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  1. Hey Genius, According to the AA route planner it's 12 miles from Oldham to Bury which is about 15 mins by Car, if thats "No where Near" then I suggest that you should get out more.
  2. do a search for a 4 bed detached in BL9 on rightmove I just googled that post code, it's Bury FFS !! That's half way between Bolton and Oldham for those who don't know. YOU ARE CRACKERS.
  3. I'll do that search, but in 12 months time Good Luck !
  4. So you've trained for the marathon, you've run the marathon and then, just as the finish is in sight you sit down on the side of the road and pull out a can of Special Brew and a pack of fags. Why ?
  5. I bought in Jan 99 on a repayment mortgage, have never MEWed, and I'm $h!tting myself. With essentials ie Council Tax, Utilities, Insurance, Travel for work and food, I still need £1k per month just to sit here. That's before I think about setting foot outside the door socially, or running a car, or God Forbid saving anything. No job, no £1k.
  6. Asia/Pacific Last Trade Change Related Info AORD All Ordinaries Australia 5,886.800 11:33AM AEST Down 133.000 (2.21%) N225 Nikkei 225 Japan 13,685.58 11:13AM AEST Down 287.05 (2.05%) NZ50 NZX 50 New Zealand 3,731.250 11:13AM AEST Down 79.252 (2.08%) KS11 Seoul Composite South Korea 1,707.97 11:33AM AEST Down 38.98 (2.23%) http://au.finance.yahoo.com/intlindices
  7. http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/busi...icle3193239.ece RICS says that house price falls are worst since slump of early Nineties Gr�inne Gilmore and Gary Duncan Falls in house prices across the country may now be at their most severe since the property slump of the early Nineties, according to bleak figures today suggesting that Britain's housing downturn is gathering pace. A highly influential barometer of housing market conditions reports this morning that 49.1 per cent more surveyors found that house prices fell last month than saw them rise. The gloomy result is the worst since November 1992 in the closely watched poll carried out by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), when this “negative balance” fell as far as minus 60.1 per cent. December's figure compares with a negative balance of 40.6 per cent of surveyors who reported that prices were on the slide in November
  8. Not what was expected though old chap. Intel's shares fell $3.15, or about 14 percent, to $19.49 in after hours trading.
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