeds-newsxml Growing families have no choice but to stay in homes that are too small because they cannot afford a larger property, a report reveals today. For many years, one of the biggest worries about the housing market has been the struggle faced by first-time buyers who cannot get a mortgage.
  10. Here's the rightmove link. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-24873567.html My thinking to my valuation is. 1. There is no garage that has been converted to make the downstairs bedroom, which I would use as a study / office. 2. I don't really think it's 5 bed, you have to walk through the middle upstairs room to get to the two far bedrooms. I would use the middle upstairs room as an upstairs living room. 3. The 4th upstairs bedroom is a bit small, under 7 feet wide, I would probably use that as a sewing room for the misses.
  11. Hello A house in my area that I am interested in came on the market a year ago at £465k, during spring 2012 it dropped down to £435k, then at the end of summer it reduced again to £399k. This asking price was now getting 'closer' to my valuation of £350k, which is the maximum I am prepared to pay for this particular property. So as I was working away during Summer & Autumn, I thought if someone wants it for £399k they can have it, otherwise I will go and view it and put in my 'cheeky' offer of £350k. Well in the meantime the property comes off the market and then gets put back on with the same agent at £435k, and has been like it for about a month now. Now I'm thinking that my £350k offer would make me look like the one who is deluded. Any advise from you guys ? PS. My misses suggests I ring the agent and tell them they have made a transposition error, when the agent re listed the property at £435k, they meant to type £345k.
  12. If you look at this report, page 4 has the historical numbers for rightmove in 2002 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/news/wp-content/themes/news-theme/pdf/2002/dec.pdf Jan 2002 shows a MOM fall of 3.9%, so I'll give you that, worst fall in 10 years, but not 11.
  13. Do you have a different currency in Swansea ? 10 Swans £ to £1 Stirling ?
  14. Just out of interest I thought I'd check how mine performed over the last 12 months, I don't think I'm giving to much away by shareing it with you Opening balance at 29/11/2011 £48,882.97 Payments to your Account £6,480.87 Investment performance (after charges) £4,047.43 Balance as at 29/11/2012 £59,411.27 Still got a way to go I think.
  15. http://www.burnham-on-sea.com/news/2012/carnival-collection-13-11-12.php From the coal face.
  16. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/property/article-2047433/The-3m-house-sold-extreme-discount.html http://media1.fineandcountry.com/v3/clients/193/properties/50007994/MED_50007994_50008728.pdf Just down the river from our old favourite.
  17. If you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can always rely on the vote of Pater.
  18. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-21858633.html And it could be all yours for £225k
  19. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2055497/JEREMY-PAXMAN-Baby-Boomers-selfish-generation-history.html This will get their backs up.
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