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  1. http://www.westernmorningnews.co.uk/Home-sale-hit-buffers-talk-opening-Devon-railway/story-20622236-detail/story.html#ixzz2tIxg0IXT A man who lives in a former train station claims he will not be able sell up because of talk of re-opening the disused railway following the major collapse at Dawlish. Eric Rhodes, 67, lives a former station master's house which is still flanked by the old railway platform. Pretty Brentor Railway Station was transformed into a three-bedroom dwelling and garden when the Southwestern Junction Line was closed in 1968 under the Beeching cuts.
  2. We may as well with hold our taxes or form a separate state, 'electric, anyone ?'
  3. They're franticly digging a bank at Huntsworth to protect Bridgwater, the Northmoor water is getting ever closer to the main town.
  4. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-42463189.html?premiumA=true What about this bad boy ?
  5. http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/house-prices-still-way-down-6457838 Swansea sees biggest annual fall in average house prices with a 6.6% drop, with Wales seeing a bigger jump in repossession sales than any English region
  6. Great site, look I've just bombed Cowbridge http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-25099781
  7. http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/522209/20131114/wolfson-economics-prize-uk-housing-crisis-simon.htm Could you solve the UK housing market crisis through the creation of a new wave of "garden cities" across the country? There is £250,000 in it if you can. That's the booty on offer if you win the second Wolfson Economics Prize, launched by the Conservative peer and retailer Next's chief executive Baron Wolfson of Aspley Guise and administered by the right-leaning thinktank Policy Exchange. Runners-up could still scoop £10,000. Entrants must submit their up-to-10,000 word theses ............
  8. http://www.newstatesman.com/uk-politics/2013/11/essay-competition-winner-has-britain-robbed-its-children In September, the New Statesman and the Intergenerational Foundation teamed up to run an essay competition for A level students. The topic was "has Britian robbed its children?" and the winning entry, by Conor Hamilton, is below.... Britain has robbed its children. It has stopped them from buying a house and failed to support them in the scramble for education and jobs in a globalised world, while saddling them with private debt. Today’s twenty-something, who should be enjoying the best years of their lives, are trapped in uncertainty. If they manage to break out of this uncertainly, they find themselves citizens of a nation riddled with debt that will take until at least 2046 to pay off.
  9. At least it is a plc that she is invoicing raather than the long suffering tax payer.
  10. I've not really been following this thread, but here's one for the hippo heads
  11. That's a good way to get half the Chinese Navy parked in the Bristol Channell.
  12. From the comments Sibley7:00am on Wed, 9th October 2013Report This Comment This is it. We are on our way again. Fantastic news. The housing market is kicking
  13. The housing stock in the UK is old and efficient, just like the political and banking systems. There needs to be a national plan to demolish the old Victorian and 1930's housing stock and replace it with energy efficent housing with parking and other modern convinces. Building on green belt is absolutely necessary, of course this will not happen and gas bills will be circa £5k per year for your average BTL s poorly insulated terrace. http://www.greenbuildingpress.co.uk/article.php?category_id=1&article_id=1559 The average energy efficiency of new homes in England has dropped from last year, official figures reveal. Figures released by the Communities and Local Government department on Friday indicate the average energy efficiency Standard Assessment Procedure rating for new homes – as required by the building regulations – for England was 79.5 the second quarter of this year.
  14. INTJ Introvert(33%) iNtuitive(75%) Thinking(1%) Judging(1%) You have moderate preference of Introversion over Extraversion (33%) You have distinctive preference of Intuition over Sensing (75%) You have marginal or no preference of Thinking over Feeling (1%) You have marginal or no preference of Judging over Perceiving (1%) Oh dear !
  15. Offer them £250k and not a penny more
  16. Ok, which one of you lot is Bob from Bridport ? I would pay around £50,000 for it because IN MY OPINION that's what it's worth. Oh and that's me being generous as well. - Bob, Bridport, United Kingdom, 13/8/2013 2:10
  17. We're havin' a paaaarty ! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-somerset-23339498 A package worth £3.2m per year has been offered to communities near a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset. The deal, totalling £128m, will last for 40 years, which is the planned lifetime of Hinkley Point C. Somerset County and West Somerset councils will get the money but will also share it with Sedgemoor council. The government package is separate to the £100m pledged by the developer, EDF Energy, to build infrastructure.
  18. I notice it has gone SSTC a couple of times, which obviously encourages them.
  19. What ever the cuts were, they weren't enough. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-somerset-23060273 Child actors in Weston-super-Mare could face prosecution if they dance in their break, a theatre company has been told. Loganwest, which runs a summer school for nine to 21 year olds, is putting on the musical Grease at the Playhouse. Producer Emma Smith said: "They've told us that if the children dance on their lunch break then both the children and our chaperones could face prosecution." A council spokeswoman said it had to ensure "children taking part in public performances are correctly cared for". Loganwest Productions has been running "intensive" two-week workshops for children across Bristol, Bath and Somerset since 2000. Now, according to Ms Smith, North Somerset Council is stipulating that under 16s can only rehearse for five hours a day and must take a 90-minute lunch break. Words escape me ....
  20. Carney Appoints New Coo For Boe I thought the title meant Carney Appoints New Dove For Boe
  21. I'd only live in Portishead if you had a decent view of the 'sea'. Houses have small gardens, generally on a slope, you pay premium price as it's Bristol commuter area. If you haven't got the sea view it's just a bog standard town. I stand by my recommendation.
  22. Not sure Wells has an M&S. Although Weston has an M&S and a Waitrose, which shares it's carpark with Asda ! I still recommend the property I showed you earlier, and unlike Kirsty, I only charge 1% finders fee.
  23. Great place to live when you're 18, as I did, not sure I'd want to live there now, but it's probably better than Nailsea . If you want to be a bit more sophisticated head towards Cheddar, Axbridge, Wedmore, as per he property I sugested, or if you fancy being a bit more on the frontier, like me, come round the coast to the Quantocks. Is 15 mins from an M&S really a deal breaker ?
  24. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-24873567.html Over priced in my opinion, I offered £350k last xmas, largely due to proximity of a good school, but was knocked back. No garage, but you could walk to Wedmore golf club.
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